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Agenda for the U.S. Antarctic Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting: Nov. 3-4, 2012

November 3 – 4, 2011 • Stafford I — Room 1295

Agenda, PDF file (97K)

Day 1: Thursday November 3, 2011

 8:00 am
Introductions: Chairman and Members
Conflicts-of-Interest Briefing
Overview of the USAP: science, environmental, logistics, geo-political considerations (K. Erb)
Panel Welcome & Tasking (J. Holdren-OSTP, S. Suresh-NSF, D. Balton-DOS & P. Shawcross-OMB)
USAP Research Support Overview: ships, year-round stations, field stations & associated infrastructure (B. Stone)
 1:00 pm
Future Scientific Frontiers: NAS/NRC panel briefing (C. Elfring-NAS & E. Dunlea-NAS)
More Future Scientific Frontiers:
International Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (M. Kennicutt-Texas A&M)
Round Table: Links between broad-brush logistics and infrastructure requirements and research challenges
(above groups plus OPP staff)
Current USAP Supply Chain: materials procurement; tracking systems;
intercontinental and continental delivery system; warehousing (G. Blaisdell)
Support Services Integration: utilities including energy, water & waste; housing; food; health; etc… (G. Blaisdell)
Current USAP Business Systems, Information Technology & Communications: (P. Smith)
USAP Support Integration: (B. Stone)
Planning for more in depth day-2 discussions: international collaborations; infrastructure & logistics; others?
(N. Augustine)
Dutch Treat dinner at Willow Restaurant for those interested

Day 2: Friday November 4, 2011

 8:30 am
International Partnerships: General Considerations(K. Erb)
International Partnership: Specific Examples (B.Stone, S. Borg)
Research Platforms: Agility, Sustainability, Relevance (B. Stone)
Research Platforms: Agility, Sustainability, Relevance (continued)
Transportation Considerations:
  • Air support
    • Heavy Airlift (C-17/LC-130)
    • Light air support - Basler/Twin Otter/helicopter/ship based support
  • Ground transportation
  • Resupply vessels and icebreakers – continental and peninsula systems

Support Services and Infrastructure Considerations:
  • Laboratories and equipment – station and ship-based
  • Housing, food, health and safety
  • Waste Management & recycling
  • Field communications
  • Civil infrastructure (airfields, ports, roads)
  • Operational support services (weather, air traffic control, vehicles, satellite imagery, facilities maintenance & construction)
  • Fuel storage and handling systems
  • Research ship-based support services and infrastructure

Other Considerations
  • Operational tempo and season length
  • Energy management, technology & efficiency

 1:15 pm
Supply Chain Management
  • Materials management & procurement
  • Materials handling and warehousing
  • Delivery systems

Information Technology and Communications
  • Software and information systems
  • Network services and LAN/WAN operations
  • Communications (Radio, satellite)
  • Information security, assurance, and governance

Planning for Antarctic site visits
Committee discussion and assignments