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Electronic Materials Highlights

0205858J. AblesonIllinoisNanoscale Order in Amorphous Solids: Structure, Transformations and Electronic Properties
0132918S. AlpayConnecticutCAREER: Ferroelectric Multilayers, Superlattices, and Compositionally Graded Films
0213373M. AzizHarvardStress Effects on Kinetic Processes
0207643A. BaskiVirginia CommonwealthStructure and Reactivity of 1D Nanostructures on High-Index Silicon Surfaces
0103248P. BergerOhio StateNIRT: Self-Aligned and Self-Limited Quantum Dot Nanoswitches
0109641J. BlakelyCornellAtomically Engineered Silicon and Sapphire Substrates
0076362aL. BrillsonOhio StateEffects of Epitaxial Growth Transitions on Atomic and Electronic Structure Near InGaAs/InP Heterojunctions
0097272A. BurgerFiskCrystal Growth and Energy Transfer in Cr2+:CdSe and Cr2+:CdSxSe1-x
0093616D. CannIowa StateSemiconducting Delafossite Structures
0103945R. CollinsColorado School of MinesScanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Polycrystalline and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors
0227755D. ColodnerArizonaRevealing the Invisible Universe
0103009L. DaltonWashingtonNIRT: Nanostructured Optoelectronic Materials
0103134D. DeppeUT - AustinPhotonic Crystal Laser Technology Based on Nanostructured III-V Active Material
0239273M. DeutschOregonSelf-Assembled Metallo-Dielectric Photonic Crystals for NLO
9874657B. DoudinNebraskaMagnetoresistance in Ni/NiO/Co Nanojunctions
0116042M. DresselhausMITPhonon Trigonal Warping Effect in Isolated Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Graphite
9985898R. FeenstraCarnegie MellonLEEM Study of Indium Etching of Si(001)
9982988Y. GaoRochesterInterfaces in Organic Thin Film Transistors
0210714R. GoldmanMichiganRole of Elastic Anisotropy in Semiconductor Nanopatterning
9984691V. GopalanPenn StateFerroelectric-Ferromagnetism and Giant Nonlinear Optical Responses in BiMnO3
0203397N. HaegelFairfieldImaging Transport: From the Motion of Charge to the Detection of Light
0094145S. HanNew MexicoGrowing Virtually Defect-free Germanium on Silicon
0134706M. HersamNorthwesternInfrared Optical Stimulated Emission from Isolated Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
9733062U. Hömmerich HamptonEvaluation of Chromium Doped Cadmium Chalcogenides as Mid Infrared Laser Materials
0097449C. HughesJames MadisonREU Site: A Materials Science REU Site at James Madison University
0075116R. HullVirginiaHierarchical Assembly of Semiconductor Nanostructures
0302446S. LeoneUC BerkeleyChemical Microscopy Studies of Photoresist Polymers
0094105L. LiWisconsin - MilwaukeeSynthesis of a hexagonal/cubic/hexagonal GaN Heterostructure
0208011K. LudwigBostonIn-Situ X-ray Studies of Surface Structure During Plasma Processing
9984442P. LymanWisconsin - MilwaukeePassivation and Heteroepitaxial Growth of Fe on GaAs
0096762T. MaYaleInelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy (IETS) Study of High-K Gate Dielectrics
0094047G. MalliarasCornellCharge Injection in Organics
0203832M. McCluskeyWashington StateLocal vibrational modes of impurities in semiconductors
9973352M. MillunchickMichiganThe Origin of Phase Separation
0309095H. Morkoç Virginia CommonwealthCurrent Imaging of III-Nitride Films
0102652aR. NemanichNC StateIsland Dynamics During Film Growth
0102652bR. NemanichNC StateCrystallization of a-Si:H Thin Film by Laser Annealing
9805760G. NeumarkColumbiaStudy of Doping in ZnBe Chalcogenide Alloys Via MBE Growth With Use Of Non-equilibrium Concepts
0101438S. PeartonFloridaMaterials Processing for Ferromagnetic Wide Bandgap Nitride Heterostructures
0076362bJ. PelzOhio StateNanometer-resolution study of self-forming Quantum Wells in Silicon Carbide
0074636J. PerezNorth TexasGrowth and Characterization of Nanostructured Carbon Film Field Emitters
0103068J. RedwingPenn StateSemiconductor Nanowires: Building Blocks for Nanoscale Electronics
9730019S. RisbudUC DavisSynthesis of GaN Nanoclusters by Precursor Pyrolysis in Block Co-Polymer Cavities
0075723G. RozgonyiNC StateDynamics of Point Defects in Si
0209371M. SantosOklahomaSpin and Other Electronic Properties of InSb Quantum Wells
0099479D. SardarTexas - San AntonioInvestigation of Spectroscopic and Laser Properties of Praseodymium Ions in Apatite Crystals and Novel Organic Dyes in Solid State Plastic Hosts
9875129T. ShenUtah StateCAREER: Exploring Nanostructures Based on Atomically Ordered 2D Dopant Patterns in Si
0306239C. ShihTexas - AustinFRG: Quantum Engineering of Metallic and Magnetic Nanostructures
9983816aA. SmithOhio UniversityCAREER/PECASE: Growth and analysis of Novel Nitride Semiconductor Systems
9983816bA. SmithOhio UniversityCAREER/PECASE: Growth and analysis of Novel Nitride Semiconductor Systems
0307914S. StemmerUCSBInterface Science of Functional Perovskites
0312130J. StickneyGeorgiaElectrochemical formation of Superlattices
0208673aE. SutterColorado School of MinesEpitaxial Stressors on Untrathin Silicon-On-Insulator
0208673bP. SutterColorado School of MinesMulti-Scale Imaging of Epitaxial Growth
0243833M. SwihartSUNY - BuffaloREU Site: Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative on Nanostructured Semiconductors
0102755P. ThibadoArkansasFRG: Origin of the Spin-Relaxation Lifetime on a Nanometer-Scale for Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approach
0202790Z. VardenyUtahRandom Lasing in Human Tissue
9987872Y. VohraAlabama - BirminghamMaterials Science of Explanted Ceramic Hip Implants
0243640Y. VohraAlabama - BirminghamResearch Experiences for Teachers in High Pressure Science
0206792J. WuKansasDevelopment of the highest-Tc superconducting coated conductors for power applications