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Navigating the New Arctic DCL 2018

In 2018, NSF released a Dear Colleague Letter inviting Research Proposals to advance NNA research through convergent approaches to emerging scientific, engineering, societal, and education challenges, and builds upon the NNA awards resulting from the FY 2017 DCL. The 2018 DCL highlighted the following themes:

  • Establishment of observational research sites, platforms or networks
  • Understanding and forecasting environmental and human systems changes
  • Feedback between built infrastructure (rural & urban) and natural ecosystem system and/or social system change
  • Advances in STEM education through Arctic research

The projects funded for NNA are listed below. The title of the project connects to the corresponding NSF Awards Page.

In addition, proposals submitted to other parts of the Foundation prior to this DCL were also considered for NNA designation, provided that the proposal exemplified to a high degree the goals and approaches of the NNA Big Idea.