AST Facilities - Environmental Reviews - Green Bank Observatory

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Federal Register: Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Meeting for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia

Draft EIS

Public Comment Meeting: NSF hosted a public meeting to address the DEIS. The meeting will be transcribed by a court reporter.

  • November 30, 2017, at 5:00pm to 8:30pm
    Green Bank Science Center
    155 Observatory Road
    Green Bank, WV 24915
    Phone: (304) 456-2011

Presentations and Materials:

Public Comments: NSF will accept comments on the DEIS for 60 days (an additional 15 days are being provided beyond the standard 45-day review period to allow for the holidays) following publication of this Notice of Availability. You may submit written comments by either of the following methods:

  •, with the subject line "Green Bank Observatory"
  • Ms. Elizabeth Pentecost
    RE: Green Bank Observatory
    2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite W9152
    Alexandria, VA 22314