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Division of Biological Infrastructure

This program has been archived.

Henry L. Gholz, (703) 292-8481

Saran Twombly, (703) 292-8133

The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) is an NSF-funded research center located in downtown Santa Barbara, California. The core activities of the center include the development and testing of important ecological ideas and theories using existing data; cutting-edge analysis of ecological information; research on data access and use; promoting the use of sound science in policy and management decisions; investigating sociological issues that pertain to the science of ecology; projects involving the state of California; and education and outreach. Several kinds of activity are supported by the center including Working Groups that convene at NCEAS, Distributed Graduate Seminars, Center Fellows (sabbatical visitors), and Postdoctoral Associates.

Additional information about the NSF National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis can be found at the NCEAS website.


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