Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum (EARS) Principal Investigators' Workshop

October 7 & 8, 2013

Collaborative Research: Enhancing Spectral Access via Directional Spectrum Sensing Employing 3D Cone Filterbanks: Interdisciplinary Algorithms and Prototypes
Award Number(s): 1247940, 1247853, 1247935, 1247946
PI(s): Habarakada Madanayake (U. Akron), Chunsheng Xin (Norfolk State), Srinivasa Vemuru (Ohio State), Vijay Devabhaktuni (U. Toledo)
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Spectral Tweets: A Community Paradigm for Spatio-temporal Cognitive Sensing and Access
Award Number(s): 1247885
PI(s): Nikolaos Sidiropoulos (U.Minnesota)
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Spectrum Efficiency Analysis using Multisite Spectrum Observatory Network
Award Number(s): 1248000
PI(s): Dennis Roberson (IIT)
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STTR Phase I:Photonics Enabled Extreme Bandwidth Wireless Communications Spectrum Manager
Award Number(s): 1217637
PI(s): Kris Merkel (S2 Corp) & Zeb Barber (Montana State)
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Market Structures for Efficient Spectrum Sharing
Award Number(s): 1247984
PI(s): Randall Berry (Northwestern)
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Market Mechanisms for Allocation of Spectrum
Award Number(s): 1247988
PI(s): Eiichiro Kazumori (SUNY Buffalo)
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Dr. Techno-Economic Models of Secondary Spectrum Use
Award Number(s): 1247546
PI(s): Martin Weiss (U. Pittsburgh)
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Providing Predictable Service and Spectrum Access With Realtime Decision in Cognitive Multihop Wireless Networks
Award Number(s): 1247944
PI(s): Xiang-Yang Li (IIT)
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Collaborative Research: Cog-TV: Business and Technical Analysis of Cognitive Radio TV Sets for Enhanced Spectrum Access
Award Number(s): 1247941, 1247914
PI(s): Mehmet Vuran (U. Nebraska) & Eylem Ekici (Ohio State)
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Achieving Efficient Spectrum Usage in Active and Passive Sensing Through a Market-Based Approach
Award Number(s): 1247840
PI(s): Joel Johnson, Chris Baker, Lixin Ye (Ohio State)
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Manifold-Based System for Passive-Active Spectrum Sharing
Award Number(s): 1248010
PI(s): Albin Gasiewski (U. Colorado)
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STTR Phase I: Technical, Economic, and Regulatory Evaluation and Demonstration of Policybased Dynamic Spectrum Access-Enabled Broadband Wireless Communications Networks
Award Number(s): 1216186
PI(s): Mark McHenry (Shared Spectrum Co.) & Martin Weiss (U. Pittsburgh)
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STTR Phase I: Reconfigurable Wireless Platforms for Spectrally Agile Coexistence
Award Number(s): 1212340
PI(s): Sam MacMullan (ORB Analytics) & Alexander Wyglinski (Worcester Polytechnic U)
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Collaborative Research: Spectrum Efficient Waveform Design with Application to Wireless Networks
Award Number(s): 1247848, 1247694, 1247875
PI(s): Qilian Liang (U. Texas), Hyeong-Ah Choi (George Washington U.), Jie Wang (U. Massachusetts)
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Interference-Aware RF Theory and Design
Award Number(s): 1247915
PI(s): Amir Avestimehr (Cornell U.)
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Spectrally Aware Interference Tolerant RF Nanosystems
Award Number(s): 1247893
PI(s): Dimitrios Peroulis (Purdue)
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Beamspace Communication Techniques and Architectures for Enabling Gigabit Mobile Wireless at Millimeter- Wave Frequencies
Award Number(s): 1247583
PI(s): Akbar Sayeed (U. Wisconsin)
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STTR Phase I: Test Methodology for MIMO Over the Air Testing in a Small Anechoic Chamber
Award Number(s): 1217558
PI(s): Fanny Mlinarsky (octoScope, Inc.) & Nicholas Kirsch (U. New Hampshshire)
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Collaborative Research: Cognitive and Efficient Spectrum Access in Autonomous Wireless Networks
Award Number(s): 1247924, 1247955, 1247929
PI(s): Xin Wang (SUNY Stony Brook), Shiwen Mao (Auburn), & Harish Viswanathan (Alcatel-Lucent)
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Dynamic Behavior and Coexistence of Intelligent Radio Spectrum Access Systems
Award Number(s): 1247909
PI(s): Xiaohua Li (SUNY Binghamton)
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Collaborative Research: Design, Analysis and Implementation of Social Interactions in Cognitive Radio Networks
Award Number(s): 1247834, 1247778
PI(s): Husheng Li (U. Tennessee) & Robert Qiu (Tennessee Tech)
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SAVANT - High Performance Dynamic Spectrum Access via Inter Network Collaboration
Award Number(s): 1247764
PI(s): Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers)
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STTR Phase I: SpiderRadio: Enabling Cognitive Dynamic Spectrum Access Wireless Communications
Award Number(s): 1212357
PI(s): Vijay Kumar (Dynamic Spectrum, LLC) & R. Chandramouli (Stevens)
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STTR Phase I: Autonomous Cognitive Radios for Smart Communications for First Responders
Award Award Number(s): 1217444
PI(s): Kamil Agi (K&A Wireless) & Sudharman Jayaweera (U. New Mexico)
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Collaborative Research: Enhanced Radio Spectrum via Information Acquisition and Learning
Award Number(s): 1247995, 1248017
PI(s): Tara Javidi (UC San Diego) & Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC)
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Collaborative Research: Big Bandwidth: Finding Anomalous Needles in the Spectrum Haystack
Award Number(s): 1247864, 1247298
PI(s): Wade Trappe (Rutgers) & Paul Prucnal (Princeton)
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Enabling local spectrum markets for enhanced access and flexible service
Award Number(s): 1247958
PI(s): Koushik Kar (RPI)
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Paving the way to dynamic spectrum sharing: Understanding regulatory and enforcement mechanisms
Award Number(s): 1247928
PI(s): Jeffrey Reed (Va Tech)
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Localization Aspects of Enforcing Spectrum Rights
Award Number(s): 1247928
PI(s): Jeffrey Reed (Va Tech)
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Efficient Management and Opportunistic Usage of Radio Spectrum based Graph Theory
Award Number(s): 1247545
PI(s): Geoffrey Ye Li (Ga Tech)
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STTR Phase I: Enhanced Spectral Efficiency through Adaptive Utilization of Fragmented Spectrum
Award Number(s): 1217475
PI(s): Luzhou Xu (IAA) & Tan Wong (U. Florida)
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MEMS Reconfigurable Radios: System Development and Entry Costs in Wireless Phones
Award Number(s): 1247565
PI(s): Mina Rais-Zadeh (U. Michigan)
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Novel Beam Steering Apertures and Waveforms for High Capacity Broadband Wireless Nodes
Award Number(s): 1247503
PI(s): Mohammod Ali (U. South Carolina)
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STTR Phase I: Adaptive Miniaturized Ultrawideband Antenna
Award Number(s): 1212319
PI(s): Johnson Wang (Wang Electro-Opto Corp) & John Volakis (Ohio State)
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Transparent Coexistence for Multi-Hop Secondary Cognitive Radio Networks: Theoretical Foundation, Algorithms, and Implementation
Award Number(s): 1247830
PI(s): Thomas Hou (Va. Tech)
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STTR Phase I: Software-Defined Multi-pulse Wideband Radios for Spectrum Reuse and Assured Communications
Award Number(s): 1212314
PI(s): Richard Twogood (Dirac Solutions) & Farid Dowla (UC Santa Cruz)
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STTR Phase I: Metamaterial Based Vacuum Electron Devices for Next Generation Communication Systems
Award Number(s): 1212327
PI(s): Jagadishwar Sirigiri (Bridge12) & Mohammed Afsar (Tufts)
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