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Office of Polar Programs

Christian Fritsen, (703) 292-7437

17-543  Program Solicitation

Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems (AOE) supports research at all levels of biological organization, from molecular, cellular, and organismal to communities and ecosystems in Antarctica. The program welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to address fundamental questions in biological and environmental science.

Emphasis areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecosystems: food webs, primary and secondary production, interplay between ecology and biogeochemistry, and the relationship between environmental change and ecosystems in  terrestrial and marine settings;
  • Organismal physiological ecology, population dynamics and adaptations: metabolic, physiological and behavioral adaptations of marine and terrestrial organisms, population dynamics and diversity;
  • Evolution and adaptation: genomes and transcriptomes of key species as well as metagenomes and transcriptomes from environmental samples that advance understanding of the bases of biological adaptation and response by marine and terrestrial organisms and ecosystems.

Frontiers in Polar Biology in the Genomic Era
U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC program
U.S. Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) program
Penguin Science
International Graduate Training Course in Antarctic Biology
Report from the Oden Southern Ocean Workshop, February 10-13, 2208

Antarctic Research

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