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Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences projects, 2009-2010

Principal Investigator Award No. Project Title
Buesseler, Kenneth 0838866 WAP-flux: New tools to study the fate of phytoplankton production in the West Antarctic Peninsula
Butler, James NSF/NOAA agreement Collection of atmospheric air for the NOAA/GMD worldwide flask sampling network
Butler, James NSF/NOAA agreement South Pole monitoring for climatic change
Cassano, John 0739464 Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice interaction in a coastal polynya
Chereskin, Teri 0636493 Dynamics and transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the Drake Passage
Chereskin, Teri 0338103 Southern Ocean Current Observations from the U.S. Antarctic Research Vessels, 2010-14
Cohn, Stephen 0733007 NCAR facility support, scientific contributions and collaborative research to understand environmental change in Antarctica through participation in the international CONCRDIASI project
Deshler, Terry 0839124 Measurements of antarctic ozone and polar stratospheric cloud profiles in a time of decreasing atmospheric chlorine, climate change, and fluctuations in polar vortex strength
Lazzara, Matthew 0636873 Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program (AWS), 2007-2010
Lazzara, Matthew 0838834 Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (2009-2012)
Martinson, Doug 0732656 SASSI mooring array in the western Antarctic Peninsula
Orsi, Alejandro 0839005 Atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions in the eastern Ross Sea
Sprintall, Janet 0337998 The Drake Passage high-density XBT/XCTD Program
Sweeney, Colm 0636975 Processes driving spatial and temporal variability of surface pCO2 in the Drake Passage