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Award Investigator Institution IPY $ Title
0732664 Griffin, Kevin Columbia University $      389,689 Autotrophic respiration in a changing Arctic climate: mechanistic responses and ecosystem consequences
0732755 O'Brien, Diane University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $      428,750 Extremes of hibernation physiology: patterns of expression, regulation and limits
0732763 Buck, Charles University of Alaska Anchorage Campus $      387,932
0733078 Whittall, Justen Santa Clara University $      358,493 Flower color evolution: integrating genomic research and undergraduate education 
0733092 Carlson, Matthew University of Alaska Anchorage Campus $      199,557
0733033 Wayne, Robert University of California-Los Angeles $      902,010 Genomic-scale SNP genotyping of the Arctic wolf: ecology and adaptation over space and time
0732758 Chapin, F. Stuart University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $    2,142,115 Impact of high-latitude climate change on ecosystem services and society
0732956 Kerkhof, Lee Rutgers University New Brunswick $      538,647 Microbial subzero activity and its impact on biogeochemical processes in frozen tundra and permafrost
0732966 Panikov, Nicolai Dartmouth College $      469,752
0733053 Zhang, Tingjun University of Colorado at Boulder $      155,863
0701911 Olson, Matthew University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $    1,687,757 Population genomics of cold adaptation in poplar
$    7,660,565