Information on Past Town Meetings

Last fall/winter, NSF held a number of ‘town meetings’ across the country that provided an opportunity for NSF staff to interact with the community, answer questions, listen to concerns, observations, and suggestions, and meet one-on-one with interested individuals. Seven town meetings provided crucial input to NSF and to the committee’s deliberations and the development of their recommendations:
  • Boston, Massachusetts - 29 September 2005
    Boston University
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota - 7 October 2005
    University of Minnesota
  • Washington, DC - 14 October 2005
    AAS, held at the Carnegie Institution
  • Clemson, South Carolina – 15 October 2005
    Clemson University
  • Boulder, Colorado – 24 October 2005
    University of Colorado/High Altitude Observatory
  • Berkeley, California - 15 December 2005
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Washington, DC - 8-12 January 2006
    207th AAS Meeting
A copy of the Presentation given at these Town Meetings can be found here.