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Office of Polar Programs

Peter Milne, (703) 292-4714

17-543  Program Solicitation

Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (AOAS) seeks to increase the understanding of the physics, chemistry, dynamics, and energetics of the oceans, atmosphere, and cryosphere at high southern latitudes.

Emphasis areas include but are not limited to:

  • Atmospheric dynamics, transport, and chemistry;
  • Physical and chemical oceanography;
  • Biogeochemical cycles and controls on marine productivity;
  • Sea ice and ice shelf/ocean interactions;
  • Energy budgets and climate dynamics.

The AOAS Program supports observational fieldwork in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean utilizing a range of land-based, shipboard, airborne, and autonomous platforms. The Program supports instrumentation development, data synthesis, and modeling.

University of Wisconsin Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Project and Antarctic Meteorological Research Center
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Ohio State University
AnSlope: Cross-Slope Exchanges at the Antarctic Slope Front
Antarctic Regional Interactions Meteorology Experiment (RIME)
The Observing System in the Southern Ocean Region: Climate Related Observations (CLIVAR)
Report from the Oden Southern Ocean Workshop, February 10-13, 2008

Antarctic Research

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