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Polar Programs Contact Information

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The Office of Polar Programs is located on the seventh floor of the National Science Foundation Building in Alexandria, Virginia. All correspondence should be addressed to the appropriate official and/or program at the:

Office of Polar Programs
Geosciences Directorate
2415 Eisenhower Avenue
Suite W7100
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 292-8030

Antarctic Sciences Section (703) 292-8033
Arctic Sciences Section (703) 292-8029
Polar Environment, Safety and Health (703) 292-8031
Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics Section (703) 292-8032
Information requests (OPP Communications) (703) 292-8014
FastLane questions, Antarctic Program (Desiree Marshall) (703) 292-8033
FastLane questions, Arctic Program (Pawnee Maiden) (703) 292-8030


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