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Metals Highlights

0102320S. AnkemMarylandDetermination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha-Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
9727369M. AzizHarvardFilm Growth Mechanisms in Pulsed Laser Deposition
0139125D. BahrWashington StateREU Site: Characterization of Advanced Materials
9733582P. BellonIllinoisSynthesis and Characterization of Metallic Nanocomposites
0134789C. BoehlertAlfredGrain Boundary Engineering of High Temperature Structural Alloys
0312189S. CargillLehighX-ray Microbeam Studies of Thermal Strains in Thin Films
0092530aN. ChawlaArizona StateNanoindentation for intermetallics of Cu/Sn-3.5Ag Joints
0092530bN. ChawlaArizona StateCreep Deformation Behavior of SnAg/Cu Solder Joints
0092530cN. ChawlaArizona StateMicrostructure-Based 2D and 3D Modeling of the Deformation of Pb-free Solders
0091681G. CollinsWashington StateAtom movement in solids
0304777M. DayanandaPurdueMultiDiFlux Program - Version 1.1 Analysis of Single-phase Ternary Diffusion Couples
0095586M. De GraefCarnegie MellonMicrostructure and Properties of the Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni2MnGa
0233805D. DunandNorthwesternIn-Situ Processing of Superconducting MgB2-Metal Composites
0209464I. DuttaNaval Postgraduate SchoolCreep and Microstructural Coarsening of Lead Free Solders (GOALI with INTEL)
0075281I. DuttaNaval Postgraduate SchoolInterfacial Creep in Multi-Component Materials Systems
9980213F. EbrahimiFloridaDeformation and Fracture of Nanocrystalline Metals
0210970B. EranezhuthHoustonSynthes and consolidation of nickel aluminide powder
0092756J. ErlebacherJohns HopkinsMorphological Control and Applications of Nanoporous Gold
0208008F. ErnstCase Western ReserveIon Exchange at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
9983945M. FreeUtahCorrosion Minimization Using Surfactants and Education
9901642F. FroesIdahoDevelopment of Low Density Titanium Alloys
0072671G. FuchsFloridaStability of Ni-Based Superalloy Single Crystals (GOALI with Pratt and Whitney)
9906268M. GrujicicClemsonDispersed-phase Transformation Toughening of Lamellar g-TiAl + a2-Ti3Al Intermetallics
0241603S. GuruswamyUtahStrong, Ductile and Low-Field Magnetostrictive Alloys Based on Fe-Ga
9624927J. HampikianGeorgia TechCAREER: Coatings for High Temperature Alloys
0210215K. HemkerJohns HopkinsUncovering deformation mechanism of nanostructured materials
9986752K. HemkerJohns HopkinsUse of Microsample Testing to Characterize and Model Bond Coat Performance and TBC Life
9875115T. HufnagelJohns HopkinsShear Localization in Metallic Glasses
0307009T. HufnagelJohns HopkinsNanometer-scale Structure and Properties of Metalic Glasses
0076219D. JohnsonPurdueDeformation and Fracture of Ruthenium Aluminide
9612343S. KalidindiDrexelGrain Scale Plastic Deformation in Metals
0201382S. KalidindiDrexelRole of Deformation Twinning in Strain Hardening and Texture Evolution: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
0090080M. KassnerOregon StateMechanisms of Cyclic Plastic Deformation in Metals
0307410K. KeltonWashington U - St. LouisStructural and Microstructural Studies of Ti/Zr and Al-Based Quasicrystals, Approximants, and Metalic Glasses
0096527S. KomarneniPenn StateNovel Microwave-Polyol Process for Nanophase Metals
0098776S. KouWisconsinPartially Melted Zone (PMZ) Cracking in Aluminum Welds
0303552D. KumarNorth Carolina A&TSynthesis and Characterization of Self-assembled Nanoscale Magnetic Particles
9983532Z. LiuPenn StateCAREER: Integrated Teaching and Research Activities on Computational Thermodynamics and System Materials Design of Magnesium Alloys
0080361E. MaJohns HopkinsNonequilibrium Alloys in Systems with Positive Heat of Mixing
9900550S. MajetichCarnegie MellonCoercivity of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites
0100780R. MishraMissouri-RollaIn-Situ TEM observation in Dispersion Strengthened Aluminum alloy
0240144A. MukherjeeUC DavisFundamental Understanding of Superplasticity in Nanocrystalline Metals
0209624P. NashIllinois Inst. of TechThermodynamic modeling of Al and Ni ternary alloy systems
0105423R. O'HandleyMITMisfit strain, dislocations and magnetism in epitaxial nanostructures
0312172R. ReddyAlabamaFundamental Studies on Intermetallic Aluminides
0203740I. RobertsonIllinoisFundamental deformation and failure processes in nano-grained fcc metals using MEMS-based stages
0244562I. RobertsonIllinoisDynamics of Dislocation-Particle Interactions: A Combined Modeling & Experimental Approach
0210321C. RossMITNanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0306108M. SablikSouthwest Research Inst.Modeling and Testing the Effects of Texture and Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties
0307188S. SeetharamanCarnegie MellonSteels for the next generation automobiles
0112792S. SeetharamanCarnegie MellonDevelopment of a High Temperature Maximum Bubble Pressure Apparatus for Measuring Surface Tension of Molten Metals
0241928aD. SeidmanNorthwesternTemporal Evolution of Nano-ordered structures in Nickel-based Superalloys by Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations
0241928bD. SeidmanNorthwesternTemporal Evolution of the Nanostructures in Model Nickel-based Superalloys
0241928cD. SeidmanNorthwesternThe effects of Re on the temporal evolution of a Ni-Cr-Al-Re alloy
0241928dD. SeidmanNorthwesternEffects of Ruthenium in Ni-base superalloys
0241928eD. SeidmanNorthwesternAtomic Scale Studies of Heterophase Interfaces
0241928fD. SeidmanNorthwesternThe Mobility and Kinetics of Solutes in Ni-Al-Cr Superalloys: An Atomic Scale Study by Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations
0207729L. ShawConnecticutThe Surface Nanocrystalization and Hardening (SNH) Process for Improved Fatigue Resistance
0077534R. SmithMontana StateControlling Interface Structure using Metallic Interlayers
0075135W. SoboyejoPrincetonFatigue of LIGA Ni MEMS Structures
0238356Y. SohnCentral FloridaFundamentals of Multicomponent Diffusion in Multiphase Alloys: Advances in Phenomenological Descriptions and Experimental Techniques
0303510J. SpeerColorado School of MinesInter-American Materials Collaboration: New Sheet Steels Developed Through Carbon Partitioning
0081796K. SubramanianMichigan StateModeling of Microstructure Evolution & Thermomechanical Fatigue in Lead-free Solder Joints
0196195C. SuryanarayanaCentral FloridaHigh-Strength, Wear-Resistant Nanocomposite Al-Base Alloys by Rapid Solidification Processing
0302044C. ThompsonMITStress and Structure Evolution During Formation of Polycrystalline Metallic Films: From Adatoms to Coalescence
0244398A. UmantsevFayetteville StateModeling Formation of Microstructure of Intermetallic Compounds During Soldering
0239512R. VaidyanathanCentral FloridaCAREER: Neutron, Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Instrumented Indentation Studies of Deformation in Shape-Memory Alloys
9876261R. VinciLehighCAREER: Cyclic Plasticity and Fatigue Life of Small-Scale Metal Structures
0133559J. VlassakHarvardStudy of the Mechanical Behavior of Metal Thin Films and Shape Memory Alloy Coatings
0210587G. WangRPIMechanical Response of Isolated Helical Si Nanosprings
9905725L. WangOhio StateMicrostructure Design of Advanced Multi-Domain Magnetic Materials under Applied fields
9733160Z. WangGeorgia TechSelf-Assembly of magnetic nanocrystals
0094213J. WiezorekPittsburghCARERR: Nanostructured Intermetallic Alloys - Annealing Behavior, Microstructural Control and Influence of Scale in Reversibly Ordering Systems
0304738aD. WilliamsLehighNanosegregation, Microtexture and the Control of Brittle Failure
0304738bD. WilliamsLehighEnhanced Imaging of Nanoscale Changes in Alloy Chemistry
0095166M. WuttigMarylandMagnetostrictive Body Centered Iron Base Alloys
0134719J. YangPittsburghCAREER: Fundamental Metal Oxidation Kinetics Visualized by In situ Uhv-TEM
0093154G. ZangariVirginiaFundamental Aspects of Electrocrystallization: an Experimental and Modeling Approach
0238113J. ZhuTennessee TechnologicalCAREER: Novel Conductive Oxide Coatings on Metallic Interconnect for Intermediate-Temperature SOFC Application