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OPP 08-001 December 2007

Environmental protection; waste management

    1. Cradle-to-grave management of supply/waste stream

    2. Source-point sorting and removal of all solid and hazardous waste from Antarctica, of which approximately 65 percent is recycled

    3. Environmental monitoring and research

    4. Comprehensive spill prevention and cleanup program (e.g., fuel lines and hoses, double-walled or bermed fuel tanks, cleanup training and equipment)

    5. Permitting system in place for all scientific and other activities involving antarctic fauna and flora

    6. Educational and enforcement procedures for waste management and environmental protection

    7. Sewage treatment plant at McMurdo, fully operational as of January 2003

    8. Improvement of management plans for Specially Protected Areas, in cooperation with other Antarctic Treaty nations

    9. Antarctic Specially Managed Area in 2004 to enhance environmental stewardship of the McMurdo Dry Valleys; management plan, written by the United States and New Zealand, was approved by the Antarctic Treaty in 2004; the next review will be in 2009.

    10. In compliance with all applicable treaties and U.S. laws1

End notes
[1] The Antarctic Conservation Act, Public Law 95-541, authorizes U.S. regulations for compliance.  See
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