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  • How NSF honors America's educators
  • During Teacher Appreciation Week, the National Science Foundation highlights grants and scholarships that promote best teaching practices
  • Released Fri May 12 00:00:00 EDT 2017
Streams have broken up the soft sediments of the Dominican Republic, exposing ancient marine life.
Contact network showing male tortoises (blue nodes), females (red nodes) and burrows (gray nodes).
Fishing boats ply the waters of Africa's Lake Victoria, site of the research study.
Bluegill in Wisconsin's Sparkling Lake show astonishing variability in numbers from year to year.
William McRaven
Dead trees mark an area in Houma, Louisiana, transitioning from a forested swamp to a grassy marsh.
Knock-your-eyes-out red: A flowering plant native to Mexico called early jessamine or red cestrum.
Each evening, thousands of bats rush out of caves in the Caribbean, here seen in Puerto Rico.

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