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Materials Theory Highlights

9619353J. AdamsArizona StateAdhesion, lubrication and wear of alluminum
0203159I. AffleckBoston UniversityQuantum Frustration of Decoherence in Open Quantum Systems
0089492P. AllenStony BrookDipole-ordering theory of tilttransitions in perovskite-type crystals
9976550aN. AluruIllinoisMCC: Multiscale Analysis of NEMS
9984002A. AndreevColoradoInteraction Effects in Low-Dimensional Disordered Systems
0325553R. BartlettFloridaScience and Software for Predictive Simulation of Chemo-mechanical Properties in Real Materials
9983678L. BellaicheArkansasTowards a Deep Microscopic Unterstanding of Ferroelectric Alloys
0219292M. BowickSyracuseSpherical Crystals
0104300L. BruchWisconsinCorrelations in a one-dimensional lattice gas Si(111) 5x2-Au
9976550iD. CeperleyIllinoisMCC: Summer School on Theoretical and Computation Biophysics
0207106B. ChakrabortyBrandeisSlow Relaxations and extended structures in complex fluids
0130395J. ChelikowskyMinnesotaAb Initio Simulations of the Photoemission of Hydrogenated Silicon Clusters
0122638L. ChenPenn StateDomain Structure Evolution in Thin Films
0205328M. ChouGeorgia TechModeling and Simulations of Quantum Phenomena in Semiconductor Structures of Reduced Dimensions
0303969aD. CitrinGeorgia TechEnhanced Magnetoabsorption Oscillations in Semiconductor Nanorings
0303969bD. CitrinGeorgia TechIntersubband Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Wells
0312495P. ColemanRutgersLocal Moment and Heavy Fermion Physics
0209630S. CoppersmithWisconsinComplex Properties of Disordered Quantum Systems
0122523E. DagottoFlorida StateComplexity Hits the Oxides
9976550bK. DahmenIllinoisMCC: Dynamics of Disordered Nonequilibrium Systems: Hysteresis, Noise, and Domain Wall Dynamics in Systems Ranging from Magnets to Earthquakes
9976550cK. DahmenIllinoisMCC: Publishing and Presenting Research Findings: Graduate Training
0121695aJ. DantzigIllinoisCPSD: Modeling Dendritic Growth
9976550dE. de SturlerIllinoisMCC: Fast Solvers for Sequences of Linear Systems in Electronic Structures
0204020A. DentonNorth Dakota StateTheoretical and Computational Studies of Macromolecular Materials
0305203A. DobryninConnecticutTheory and Computer Simulations of Polyelectrolyte-Polyampholyte Complexes
0103639A. DurstYaleTheory of microwave induced zero-resistance state in two-dimensional electron gases
0219332A. EguiluzTennesseeLoss Function of Complex Oxides: The Case of CrO2
0076054K. ElderOaklandThe Strength of Nano-Crystalline Materials
0135009M. FalkMichiganTheory and Simulation of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Non-crystalline Solids
0243947D. FarkasVirginia TechComputer Simulation of Fracture and Deformation Behavior of Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials
0108451H. FertigKentuckySimulation Studies of Josephson Tunneling in Quantum Hall Bilayers
0312097G. FredricksonUCSBSimulating Polymer Materials with Fields
0210717J. FreericksGeorgetownCrossover from tunneling to Ohmic transport in nanostructures
0204199V. GanesanRPICoarse-Grained Simulation Methods for Complex Fluids
0121695bM. GarlandIllinoisCPSD: Automatic Simplification of Tetrahedral Meshes
0113555N. GhoniemUCLALarge-scale Dislocation Dynamics Simulations for Computational Design of Semiconductor Thin Films
0196503S. GirvinYaleTheory of microwave induced zero-resistance state in two-dimensional electron gases
0237296L. GlazmanMinnesotaCorrelated electron transport in mesoscopic structures
0089882S. HaasSouthern CaliforniaCAREER: Properties of Doped Quantum Spin Liquids
0121695eR. HaberIllinoisCPSD: Coupling Atomic and Continuum Scales: Balance Laws and Basis Sets
0206681C. HannaBoise StateRUI: Broken-Symmetry States of Confined Interacting Electrons
0109255J. HoOhio StateA periodic formulation of vortex stripes after being squeezed slightly
9976550eA. HublerIllinoisMCC: Conference on Understanding Complex Systems
0210575L. IoffeRutgersNanoscale Quantum System: Excitations and Control
0240458J. JainPenn StateTheory of composite fermions
9976550fD. JohnsonIllinoisMCC: Dynamic Relaxation of Tree Networks in an Electromechanical System
9976550gD. JohnsonIllinoisMCC: Machine-learning to Perform Multi-timescale Kinetic Modeling
9976550hD. JohnsonIllinoisMCC: MCC Software Archive
0081039R. JoyntWisconsin-MilwaukeeTheory of Optical Orientation in n-type Semiconductors
0094569L. KadanoffChicagoSingular Shapes in Two Dimensions
0121695cL. KaleIllinoisCPSD: Spacetime Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic Problems in Physics and Engineering
0121695fL. KaleIllinoisCPSD: Parallelization of Spacetime Mesh-based Solvers
0314054R. KaliaSouthern CaliforniaComputational Science Workshop for Underrepresented Groups
0129804R. KamienPennsylvaniaCells and Boundaries All Around Us
0134725P. KeblinskiRPIMicrostructure-Property Relationship in Carbon-based Nanostructures
0242619A. KhachaturyanRutgersKinetics of Structural Transformations in Metal and Ceramics Systems - Phase Field Microelasticity Theory for Heterogeneous Materials
9984471J. KondevBrandeisStatistical Physics of Compact Polymers
0113049G. KornissRPINon-Equilibrium Surface Growth and the Scalability of Parallel Discrete-Event Simulations for Large Asynchronous Systems
0096462G. KotliarRutgersDynamical Mean Field Theory Studies of the Mott Transition
9976550jJ. LeburtonIllinoisMCC: Spintronics in Quantum Dots
0101793H. LevineUCSDPattern Formation in Non-equilibrium Systems: Self-organization and Stochasticity
0099541J. LipsonDartmouthLattice and Continuum Studies of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures
0205232Z. LiuPenn StateComputational Tools for Multicomponent Materials Design
0307000F. LiuUtahA Geometric Constant Defining Shape Transitions of Carbon Nanotubes under Pressure
9976550kE. LuijtenIllinoisMCC: Polymer Shapes in Multicomponent Solutions
0115947A. MacDonaldTexas - AustinOhm's Laws for Spintronics
0089503J. MansonClemsonTheory of Scattering of Atoms and Molecules by Surfaces
0305407M. MarchettiSyracuseSelf-organization of active solutions of polar filaments
9877044M. MarderTexas - AustinMembranes and Metrics
0213818B. MarstonBrownStrong Electronic Correlations in Aqueous Actinide Complexes
0101659S. MazumdarArizonaElectron Correlation Effects on the Photophysics and Device Physics of ?-Conjugated Polymers
0081075A. MillisColumbiaTheory of the zero (dc) resistance state in the ac-driven 2DEG I
0102668L. MitasNC StateElectronic Structure and Properties of Ultrabright Silicon Nanocrystals
0134736E. NarimanovPrincetonUniversal level spacing distribution in quantum systems
0231631D. NelsonHarvardDNA unzipped under a constant force exhibits sequence-dependent pauses and jumps
0120310M. NovotnyMississippi StateSimulation of Hysteresis in a Misaligned Iron Nanopillar
9816374cB. O'ShaughnessyColumbiaTheory of Strongly Charged Polymers in Bulk and on Surfaces
9816374bB. O'ShaughnessyColumbiaTheory of Non-Equilibrium Polymer Layers
9816374aB. O'ShaughnessyColumbiaLaser Control of Radical Polymerization
0135678J. PerdewTulaneCompletion of the third rung of the density functional ladder for many-electron systems
0071823A. PetukhovSouth Dakota School of Mines & TechnologySpin-Dependent Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures
0121146V. PrivmanClarksonCenter for Modeling of Quantum Dynamics, Relaxation and Decoherence in Solid-State Physics for Information-Technology Applications
0105659W. PutikkaOhio StateTheory of Optical Orientation in n-type Semiconductors
9987640L. RadzihovskyColoradoBoulder Summer school in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
0071706R. RaganWisconsin-La CrosseRUI: Computational Studies of Spin Transport in Quantum Fluids and Solids
9975384J. RickmanLehighDefect Interaction in Solids: Impact on Microstructure and Materials Properties
0240078aP. RikvoldFlorida StateDynamics of an individual-based model of biological macroevolution
0240078bP. RikvoldFlorida StateComputer simulations of Bromine adsorption and diffusion on a Silver electrode
0120310P. RikvoldFlorida StateSimulation of Hysteresis in a Misaligned Iron Nanopillar
0102267M. RubinsteinNorth CarolinaAdsorption of Charged Polymers
0098226aS. SachdevYaleQuantum phase transitions
0098226bS. SachdevYaleTheory of microwave induced zero-resistance state in two-dimensional electron gases
0121361C. SaguiNC StateTools and Methods for Multiscale Biomolecular Simulations
9815092D. SaldinWisconsin-MilwaukeeDirect Methods for Surface Crystallography
0238188S. SavarassovNJITLattice Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Materials: Total Energies and Phonons of Plutonium Metal
9985978R. ScalettarUC DavisVolume Collapse Transitions in Rare Earth Metals
0105431P. SchlottmannFlorida StateStrongly Correlated Electrons
0218475J. SethnaCornellStat Mech for Sloppy Models: Protein Interactions in Cells
0099572L. ShamUCSDTheory of Electrons in Solids
0076306G. SmithUtahPoly(ethylene oxide) and Water: Simulations and Modeling of Solution Properties, Phase Behavior, Partitioning and Particle Interactions
0071802F. SpanoTempleOptical Excitations in Conjugated Oligomer and Polymer Aggregates: A Computational Approach
0104987aD. StroudOhio StateOptical and Structural Properties of Gold/DNA Nanocomposites
0104987bD. StroudOhio StateJosephson Qubits in a Microcavity
0075725U. Tšuber Virginia TechReaction-Controlled Diffusion
0078361M. ThorpeArizona StateThe Intermediate Phase in Network Glasses
0121695dD. TortorelliIllinoisCPSD: Numerical Methods for Evolving Topology
0121695gD. TortorelliIllinoisCPSD: Domain Decomposition Based Two-level Newton Scheme for Nonlinear Problems
0244398A. UmantsevFayetteville StateModeling Formation of Microstructure of Intermetallic Compounds During Soldering
0100903J. VinalsFlorida StateLamellae formation and reorientation in diblock copolymers
0102794P. VoorheesNorthwesternThe Evolution and Self Assembly of Quantum Dots
0111198M. WidomCarnegie MellonFirst-Principles Prediction of a Decagonal Quasicrystal
9984950H. WongLSUTheoretical studies of the morphological instabilities and evolution in thin solid films
9971541K. YangFlorida StateReconstruction of Fractional Quantum Hall Edges
9986879C. YeungPenn StateModeling of Reactive Compatibilization of Polymer Blends
0086287P. YoungSanta CruzNature of the Spin Glass State
0094176C. ZengGeorge WashingtonComputational Peptide/Protein Modeling and Design
0342832S. ZhangStanfordCan Moore's law keep going?
0088451R. ZiaVirginia TechDynamics of an individual-based model of biological macroevolution