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Focused Research Groups (FRGs)

Focused Research Groups (FRGs) encourage team approaches to address materials research themes where a synergistic blend of expertise is needed to make significant contributions. FRGs have the following general characteristics:

  • They involve three or more faculty level investigators with complementary expertise
  • The award size is on the order of $250,000 per year or greater
  • The activities integrate research and education. Partnerships with industry and other sectors are encouraged.
This is not a new program, and there is no specific announcement or call for FRG proposals. FRG proposals are handled by Individual Investigator Program Directors in the Division of Materials Research, and are reviewed and co-reviewed among DMR and other NSF Programs where appropriate, recognizing the collaborative, interdisciplinary aspects of such proposals.

FRG proposals should be submitted in accordance with the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG, NSF 04-23), adhering to the 15 page limit specified in GPG, and indicating FRG on the Proposal Cover Page.

DMR Focused Research Groups Awards