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Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

Larry Halverson, (703) 292- 8440
Room 655

Devaki Bhaya, (703) 292-7131
Room 655

Edward Crane, (703) 292-5029
Room 655

William Eggleston, (703) 292-4612
Room 655

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The cluster supports creative proposals that will generate a comprehensive understanding of emergent properties of biological systems through the development of an integrated theoretical framework that is guided by mathematical and physical principles and facilitated through the use of novel tools in systems and synthetic biology. The cluster funds proposals focused on regulatory and metabolic network dynamics, structure and function that govern the behavior of microbial communities, plant systems, and other model organisms. In addition, the cluster supports synthetic biology research with a focus on fundamental design principles of biological systems and questions related to the origin of life.

The proposals in the areas listed below are particularly encouraged.

  • Systems-level, theory-driven analysis of regulatory, signaling and metabolic networks
  • Synthetic biology to address fundamental biological questions including the origin of life, minimal cell, emergent behavior in complex systems, robustness in design and organization
  • Tool development to facilitate systems and synthetic biology studies

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