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Condensed Matter Physics Highlights

0096791aE. AdamsFloridaMagnetically Ordered Solid 3He near the Triple Point
0096791bE. AdamsFloridaComplete Mapping of Magnetization in Solid 3He
0204871P. AdamsLSUSuperconducting Properties of MgCNi3 Micro-fibers
0302825J. AllenMichiganMetal-insulator transition in V2O3---New view of a famous old problem
0102415C. AlmasanKent StElectronic Properties of Layered Cuprates
0104240B. AndrakaFloridaSynthesis and Characterization of Unconventional Heavy Fermion Materials
0105389E. AndreiRutgersThe Vortex Spinodal
0305238aD. AwschalomUCSBMolecular Wiring of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
0305238bD. AwschalomUCSBElectrical Manipulation of Nuclear Spins in Nanostructures
0240194D. BasovUCSDInfrared Spectroscopy of High-Tc Superconductors in High Magnetic Field
0098803J. BassMichigan StProducing Inverted Current-Driven Switching in Magnetic Nanopillars
0137119R. BehringerDukeForce Propagation and Friction in Granular materials
0124422G. BergmannUCBStudy of the Alkali Metals
0203524O. BernalCSULAProbing Hidden Order and Magnetic Disorder in Correlated Electron Systems Using Spin Probes
0104178N. BirgeMichigan StQuantum Coherence of Electrons in Metals
0101808P. BoolchandCincinnatiSelf-Organization in Network Glasses
0071863F. BridgesUCSCThe off-center “rattler” – A better candidate for achieving glass-like thermal conductivities in crystals?
0301971F. BridgesUCSCInvestigating the relationship between magnetization and the local structure in La1-xCaxMnO3; a probe of the magnetization process
0100572J. BrillKentuckyThe Electro-Optic Effect in Charge-Density-Wave Conductors
0203532J. BrooksFlorida St(Per)2Pt(mnt)2: Surprises above 30 T in one dimension
0240813G. CaoTennesseeField-tuned Collapse of an Orbitally Ordered and Spin-polarized State: Colossat Magnetoresistance in Bilayered Ruthenate
0093949H. CaoNorthwesternCAREER: Microscopic Study of Light Localization
0207071M. ChanPenn StQuantum Fluids in One and Two Dimensions
0135931A. ChangDukeQuantum Transport of Correlated Systems in Novel Devices
0103858S. CheongRutgersMesoscopic landscape of ferromagnetic manganites
0203003T. ChiangUIUCAtomically Uniform Thin Films on Silicon
0101814C. ChienJohns HopkinsOscillatory Exchange Bias due to Spin-Density-Wave Antiferromagnet
0102736J. ClayholdClemsonMeasuring the Vortex Charge
0137240R. CollinsPenn StNovel Real Time Optics for Thin Film Materials Research
0205464M. CrommieUCBIRTM: Exploration and Control of Condensed Matter Qubits
9983777P. CrowellMinnesotaSpin Dynamics in Ferromagnets and Ferromagnetic Semiconductors Paul Crowell
0243471H. CumminsCity CollegeExperimental Studies of the Liquid-Glass Transition
0208520R. DiehlPenn StStudies of Weakly Adsorbed Layers
0103892J. DiTusaLSUQuantum Critical Behavior in Magnetic Semiconductors
0245227M. DobrowolskaNotre DameFormation of Semiconductor Quantum Wires by Cleaved-Edge Overgrowth
0305106D. DurianUCLAGranular Fluctuation and Dissipation
0097242R. DynesUCSDProximity Effect in Superconducting Multilayers
0242946aJ. EisensteinCalTechVanishing Hall Resistance in a Quantum Hall Superfluid
0242946bJ. EisensteinCalTechMetastable Orientation of Stripe Phases in High Landau Levels
0243848J. ErskineTexasREU Site: Undergraduate Research Experience in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics
9972113J. ErskineTexasMagnetic Energy Loss Scaling in Permalloy Thin Film Microstructures
0211718S. FellerCoe CollegePhysical Properties and Spectroscopy of Glasses Related Intermediate Range Order
0134613I. FisherStanfordCAREER: New Materials in Condensed Matter Physics: The Case of Quasicrystals
0203214Z. FiskFlorida StCerium Ferromagnets at the Quantum Critical Point
0102950M. FuhrerMarylandNanotubes are Highest Mobility Semiconductors at Room Temperature
0076153R. GerhardtGaTechElectrical Properties of Insulator-Conductor Composites
0101872R. GiannetaUIUCField Dependent Penetration Depth in Unconventional Superconductors
0210447R. GiannetaUIUCFabrication of MgB2 Quantum Devices
9970708N. GiordanoPurduePhysics of Ultra-Small Structures
0115663aH. GlydeDelawareFRG: Neutron Scattering Studies of Surface and Bulk Disordered Quantum Systems
0115663bH. GlydeDelawareLocalization of Bose-Einstein Condensation by Disorder
0201805W. GoldburgPittsburghCounter-Intuitive Turbulence
0138209aA. GoldmanMinnesotaPlanar Tunneling Through Solid Inert Gas Barriers
0138209bA. GoldmanMinnesotaMagnetic Field Induced Space-Charge-Limited Current Flow in Disordered Ultra-thin Films
0303705V. GoldmanStony BrookQuantum-coherent Transport in Quantum Hall Devices
0138488A. GranatoUIUCInterstitialcy Theory of Liquids and Glasses
9985067aM. GrevenStanfordQuantum Percolation on the Square Lattice
9985067bM. GrevenStanfordAnomalous Dispersion of Optical Phonons in High-Temperature Superconductors
9985067cM. GrevenStanfordSpin Correlations and Spurious Magnetism in Nd2-xCexCuO4
0304906D. GrierChicagoBrownian Transport Through Modulated Potential Energy Landscapes
0302544G. HadjipanayisDelawareHigh Anisotropy Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites
0109844E. HallerUCBFormation and Characterization of Germanium Nanocrystals
0138009aR. HallockUMassThird Sound in Superfluid Helium Films
0138009bR. HallockUMassDraining of Superfluid Helium in Capillaries
0244099W. HalperinNorthwesternGapless Superfluidity
0325551S. HanKansasSuperconducting Qubits and Quantum Gates for Scalable Quantum Computing
9876784S. HanKansasQuantum Mechanics of Macroscopic Variables
0101856A. HebardFloridaContribution of Interface Capacitance to Electric Field Breakdown in Thin-Film Capacitors
0205899R. HemleyCarnegie InstBonding Changes in Compressed Superhard Graphite
0094055J. HeremansOhio UMesoscopic spin-dependent transport in two-dimensional systems
0239481S. HillFloridaCAREER: Magnetic Resonance - From Materials Research to Science Education
0240937F. HimpselWisconsin - MadisonAtomic chains: The Ultimate Nanowires
0091639H. HochheimerColorado StNovel Low Dimensional Materials
0072847T. HuberHoward UWhispering Gallery Motion and Fermi Surface of Charges in Bi Nanowires
0103409aD. JohnsonOregonSynthesis of and Structure-Function Relationships in Heterostructures of Quasi-2D Materials
0103409bD. JohnsonOregonSynthesis of and Structure-Function Relationships in Heterostructures of Quasi-2D Materials
0213745W. KangChicagoQuantum Coherence and Tunneling in Semiconductor Nanostructures
0102153M. KastnerMITManipulating the Spin of a Single Electron
0094156J. KikkawaPennsylvaniaCAREER: Time-Resolved Studies of Correlated Electronic Materials
0135898H. KojimaRutgersSpin Filter with Polarized Superfluid: Effects of Surface and Interface
0072030J. KrimNC StateQuartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of Atomic-Scale Friction
9983659A. KudroliClark UDiffusion and Mixing in Dense Granular Flows
0244581D. LathropMarylandIntense Energy, Vorticity, and Strain Focusing in Nonlinear Fluid Flows
0097119B. LawKansas StInterfacial Phenomena Near Phase Transitions
0134377R. LehenyJohns HopkinsCAREER: Structure and Dynamics of Disordered and Out-of-Equilibrium Systems
0203739T. LembergerOhio StDimensionality of Superconductivity in High-temperature Cuprate Superconductors
9876266Q. LIPenn StSpin-Injection in Heterostructures of Perovskite Oxides
0102746S. LingBrownNovel Studies of Vortex Matter and Peak Effect using in-situ Neutron Scattering and AC Magnetization
0103302J. LuUCINIRT-Spin Transport and Dynamics in Nanoscale Hybrid Structures
0137322G. LuepkeWm&MaryFemtosecond Studies of Coupled Electron-Lattice Dynamics in Doped Perovskite Manganites
9804023E. MendezStony BrookNoise in Negative Resistance Devices
0244290J. MenendezArizona StElectronic Correlations in Carbon Nanotubes
0089703A. MigoneSIUCGas adsorption on carbon nanotubes
0137632J. MooderaMITSpin Polarized Tunneling Studies in Transition Metals,Alloys and Heavy Fermions
0099573aS. MossHoustonNanoscale Lateral Structure in Strained (InAs)n/(AlAs)m Atomic-Layer Superlattices
0099573bS. MossHoustonNeutron Scattering Studies of Short-Range Order and Atomic Displacements in a Null-Matrix 62Ni0.52 Pt0.48 Crystal
0089081S. NagelChicagoPersistence Memory in Drop Brake Up
0094241H. NakotteNew Mexico StCAREER: Effects of Pressure and Magnetic Field in Strongly-Correlated-Electron-Systems with Non-Collinear Magnetism
0308973M. NaughtonBoston CollegeMolecular Organic Conductors: Triplet Superconductivity and Novel Angular Magnetoresistance Effects
0103455D. NaugleTAMUMolecular Nanomagnets
0244058J. NeumeierMontana StREU Site Program, Montana State University: A Materials Research Education
0301166J. NeumeierMontana StCAREER, Synthesis and investigation of novel condensed matter materials and development of a high-resolution capacitive dilatometer
0102235S. OseroffSan Diego SUMagnetic Properties of Some Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
0244882R. PackardUCBAttenuation of Third Sound in Thick Films of Superfluid 4He and 3He/4He Mixtures
0097479M. PaeslerNC StateREU-Site for Physics Students
0108797C. PattonColorado StFrom Solitons to Precessional Dynamics and Chaos - Nonlinear Spin Waves in Magnetic Thin Films
0303916P. PershanHarvardLiquids on Topological Nano-Templates
0072998E. PlummerTennesseeAn Unusual Surface Mott Insulator-to-metal Transition
0105232E. PlummerTennesseeDirect Extraction of the Eliashberg Function from Photoemission Data
0202476W. Pratt, Jr.Michigan StDetection of Domain Wall Trapping by Perpendicular-Current Giant Magnetoresistance
0072022D. ProberYaleMeasurement of Quantum Noise in Nanosystems
0244713D. RalphCornellElectron Transport in Nanostructures and Single Molecules
0102699A. RamdasPurdueRaman, Brillouin, Infrared and Modulation Spectroscopy of Collective and Localized Excitations in Tetrahedrally Coordinated Semiconductors and their Heterostructures
0242907A. RimbergBrownReal-Time Electron Dynamics in Nanoscale Structures
0308660I. RobinsonUIUCReconstructed Image of a Silver Nanocrystal
0114798T. RosenbaumChicagoSwitchable Hydride Mirrors
0210321C. RossMITNanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0203755C. SafinyaUCSBSupramolecular Assembly of Biological Molecules
0305238N. SamarthPenn StElectrical Manipulation of Nuclear Spins in Nanostructures
0209371M. SantosOklahomaSpin and Other Electronic Properties of InSb Quantum Wells
0116808M. SarachikCity CollegeThe Single Molecule Magnet, Mn12-ac
0129581M. SarachikCity CollegeH/T Scaling of the Magnetoconductivity of Silicon MOSFETs
0101318P. SchifferPenn StStudies of Unusual Ferromagnetic Materials
0101809J. SchillingWashington UPressure-Induced Superconductivity in Lithium Metal to 670,000 Atmospheres
0092469M. SchlossmanUICX-ray Scattering Studies of Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
0218871G. SeidlerWashingtonITR: 3D Microstructure/Property Investigation of Open-Cell Polymer Foams
0099572L. ShamUCSDTheory of Electrons in Solids
0137236D. ShaperoNAS/NRCSolid State Sciences Committee
0071897Z. ShenStanfordElectronic Structure of Electron Doped Fullerene
0301035A. SieversCornellExperimental Studies of Nanoscale Energy Localization in Periodic Condensed Matter Systems
9983816A. SmithOhio UCAREER: Growth and Analysis of Novel Nitride Semiconductor Systems
9986099K. SmithBoston USurface and Overlayer Electronic Structure of Wide Band Gap Nitride Semiconductors
0202524K. SreenivasanOregonCollaborative Research: the Physics of Thermal and Superfluid Turbulence
0072144G. SrinivasanOakland URUI: Magnetoelectric Effects in Multilayers of Magnetostrictive and Piezoelectric Perovskite Oxides
0108914M. StavolaLehighStructures and Properties of Hydrogen-Containing Defects in Semiconductors
9984427H. StreyUMassChiral Biopolymer Liquid Crystals
0075780R. TaoTempleFormation of High Temperature Superconducting Balls
0307594P. TaylorUtahThe Direct Role of Hydrogen in the Staebler-Wronski Effect in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
0305461S. TessmerMichigan StCharge Imaging Electrons in Nanoscale Systems
0244441M. TinkhamHarvardQuantum Resistance in Superconducting Nanowires
0071323P. TongOklahoma StVorticities, Coherent Structures, and Surface Roughness Effect in Turbulent Thermal Convection
0108605F. TsuiUNCNovel Semiconductor-Based Epitaxial Magnetic Heterostructures
0209243T. TysonNJITA Structural Study of Strain Effects in Manganite Films
0102752Y. UemuraColumbiamu-SR Study of Spin ˝ Kagome magnet Cu Volborthite (CVO)
9875529J. UrbachGeorgetownCAREER: Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Thin Fluidized Granular Media
0203608J. Valles, Jr.BrownQuantum Phase Transitions in Nanostructured Superconductors in Two-Dimensions
0107253D. Van HarlingenUIUCMoving Vortices with the Scanning SQUID Microscope
0245423O. VilchesWashingtonNovel 1- and 2-Dimensional Systems
0201784H. WangOregonCavity QED and Confined Phonons in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
0093784G. WatkinsLehighIntrinsic Defects in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Study by Magnetic Resonance Techniques
0210736S. WatsonMiddlebury ColCarbon Nanotube and Silicon Nanowire Based Quantum Computation
0240644aM. WeissmanUIUCCurrent-tunable Magnetoresistive Hysteresis
0240644bM. WeissmanUIUCGriffiths Behavior in a Disordered Antiferroelectric
0244570H. WeiteringTennesseeElectrical Transport in Thin Film Nanostructures
0243715D. WeitzHarvardElasticity of Actin Networks
0239667B. WellsUConnCAREER: Functional Oxide Films for Spectroscopy
0131111G. WilliamsUCLABubbles, Drops, and Vortices in Cryogenic Liquids
0200254R. Willis Penn StMagnetic Behavior in Nanoscale Magnetic Heterostructures
0242284X. WuPittsburghTwo-Dimensional Turbulence in Electromagnetically Forced Soap Films
0306746 X. XiPenn StHybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition of MgB2 Thin Films
0071878J. XiaoDelawareInterface Effects in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ)
0103045N. YehCalTechUnveiling the Competing Orders in Cuprate Superconductors
0203378A. YodhPennElongation and Fluctuations of Semi-flexible Polymers in a Nematic Solvent