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Office of Polar Programs

Vladimir Papitashvili, (703) 292-7425
Room 755 S

17-543  Program Solicitation

The Antarctic Astrophysics and Geospace Sciences Program (AAGS) sponsors cutting-edge, transformative, and emerging research that uses Antarctica as an observing platform or investigates the role of the Antarctic upper atmosphere in global environmental processes. Interdisciplinary studies that focus on how solar activity influences the properties and dynamics of the polar atmosphere and the global geospace system are especially encouraged.

Emphasis areas include but are not limited to:

  • Geospace:
    • Solar wind interaction with Earth's magnetic field;
    • Upper atmosphere coupling with the mesosphere and lower thermosphere;
    • Dissociation and ionization processes effecting atmospheric temperature change and dynamics of neutral winds, particularly in the context of planetary atmospheric waves and tides.
  • Astrophysics (including Cosmic Rays and Solar Physics):
    • Fundamental physics and evolution of the universe,
    • Cosmic microwave background radiation,
    • Galactic astronomy,
    • Solar and cosmic-ray physics, and high-energy neutrino physics.


IceCube - South Pole Neutrino Observatory
South Pole Telescope
Ozone Hole Watch: Latest status of Antarctic ozone - NASA

Antarctic Research

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