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Decadal and Regional Climate Prediction Using Earth System Models: Information for Proposers

Updated on 5/3/12 to Clarify COI Requirement

Full Proposal:

Electronic Documents: No later than 24 hours after the stated proposal deadline, each lead PI must submit a concatenated list of conflicts of interest for all participants involved in the project (see link to spreadsheet below). Note that for collaborative proposals, only the lead PI for the collaborative will submit these documents.

Conflicts of Interest Spreadsheet: The reason for requesting a COI spreadsheet is two-fold: 1) It allows NSF personnel to quickly create a large merged database of conflicts, greatly assisting in our efforts to select reviewers and panelists, and 2) prior experience around NSF has shown that COI spreadsheets are often more accurate and up-to-date than Bio Sketches. View a summary of NSF Conflict of Interests: COI Training Link.

This spreadsheet contains a list of all project participants, their institutional affiliations, and a list of all of the people conflicted with each participant. The list also contains information on the institutional affiliation, if known, of the person in conflict. This list will be used by NSF to determine conflicts of interest and must be generated according to instructions on the links below.

COI Forms: E-mail to and include the associated proposal number in the subject line.

NSF Data Policy:

See link to "Other Considerations, 38. Sharing of Findings, Data, and Other Research Products."

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