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Office of Polar Programs Organization chart

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Office of Polar Programs

  • Kelly Falkner, Director


  • Pawnee C. Maiden, Administrative Officer
  • Scot Arnold, Business Analyst
  • [Vacant], Pathway Student
  • Elizabeth L. Rom, Polar Education Liaison
  • Peter West, Polar Outreach Program Manager
  • Andrew Backe, Program Analyst
  • [On Detail to EHR] Kimiko S. Bowens-Knox, Program Analyst
  • Erika N. Davis, Program Specialist
  • [On Detail to EPSCOR] Angela F. Lyons, Program Specialist
  • [Vacant], Senior Advisor
  • [Vacant], Senior Advisor, Science
  • David D. Friscic, Technical Information Specialist
  • [Vacant], Web Manager
  • Daniel M. King, IT Specialist (Contractor)


  • Brian W. Stone, Head

  • George Blaisdell, Chief Program Manager

  • Jessie L. Crain, Antarctic Research Support Manager
  • [Vacant], Aviation Program Manager
  • [Vacant], Facilities Construction and Maintenance Manager
  • Ben D. Roth, Facilities Engineering Projects Manager
  • Timothy G. Howard, Information Technology Support Manager
  • Terry Melton, McMurdo Station Manager, Summer
  • William N. Henriksen, McMurdo Station Manager, Winter
  • Timothy M. McGovern, Ocean Projects Manager
  • Margaret A. Knuth, Operations Manager
  • Nadene G. Kennedy, Polar Coordination Specialist
  • Carlena Fooks, Program Coordination Specialist
  • Russell McElyea, Program Support Contract Specialist
  • Arthur J. Brown, Manager, Specialized Support
  • Paul Sheppard, Systems Manager, Operations and Logistics
  • Patrick D. Smith, Technology Development Manager
  • Rick McKeown, DOD (ANG) Liaison
  • Gary James, DOD/USAF Liaison
  • Desari Mattox, USAP Information Security Manager (Contractor)


  • Scott G. Borg, Head

  • Sonya Lyatsky, Astrophysics and Geospace Science Associate Program Director
  • Vladimir Papitashvili, Astrophysics and Geospace Science Program Director
  • Thomas Wilch, Earth Sciences Program Director
  • Julie M. Palais, Glaciology Program Director
  • Paul Cutler, Integrated System Sciences Program Director
  • Peter Milne, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Program Director
  • Christian H. Fritsen, Organisms and Ecosystems Program Director
  • Desiree Marshall, Program Coordination Specialist
  • Michael E. Jackson, Research Facilities and Special Projects Program Director
  • [Vacant], Science Assistant


  • Eric Saltzman, Head

  • Marc Stieglitz, Arctic Natural Sciences Program Director
  • [Vacant], Arctic Natural Sciences Program Director
  • William J. Wiseman, Arctic Natural Sciences Program Director
  • William Ambrose, Arctic Observing Network Program Director
  • Anna M. Kerttula de Echave, Arctic Social Sciences Program Director
  • Diane McKnight, Arctic System Sciences Program Director
  • Neil R. Swanberg, Arctic System Sciences Program Director
  • Linda Izzard, Program Coordination Specialist
  • Karen Sloane, Program Specialist
  • Randall V. Sisco, Program Support Contract Specialist
  • Renee Crain, Research Support and Logistics Associate Program Manager
  • Patrick R. Haggerty, Research Support and Logistics Manager
  • [Vacant]*, Senior Advisor, Arctic
  • Colene M. Haffke, Science Assistant
  • Monte Ingram, Planning and Controls Manager (Contractor)


  • Susanne M. LaFratta, Head

  • Nature McGinn, Environmental Policy Specialist
  • Li Ling Hamady, Environmental Policy Specialist
  • [Vacant], Management and Program Analyst
  • [Vacant], Safety and Health Officer
  • Gwendolyn M. Adams, Safety and Occupational Health Manager
  • Polly A. Penhale, Senior Advisor, Environment
  • Doug Cromack, Chief Medical Officer, DoD Liaison

    *Simon N. Stephenson, Currently on Detail at GEO Front Office

Names in italics indicate that the individual is a temporary employee.

Last updated: 18 February 2016