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Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) — Arctic Research Plan

Interagency arctic research plan

From the plan's Executive Summary:

There is broad scientific consensus that rapid changes in global climate are altering ice and snow cover and affecting Arctic ecosystems, indigenous societies, and natural resources. Research is needed to increase fundamental understanding of these challenges and inform development of sound, science-based solutions.

The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) is charged with developing five-year plans for Federally sponsored research in the Arctic region. For 2013 to 2017, the IARPC, which consists of representatives from 14 Federal agencies, departments, and offices, has identified seven research areas that will inform national policy and benefit significantly from close interagency coordination. They are:

  1. Sea ice and marine ecosystems;
  2. Terrestrial ice and ecosystems;
  3. Atmospheric studies of surface heat, energy, and mass balances;
  4. Observing systems;
  5. Regional climate models;
  6. Adaptation tools for sustaining communities; and
  7. Human health.

These research areas do not encompass all Federal Arctic research activities that will occur over the next five years. Many important investigations outside the scope of this plan will continue to be conducted within individual agencies or through other interagency collaborations.



Last updated: 01 August 2014