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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites and REU Opportunities in DMR

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites and REU Opportunities in DMR (see map)

The National Science Foundation makes possible a number of opportunities for undergraduates to join research projects each summer. This allows students to experience first-hand how basic research is done, and to contribute consequentially. The principal support by NSF of such activities is through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program (NSF 03-577). The REU Program supports REU sites, which are based on independent proposals to initiate and conduct undergraduate research-participation projects for a number of students appropriate to the discipline and the setting, and REU supplements, which are intended to include one or two undergraduate students in an original research grant application or as supplement to ongoing NSF projects.

REU "Sites" are established in all fields of science, mathematics, and engineering. Each Site usually operates for about ten weeks in the summer, and consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates, who work in the research programs of the host institution. Students are in general accepted from throughout the country -- most come from schools other than the host institution. Each student is assigned to a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. In addition, seminars, lunch meetings, and social functions are organized to facilitate interaction between the undergraduates. Students are granted stipends, and in some cases assistance with housing and travel. Women and members of under-represented minorities, and those with disabilities or special needs, are particularly urged to apply. The complete list of these Sites can be obtained at

The NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR) supports REU Sites that focus principally on research in materials science and related areas, including condensed matter physics, materials chemistry and physics, and materials engineering. Most DMR-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC) and National Facilities offer REU opportunities each summer as well.

REU Sites in Materials Research and REU opportunities at Material Research Science and Engineering Centers, at Science and Technology Centers, and at National Facilities


The following forty-six REU Sites involve principally research in various aspects of condensed matter physics; solid state chemistry and polymers; materials theory; metals, ceramics, and electronic materials.

"The University of Akron REU Site for Polymer Science"
University of Akron (Akron, OH 44325)
College of Polymer Science
Prof. Coleen Pugh (330) 972-6614
[Polymer Science]

"Regional Initiative to Promote Undergraduate Participation in Experimental and Computational Materials Research"
University of Alabama-Birmingham (Birminham, AL 35294)
Department of Physics
Prof. Yogesh Vohra (205) 934-6662
[Theoretical and Experimental Research in Materials;Research Experiences for Teachers]

"Establishment of an REU Site within the Center for Materials for Information Technology at The University of Alabama"
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa, AL 35487)
Center for Materials for Information Technology
Prof. Martin Bakker (205) 348-9116
[Materials for Magnetic Recording]

"Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis"
University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ 85721)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. Supapan Seraphin (602) 621-6075
[Materials Synthesis, Processing, and Analysis; Research Experiences for Teachers; International]

"Modern Optics and Optical Materials"
University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR 72701)
Department of Physics
Prof. William Oliver (479) 575-6571
[Modern Optics and Optical Materials]

"REU Site in Physics at UC Davis"
University of California-Davis (Davis, CA 95616)
Department of Physics
Prof. Rena Zieve (530) 752-2510
[Condensed Matter Physics]

"Physics Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of
California, San Diego"
University of California-San Diego (La Jolla, CA 92093)
Department of Physics
Prof. Robert Dynes (619) 534-2047
[Theoretical and Experimental Condensed Matter Physics]

"Research Experience for Undergraduates in Polymer Science & Engineering at Case Western Reserve University"
Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH 44106)
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Prof. David Schiraldi (216) 368-4243
[Polymer Science and Engineering]

"REU Site in Chemical Engineering at Clemson University: Experimental Research in Novel Materials"
Clemson University (Clemson, SC 29634)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Graham Harrison (864) 656-6399
[Polymeric, Catalytic, and Bio-Inspired Materials]

"Nanotechnology in Health and Food Science: A Multidisciplinary
Clemson University (Clemson, SC 29634)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Ya-Ping Sun (864) 656-5026
[Nanotechnology in Health and Food Sciences]

"Polymeric Materials for Sensing and Actuating"
University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT 06269)
Institute of Materials Science
Prof. Thomas Seery (860) 486-1337
[Polymer Science]

"Interdisciplinary Materials Research REU-Site Program"
Cornell University - Endowed (Ithaca, NY 14853)
Materials Science Center
Prof. Francis Di Salvo (607) 255-4273
[REU Site Program for Interdisciplinary Materials Research at Cornell University; Research Experiences for Teachers]

"Program in Molecular Materials and Nanotechnology"
Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH 03755)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Joseph BelBruno (603) 646-2270
[Molecular Materials]

"Undergraduate Training in Materials Characterization"
Fisk University (Nashville, TN 37208)
Department of Physics
Prof. Warren E. Collins (615) 329-8664
[Synthesis and Characterization Techniques of Advanced Electronic Materials.]

"Physics at the University of Florida"
University of Florida (Gainesville, FL 32611-8440)
Department of Physics
Prof. Kevin Ingersent (352) 392-8748
[Theoretical and Experimental Condensed Matter Physics]

"Structure-Property Correlation Across Micro-to-Nano Length Scales"
Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA 30332)
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. Naresh Thadani (404) 894-2651
[Materials Structure-Property Correlations, Modeling, Composites; Research Experiences for Teachers; International]

"REU Site for Materials Research and Engineering"
Harvard University (Cambridge, MA 02138)
Center for Imaging and Mesoscale Structure
Prof. Cynthia Friend (617) 495-4052
[Mechanics of Thin Films; Self-Asssembly; Electron Imaging; Biological Materials; Research Experiences for Teachers

"REU Site: Center for Materials Chemistry - University of Houston"
University of Houston (Houston, TX 77204)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Allan Jacobson (713) 743-2785
e-mail :
[Materials Chemistry]

"Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Chemistry at Iowa State University"
Iowa State University (Ames, IA 50011)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Mark Gordon (515) 294-0452
[Computational Materials Science]

"An Interdisciplinary Materials Research REU Site at James Madison University"
James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA 22807)
Center for Materials Science
Prof. W. Christopher Hughes (540) 568-8069
[Physics and Chemistry of Materials]

"Liquid Crystals - Synthetic and Natural Systems"
Kent State University (Kent, OH 44242)
Department of Chemistry and Liquid Crystal Institute
Prof. Arne Gericke (330) 672-2986
[Chemistry and Physics of Liquid Crystals

"Undergraduate Research Experiences in Functional Polymeric Membranes
and Composite Materials"
University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY 40506-0057)
Center of Membrane Sciences
Prof. Leonidas G. Bachas (606) 257-6350
[Membrane Sciences]

"Synchrotron-Radiation-Based Research for
Advanced Undergraduate Science and Engineering Students"
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA 70803)
Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
Prof. John D. Scott (225) 388-4605
[Materials Analysis and Processing with Synchrotron Radiation]

"U of Minnesota Materials Research Science and Engineering Center REU"
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN 55455)
Dep. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Prof. Frank Snowden (612) 626-2207
[Macromolecular Materials; Organic Semiconductors; Magnetic Materials; Research Experiences for Teachers]

"Montana State University REU: A Materials Research Education"
Montana State University (Bozeman, MT 59717)
Department of Physics
Prof. John Neumeier (406) 994-6171
[Materials Physics]

"REU Site in Microengineered Materials"
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM 87131)
Center for Micro-Engineered Ceramics
Prof. Abhaya K. Datye (505) 277-2833
[Microsystems and Bio-Interfaces; Nanostructured Materials; Self-Assembly]

"Summer Research Program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology"
University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA 70148)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Charles O’Connor (504) 280-6846
[Nanoparticle Composites and Assemblies]

"SURFing the Materials Science and Engineering Lab: A NIST-NSF
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Gaithersburg, MD 20899)
Materials Science and Enginering Laboratory
Dr. Terrell Vanderah (301) 975-5785
[Materials Science and Engineering Research]

"Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site in the Department of Physics
at North Carolina State University"
North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC 27695)
Department of Physics
Prof. Michael Paesler (919) 515-3155
[Nanostructured Materials; Astrophysics]

"Electronic Materials"
University of North Texas (Denton,TX 76203)
Department of Physics
Prof. Jerome Duggan (940) 565-3252
[Electronic Materials]

"Optical Materials, Lasers and Their Application in Optical Sensing"
Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK 74078)
Department of Physics
Prof. Timothy Wilson (405) 744-5796
[Optical Materials and Lasers.]

"Research Experience for Undergraduates"
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA 19104)
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
Prof. Michael Klein (215) 898-8571
[Biomolecular materials; Carbon Nanotubes; Soft Materials; Oxides]

"Penn State Physics Department Research Experience for Undergraduates and Teachers Program"
Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA 16801)
Department of Physics
Prof. Prof. Moses Chan (814) 863-2622
[Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics; Research Experiences for Teachers]

"Interdisciplinary Materials Research Experiences for Undergraduates"
Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KS 66762)
Department of Engineering Technology
Prof. Christopher Ibeh (316) 235-4354
[Interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering]

"Applications of Microscopy and Microanalysis to Multidisciplinary
Portland State University (Portland, OR 97207)
Department of Physics
Prof. Jun Jiao (503) 725-4228
[Microscopy and Microanalysis of Materials]

"Research Experience for Undergraduates in the Princeton Materials
Princeton University (Princeton, NJ 08544)
Princeton Materials Institute
Prof. Jay Benziger (609) 258-5416
[Interdisciplinary Materials Research]

"Introduction to Engineering Opportunities through Research in
Materials Processing"
Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN 47907)
School of Materials Engineering
Prof. Eric Kvam (765) 494-4097
[Materials Processing and Characterization]

"Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Materials Science and
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY 12180)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. Ganapathiraman Ramanath (518) 276-6844
[Materials Science and Engineering Research]

"Materials Research in Chemical Engineering"
University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC 29208)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. John Weidner (803) 777-3207
[Materials for Power Sources; Catalytic, Polymeric and Bio-Materials]

"Integrated Interdisciplinary Nanoscience REU"
University of South Florida (Tampa, FL 33620)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Michael Zaworotko (813) 974-4129

"Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies (CPIMA)
Research Experiences for Undergraduates"
Stanford University (Stanford, CA 94305-5025)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Curtis W. Frank (650) 723-4573
[Summer Undergraduate Research Experience at the Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies (CPIMA)]

"Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative On Nanostructured
Semiconductors (TURIONS)"
State University of New York – Buffalo (Buffalo, NY 14260)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Mark Swihart (716) 645-2911
[Nanostructured Semiconductors]

"Undergraduate Research in Experimental Condensed Matter and
Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics"
University of Texas – Austin (Austin, TX 78713)
Department of Physics
Prof. James Erskine (512) 471-1464
e-mail :
[Condensed Matter Physics ; Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics]

"Adhesion Science at Virginia Tech"
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, VA 24061)
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Thomas Ward (540) 231-5867
[Polymers and Adhesives]

"Characterization of Advanced Materials"
Washington State University (Pullman, WA 99164)
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Prof. David Bahr (509) 335-8654
[Thin Films, Mechanical Properties, Composites]

"REU Site: Condensed Matter and Nonlinear Dynamics at Wooster"
The College of Wooster (Wooster OH 44691)
Department of Physics
Prof. John Lindner (330) 263-2120
[Condensed Matter Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics]

(each MRSEC conducts a summer REU program. Areas of special interest are indicated below)

University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, AL 35847
[Materials for information technology]
Director: Prof. William Butler
Tel: (205) 348-2665
FAX: (205) 348-2346

Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
[Micromechanics of materials; fracture and deformation]
Director: Prof. William Curtin
Tel: (401) 863-1418
FAX: (401) 863-9025

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125
[Macromolecular materials; metallic glasses]
Director: Prof. Harry Atwater
Tel: (626) 395-2197
FAX: (626) 568-8743

University of California-Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
[Biomaterials; inorganic synthesis; macromolecular structures; complex materials]
Director: Prof. Anthony Cheetham
Tel: (805) 893-8767
FAX: (805) 893-8797

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
[Mesoscale Interface Mapping Project: polycrystalline materials, grain boundaries]
Director: Prof. Gregory Rohrer
Tel: (412) 268-2711
FAX: (412) 268-7596

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637
[Materials dynamics; nanostructured materials; bio-interfacial science]
Director: Prof. Heinrich M. Jaeger
Tel: (773) 702-6074
FAX: (773) 834-0471

University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309
[Liquid crystals, optical materials and devices]
Director: Prof. Noel Clark
Tel: (303) 492-6420
FAX: (303) 492-2988

Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
[Mixed organic/inorganic materials]
Director: Prof. Irving Herman
Tel: (212) 854-4950
FAX: (212) 854-1909

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
[Organic-inorganic nanocomposites; nanomaterials dynamics; thin films; energetic beam processing; metallic nanostructures]
Director: Prof. Francis Di Salvo
Tel: (607) 255-4273
FAX: (607) 255-3957

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
[film and cell mechanics, self-assembled materials]
Director: Prof. David Weitz
Tel: (617) 495-2842
FAX: (617) 495-2875

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
[magneto-electronic nanostructures]
Director: Prof. Chia-Ling Chien
Tel: (410) 516-8092
FAX: (410) 516-7239

University of Maryland- College Park
College Park, MD 20742
[Ferroelectric films; surface nanostructures; magnetic oxides]
Director: Prof. Ellen Williams
Tel: (301) 405-6156
FAX: (301) 314-9465

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139
[Microphotonic materials; nanostructured polymers; mesoscopic semiconductors ; materials for power sources; metal oxides]
Director: Prof. Michael Rubner
Tel: (617) 253-4477
FAX: (617) 258-6478

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003
[Polymer science]
Director: Prof. Thomas Russell
Tel: (413) 577-1516
FAX: (413) 577-1510

Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
[The Center for Sensor Materials]
Director: Prof. Brage Golding
Tel: (517) 355-9708
FAX: (517) 355-2146

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
[Macromolecular materials; organic semiconductors; magnetic materials]
Director: Profs. Michael Ward
Tel: (612) 625-3062
FAX: (612) 626-7805

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588
[Magnetic materials]
Director: Prof. David Sellmyer
Tel: (402) 472-2407
FAX: (402) 472-2879

Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208
[sensor materials; photonic materials; polymers; molecular materials]
Director: Prof. John Torkelson
Tel: (847) 491-7449
FAX: (847) 467-6727

University of Oklahoma/University of Arkansas
Norman, OK 73019
[Semiconductor nanostructures]
Director: Prof. Matthew Johnson
Tel: (405) 325-3961
FAX: (405) 325-7557

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
[Biomolecular materials; carbon nanotubes; soft materials; oxides]
Director: Prof. Michael Klein
Tel: (215) 898-8571
FAX: (215) 898-8296

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
[Materials behavior in confined geometries, molecular nanofabrication]
Director: Prof. Moses Chan
Tel: (814) 863-2622
FAX: (814) 865-3604

Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
[The Center for Complex Materials]
Director: Prof. Ravindra Bhatt
Tel: (609) 258-2532
FAX: (609) 258-1177

University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MI 39406
[Polymer science and engineering]
Director: Prof. Marek Urban
Tel: (601) 266-6454
FAX: (601) 266-5635

Stanford University/IBM-Almaden/University of California-Davis
Stanford, CA 94305
[Center for Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies]
Director: Prof. Curtis Frank
Tel: (650) 723-4573
FAX: (650) 723-9780

State University of New York-Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794
[Center on Materials, Processes, and Functional Surfaces by Thermal Spray]
Director: Prof. Sanjay Sampath
Tel: (516) 632-9512
FAX: (516) 632-8052

State University of New York-Stony Brook/Polytechnic University/City University of New York
Stony Brook, NY 11794
[Center for Polymers at Engineered Interfaces]
Director: Prof. Miriam Rafailovich
Tel: (516) 632-8483
FAX: (516) 632-8052

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
[Center for Nanoscopic Materials Design]
Director: Prof. Robert Hull
Tel: (804) 982-5658
FAX: (804) 982-5660

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706
[Center on Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces: semiconductors; superconductors; bio-interfaces]
Director: Prof. Juan DePablo
Tel: (608) 262-7727
FAX: (608) 262-5434


Center for High-Resolution Neutron Scattering
National Institute for Standards and Technology
Reactor Radiation Division
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899
Dr. Charles Glinka
Tel: (301) 975-6242

Cornell High-Energy Synchrotron Source
Wilson Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
Prof. Sol Gruner
Tel: (607) 255-3441

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Florida State University
1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4005
Prof. Greg Boebinger
Tel: (850) 644-0311, (850) 644-8350

Synchrotron Radiation Center
University of Wisconsin at Madison
3731 Schneider Drive
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589-2200
Prof. Joe Bisognano
Tel: (608) 877-2000

National Nanofabrication Users Network
Knight Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Prof. Sandip Tiwari
Tel: (607) 255-2329
FAX: (607) 255-8601

Other DMR-supported Centers:

Materials Computation Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL 61801
[Computational and Experimental Materials Science]
Prof. Duane Johnson
Tel: (217) 265-0319

For more information about REU activities in DMR send a message to