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X. Tourism

Orient Lines, Inc.

Orient Lines, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, plans to conduct 6 cruises to the Antarctic during the 2004-2005 season using the M/V Marco Polo.

M/V Marco Polo

The vessel is ice-strengthened and was built by VEB Mathias-Thesan Werft of Wismar, Germany in 1965 and re-built during 1991-93 under the supervision of Knud E. Hansen, naval architects, and A. & M. Katzourakis, ship designers. Call letters of the vessel are C6JZ7 and it is registered in the Bahamas. The Marco Polo is 176.28 meters (578.4 feet) in length, 23.6 meters (77.4 feet) in breadth, has a draft of 8.2 meters (26.9 feet), and is 20,502 tons GRT. Power is provided by 2 Saulzer 7 RND 76 diesel engines with power output of 10,500 bhp each. The vessel has twin-screw propellers and is fitted with Denny Brown (UK) fin stabilizers. There are 6 SKL diesel generators capable of producing approximately 3,500 kW. The Marco Polo is equipped with the latest radio and satellite communications systems (INMARSAT 1306215) and state-of-the-art navigation equipment. The vessel was redesigned to comply with all 1992 "Marpol" rules for waste disposal including an onboard biological treatment plant with a liquid waste disposal system, refuse sorting, pulping and a treatment plant, in addition to a modern refuse incinerator. All lifeboats are semi-enclosed, engine propelled and capable of saving 1,200 persons. The vessel is also equipped with two high-speed all-purpose passenger tenders and 10 inflatable zodiac landing craft. The staff and crew capacity is 375 whereas the passenger capacity is 850. However during cruises to the Antarctic Treaty area, Orient Lines only intends to carry 400-550 passengers.

ITINERARY: Sites visited may vary depending on weather and ice conditions as well as length of cruise, and may include Half Moon Island, Paradise Harbor, Port Lockroy, Deception Island, Cuverville Island, Lemaire Channel, Neumayer Channel, Shingle Cove, Coronation Island, Elephant Island, Cape Lookout, and Hope Bay.

Schedules for each of the cruises follows:

  1. Depart Punta Arenas December 31, 2004, arrive Ushuaia January 7, 2005 (in Treaty area January 3 - 5);
  2. Depart Ushuaia January 8, arrive Ushuaia January 15 (in Treaty area January 10 - 13);
  3. Depart Ushuaia January 16, arrive Ushuaia January 27 (in Treaty area January 23 - 25);
  4. Depart Ushuaia January 28, arrive Ushuaia February 4 (in Treaty area January 30 - February 2);
  5. Depart Ushuaia February 5, arrive Ushuaia February 12 (in Treaty area February 7 - 10);
  6. Depart Ushuaia February 13, arrive Stanley February 20 (in Treaty area February 15 - 18).