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2005-2006 Modifications

  1. Ships and Aircraft (PDF format, 75.1 kBytes)
  2. Expedition Dates (PDF format, 121.4 kBytes)
  3. Station Openings (PDF format, 136.9 kBytes)
  4. Personnel (For information on antarctic personnel, see Section IV of the 2005-2006 Plans document.)
  5. Armaments (PDF format, 42.2 kBytes)
  6. Project Descriptions (PDF format, 42 kBytes)
  7. Scientific Equipment (PDF format, 323.8 kBytes)
  8. Transportation and Communications (PDF format, 86.8 kBytes)
  9. Assistance Facilities (PDF format, 63 kBytes)
  10. Tourism
  11. Refuges (PDF format, 97.2 kBytes)
  12. Permits, Species Killed or Captured (PDF format, 163 kBytes)
  13. Radioactive Materials (PDF format, 1,588.9 kBytes)
  14. Research Rockets (PDF format, 42.75 kBytes)
  15. Oceanography - Government (PDF format, 167.2 kBytes)
  16. Visiting Expeditions(PDF format, 184.7 kBytes)
    Attachment B. XII. Killed/Captured Forms (PDF format)1
    Attachment C. XV. Cruise Tracks (PDF format)

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