Dr. Andrew J. Lovinger

Program Director
Division of Materials Research
Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences
National Science Foundation

  • B.S. (1970), M.S. (1971), and Doctoral (1976) degrees, all in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry from Columbia University.
  • National Science Foundation: Senior Staff Scientist (1995-1998); Program Director, Polymers, Division of Materials Research (1995-present).
    • NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Service (2016).
    • NSF Director's Award for Meritorious Service (2009).
    • NSF Director's Award for Collaborative Integration (2005 and 2009).
    • NSF Director's Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion Achievement Award (2006 and 2021).
    • NSF Director's Award for Superior Accomplishment (2003).
    • NSF Director's Award for Program Management Excellence (2000).
  • Bell Laboratories: Member of Technical Staff (1977-1985); Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (1985-2001); Head, Polymer Chemistry Research Department (1985-1994); Consultant (2001-2008).
  • Associate Editor, Macromolecules, American Chemical Society (1988-2015).
  • Egleston Medal, Columbia University (2011)
  • Applied Polymer Science Award of the American Chemical Society (2010).
  • Elected to National Academy of Engineering (2004).
  • Polymer Physics Prize of the American Physical Society (2003).
  • Dow Lecturer in Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University (2001).
  • Waldo Semon Lecturer in Polymer Science & Engineering, University of Akron (1996).
  • Frazer Price Memorial Award for excellence in research in polymer morphology, University of Massachusetts (1993).
  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1988).
  • Welch Foundation Lecturer (1987).
  • Dillon Medal of the American Physical Society (1985).
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (1983).
  • Fulbright Scholar (1966-1970).
  • Member: American Chemical Society; American Physical Society [APS Council (1992-2000); Executive Committee, Polymer Physics Div. (1990-2000); Program Chair, Polymer Physics Div. (1988)]; Materials Research Society.
  • Prior research on structures of polymeric and organic materials and their relations to processing and properties: Crystallization, morphology, and phase transitions; electron microscopy, X-ray, and electron diffraction; electroactive polymers (piezoelectric, ferroelectric, thermochromic, electro-optic, electroluminescent, and thin-film transistors); silicon-based polymers; high-temperature and high-strength polymers and composite materials; liquid-crystalline polymers and polymer-dispersed liquid crystals; copolymers, compatibility, and cocrystallization; epitaxial effects.

Over 170 publications in refereed journals; three patents