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Geologists in the Transantarctic Mountains. Introduction
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NSF IPY award commitments
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(Cover image: John Goodge, University of Minnesota, and a colleague collect specimens in the Transantarctic Mountains.  NSF/USAP photo by John Goodge.)

NSF-funded IPY research and education awards

NSF-funded IPY research and education awards Between fiscal years 2006-2009, 54 program officers, representing 41 NSF programs in 13 NSF organizations, awarded 449 International Polar Year grants and contracts involving 344 principal investigators or project leaders employed by 170 U.S. institutions in 43 of the 50 United States. The awards, when all the funding increments are completed in 2013, will total an estimated $349,102,218. Of the total, the U.S. Congress appropriated $60,000,000 in new funds for the IPY. The other funds are being allocated from existing NSF funding areas.

The projects and their IPY funding amounts can be viewed by using the links in the list above.

Please note the following:

  1. Titles shown here have been shortened and/or edited from official award titles.
  2. Some awards were split-funded by one or more NSF offices or programs.Awards are listed here under the principal or originating NSF entity.
  3. For further information, including abstracts, about individual awards, use the proposal number to query the "Search NSF Awards" database at
  4. Amounts in the IPY $ column are NSF International Polar Year funds awarded in fiscal years 2006 through 2009 and expected to be added -- as continuing increments -- to existing IPY grants in fiscal years 2010 through 2013. Because some awards are for both IPY and non-IPY purposes, amounts in this list may differ from the amounts shown in the NSF awards database.

NSF is one of several U.S. Federal agencies funding or performing IPY research. It also has an IPY organizational leadership role within the United States. Thirty-seven other nations have major IPY roles, and scientists and educators from approximately 60 nations have been involved in the work.

For more information about the International Polar Year, see:

(This information on this page was updated in March 2015.)