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Social, behavioral, and economic sciences

Award Investigator Institution IPY $ Title
0553831 Tuttle, Siri University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $        72,306 Ahtna texts
0652146 Haakanson, Sven Alutiiq Heritage Foundation $      118,229 Alutiiq living words project
0820630 Josephson, Paul Colby College $      100,147 Arctic science and Arctic politics under Soviet power, 1930-1990
0651853 Hargus, Sharon University of Washington $        64,797 Athabaskan personal histories of climate change in Alaska and Canada
0617803 Diebold, Francis University of Pennsylvania $      293,944 Bayesian estimation, forecasting, and policy analysis in stochastic general equilibrium macroeconomic models
0649967 Holland, Dorothy University of North Carolina Chapel Hill $          6,000 Conflict, knowledge, and conservation in the Mi'kmaq fisheries, Atlantic Canada
0548846 Eisner, Wendy University of Cincinnati Main Campus $        66,277 Connecting indigenous knowledge to landscape process research, Arctic coastal plain of Alaska
0651787 Dauenhauer, Richard University of Alaska Southeast Juneau $      100,000 Documenting and archiving Deg Xinag, Tlingit, and other northern languages
0632431 Pesetsky, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology $        12,000 Interrogative structures and clausal architecture of Tlingit
0554163 Lachler, Jordan Sealaska Heritage Institute $        81,211 Narratives and conversations in Tlingit, northern Haida, and Tsimshian 
0646619 DeVorkin, David Smithsonian Institution $        25,004 Social and intellectual implications of the International Polar Years
0612808 Durrenberger, E. Paul Pennsylvania State University
University Park
$          6,000 Thai migrant women and relative success of integration in Iceland
$      945,915