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Front robot pulls back robot up onto step
Hippocampus cells
Images of the top and front of hominin skulls.
Photo of the submersible Alvin that was used to collect sediment from methane seeps.
Photo of Alexis Webb, in brain hat and in front of an actual brain, answering a visitor's question.
Photo of William Stillman in the lab evaluating the effects of focused terahertz radiation.
  • Plasma Waves Studied for New Electronics
  • With NSF support, long-time electrical engineer William Stillman talks about his return to school and the focus of his research involving terahertz radiation
  • Released July 1, 2009
Photo of a transmission tower that failed.
Photo of a Louisiana crayfish caught from Lake Liangzi, China, with help from local fishermen.
  • Louisiana Crayfish: Good, Bad and Delicious
  • University of Notre Dame graduate students Matthew Barnes and Ashley Baldridge travel to China to better understand why some welcome the introduction of Louisiana crayfish despite the damage the invaders do to native fishes and crops
  • Released April 15, 2009
Cross-sectional view of a cadmium telluride thin film on glass via a scanning electron microscope.
  • Making Nanoscale Solar Cells in China
  • Graduate student Meghan Schulz talks about conducting research and engaging in cultural exchanges during an international internship in Shanghai
  • Released April 7, 2009
Photo of Joshua Atwood removing an invasive plant from Manoa Valley on the island of O'ahu.
  • Saving Hawaii From Alien Plants
  • Graduate student Joshua Atwood talks about analyzing state environmental policies and participating in surveys to detect non-native plant species on O’ahu during his NSF-supported internship
  • Released February 13, 2009

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