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OPP Office Advisory Committee —

The Advisory Committee for the Office of Polar Programs (OPP) provides guidance, recommendations, and oversight in such areas as how OPP can best serve science, promote education, increase workforce diversity, and set investment priorities.

The committee meets twice a year. Members, who normally serve for three years, come from a diverse community that crosses many scientific disciplines and subdisciplines. OPP's goal is to maintain a balanced membership that represents not only the range of science in the polar regions but also the diversity of institutions in academia and the public and private sectors and of polar scientists (including women and underrepresented minorities).

Summit Camp, Greenland, U.S. research base

Summit Station is located on the Greenland Ice Cap at 72° 34N, 38° 28W.

The OPP Advisory Committee operates in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972.

Flags of the original 12 signatory nations to the Antarctic Treaty surround a bust of Admiral Richard E. Byrd at McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

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