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Polymers Highlights

0071717B. Augustine James MadisonIn-situ Microstructural Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)
0109077S. BakerHarvey MuddCreation of Nanoscopic Structures in Two Dimensions with Diblock Copolymers
0213508N. BalsaraUC BerkeleyGuided Wave Depolarized Light Scattering
0090409G. BazanUCSBOrganic Materials of Intermediate Dimensions for Optoelectronic Technologies
0107670F. BlumMissouri-RollaSegmental Dynamics in Ultra-thin Polymer Layers
0072977W. BrittainAkronControlled Porosity by Rearrangement of a Diblock Copolymer Brush
0100646P. CebeTuftsSemicrystalline Polymers under Confinement as Thin Films
0209282W. ChenMount HolyokePreparation of Nanoscale Inorganic Layers on Polymeric Materials
9986644A. CholliMassachusetts LowellStructural Investigation of Molecularly Engineered Polymers Prepared by Enzymatic Polymerization
9984102aB. ChuStony BrookStructure and Properties of Bone as a Polymer-Mineral Composite Material
9984102bB. ChuStony BrookPolyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes
0234903R. CompostoPennsylvaniaMorphology of Thin Film Polymer Blends
0092380L. DaltonWashington Development of Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization Techniques for Next Generation Electroactive Materials
0076068P. DubinIndiana-PurdueApplications of Polyelectrolyte-Micelle Complexes to Environmental Clean-up
0071839J. EconomyIllinoisActivated Inorganic Fibers Templated from Activated Carbon Fiber
0237247G. FullerStanfordSingle Polymer Chains March to Different Drummers
9875256J. GenzerNC StateFabrication of nanoparticle assemblies in ordered polymeric matrices
0097126H. GibsonVirginia TechHost-Guest Complexation for Self-Assembled Polymers
0111193D. GinColoradoNanostructured Polymers for BrÝnsted and Lewis Acid Catalysis via Monomer Self-assembly
0134691T. GoodsonWayne StateCoherent Excitations in a Novel Carbon Network Structures based on Dodecadehydrotribenzo [18] annulene
9733068B. GradyOklahomaX-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Thermal Behavior in Polymers
9903380P. HammondMITInvestigation of Solution Assembly in PEO-PAMAM Dendritic Diblock Copolymers
0099843A. HeegerUCSBElectronic, DNA-based Authentication via the E-DNA Sensor
0094144M. HillmyerMinnesotaNanostructure Synthesis using Reactive Block Copolymers
0080013A. HiltnerCase Western ReserveProbing Nanoscale Polymer Interactions by Forced-Assembly
0098194B. HsiaoStony BrookOrientation-Induced Crystallization in Polymers
0102468Z. HuNorth TexasSynthesis and study of covalently bonded self-assembled polymer gel nanoparticles
0097382aC. IbehPittsburgh StateDesign and Fabrication of a Two-Cell PEM Fuel Cell Stack
0097382bC. IbehPittsburgh StateGamma Spectroscopy-Based Study of Wear of Surfaces
0071682A. KabanovNebraskaComplexes of Block Ionomers with Oppositely Charged Surfactants
9876221R. KannanWayne StateRole of Polymer architecture and tacticity on mechanical and flow behavior
0090384D. KaplanTuftsSilk Protein Assembly Ė Control of Water
0243314J. KennedyAkronUnique Polymeric Materials by Novel Processes
0243223K. KiickDelawareSymposium O: Materials Inspired by Biology Symposium O: Materials Inspired by Biology held at the 2003 MRS Spring Meeting
0214363J. KobersteinColumbiaPhotochemical Modification and Patterning of Polymeric Substrates
0100428J. KoenigCase Western ReserveFT-IR Imaging for the Characterization of Drug Release: Identification of the Release Mechanism
9901403J. KornfieldCaltechMaking Them Faster and Better: Flow-Enhanced Crystallization of Polymers
0307233E. KramerUCSBEdge-induced Hexatic Freezing of 2D Block Copolymer Layers
0075170J. KumarMassachusetts, LowellPhotoPhotodynamic Azobenzene Functionlized Polymersdynamic Azobenzene Functionlized Polymers
0209272T. KyuAkronSpatio-temporal emergence of mesophase domains in mixtures of rigid rod and liquid crystalline polymer
0096688R. LarsonMichiganAnalytical rheology of long-chain branched polymers
0093758R. LevickyColumbiaSynthesis of Highly Robust DNA Polymer Layers on Metal Surfaces
9901097T. LodgeMinnesotaPredicting the Viscosity of Polymer Mixtures
0134910J. MaranasPenn StateNanodynamics of Polymers and Polymer Blends
0314760J. MarkCincinnatiCatalyst Selectivity in Polymer-Protected Nanocatalysts
0073586K. MarraPittsburghNovel Biodegradable Polymer and Hydroxyapatite Structures with Controlled Interfaces
0090409K. MatyjaszewskiCarnegie MellonNew Block and Gradient Copolymers by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0070552aG. McKennaTexas TechThe Concentration Glass: A New Glassy State?
0070552bG. McKennaTexas TechThe Case of the Missing Glass Transition
0134032Z. PengMissouri-Kansas CityElectrically Active Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
0220236R. RegisterPrincetonControlled Crystallization in Novel Block Copolymers
0075810P. RussoLSUMolecular Dumb-bells as the Basis of New Materials and as Models for Alzheimerís Disease
0308982V. TsukrukIowa StateAssembling dendritic and branched molecules at interfaces
0314110K. WagenerFloridaTailored Polymer Structures via Metathesis Polycondensation Chemistry
0072009U. WeisnerCornellSynthesis, structure and dynamics of block copolymer based organic-inorganic hybrid materials
0137968J. WhiteNC StateExperimental Impetus for New Mixing Rules in Polymers: Lessons from Polyolefins
9974457K. Wooley Washington University The Preparation and Characterization of Complex Nanostructured Materials
0209651F. WudlUCLAAn Oligoacene-Based Pure White Light Organic Light-Emitting Diode
9703692B. WunderlichTennesseeThe ATHAS Data Bank of Heat Capacities of Polymers