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Solid State Chemistry Highlights

0137323S. AbrahamsSouthern OregonStructure-property correlation over five phases and four phase transitions in Pb5Al3F19
0346497C. ArnoldPrinceton"On-the-fly" Materials Modification During Laser Direct-Write Deposition of Micropower Sources
0237664J. ChanLSUCrystal-Chemical Relationships of Correlated Electronic Materials
0080040A. ClearfieldTexas A & M Sulfonated Microporous Organic-Inorganic Hybrids as Strong Bronsted Acids
0102149D. ClearyGonzagaRUI: Metal Phosphorus Chalcogenides: Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Properties
9875427G. CrawfordBrownOrdered Polymer Microstructures
0076180P. DorhoutColorado StateRare-earth metal main group metal chalcogenide materials from molten salts
9988881J. DyeMichigan StateFinally, Thermally Stable Electrides
0088942M. FayerStanfordUltrafast Infrared Multidimensional Vibrational Echo Correlation Spectroscopy
0089257B. FoxmanBrandeisSolid-State Reactions of Molecular Crystals
0084404C. FrisbieMinnesotaProbing Contact Effects in Molecular Junctions
0090218B. FungOklahomaNuclear Magnetic Resonance Photography
9988614J. GleesonKent StateTruly random number generator based on turbulent convection of liquid crystals
0132282J. GoodenoughTexasOrbital Order and Bond-Length Fluctuations in Narrow-Band Oxides
0233811S. GorunBrownStructural Isotope Effect
0211353C. GreySUNY - Stony BrookTwo highlights of NSF supported research
0210785R. HaglundVanderbiltSize Dependence of Phase Transitions in Nanocrystalline Oxides
0092054P. HalasyamaniHoustonThe Synthesis and Characterization of New Ferroelectric-Second-Harmonic Generating Oxide Materials
0210806R. HamersWisconsinNanotubes and nanowires as biological sensors & actuators
0231403A. HellerTexas - AustinReducing Oxidation Rates of Essential Genome Domains
0239424Q. HuoNorth Dakota StateCAREER: Gold Nanoparticles with Single Surface Functional Groups: Synthesis and Study
0077321S. HwuClemsonSalt-Inclusion SYnthesis of Nano-structured Transition Metal Silicates and Phosphates
0118443S. HwuClemson2003 NSF Summer Research Program in Solid State Chemistry
0092786G. IannacchioneWorcester PolytechnicEffect of Quenched Random Disorder on Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions
0096676J. IbersNorthwesternSynthesis, Structure, Electrical Properties and Band Structure Calculations of TiAsTe
0073581R. KanerUCLACarbon Nanoscrolls
0120990S. KauzlarichUC DavisSynthesis and Characterization of New Transition Metal Pnictides and Pnictide Oxides
0234686K. KlabundeKansas StateSize and Shape of Small Crystals Affect Surface Chemistry and Consolidation. Rational Synthetic Methods
0221993J. KouvetakisArizona StateSynthesis of Uniform GaN Quantum Dot Arrays via Electron Nanolithography
0300631C. KumarConnecticutBioactive Protein-Inorganic Materials
0070915A. LachgarWake ForestThe Mixed Ligand Approach to the Preparation of Low-Dimensional Cluster Materials
0346348O. LavrentovichKent StateACT/SGER: Liquid Crystal Materials for Biosensor Development
0094872J. LiRutgetsOrganic-Inorganic Hybrid Chalcogenides
9875544W. LinNorth CarolinaCrystal Engineering of Acentric and Chiral Coordination Networks
0133138L. MacGillivrayIowaTemplate-Controlled Solid-State Synthesis of Molecular Ladders
0102644E. Matijevi? ClarksonFRG: Synthesis of Well-Defined Nanosize Particles and Their Role in the Formation of Simple and Composite Monodispersed Colloids
0139414J. MusfeldtTennesseeChemical Structure / Physical Property Relationships in Layered Organic Solids as Investigated by Infrared Spectroscopy
0101391A. NavrotskyUC DavisInsight into Zeolite Growth Mechanisms
0139064D. NeumarkUC BerkeleyTime-resolved Photoelectron Imaging Studies of Electron Thermalization Dynamics in Size-selected Mercury Cluster Anions
0103036M. O'KeeffeArizona StateLow Density Germanates
0239607S. OliverSUNY - BinghamtonAnion-Exchange of Cationic Inorganic Materials
0132611P. Palffy-MuhorayKent StateLasing in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
0095633J. PariseSUNY - Stony BrookZeolites Expanding Under Pressure
0094248X. PengArkansas - FayettevilleGrowth Mechanism of High Quality Semiconductor Nanocrystals
0099862N. PeyghambarianUCLAIntegration of New Hybrid Materials Containing Biomolecules for the Fabrication of Optical Sensor Systems
0312136K. PoeppelmeierNorthwesternSolid State Oxyfluorides
0071672T. PorterNorthern ArizonaNovel Synthesis and Applications of Polymer/Layered Silicate Composite Materials
9982020C. RosenblattCase Western ReserveLamellar Liquid Crystals
9874765L. SapochakNevada - Las VegasCorrelating Molecular and ELectronic Structure to Organic Light-Emitting Device Performance
0354243R. SiegelRPIDirected Assembly of Nanostructures
0226913G. SmallIowa StateHole Burning Imaging of Normal and Cancerous Cells
0073046R. SmalleyRiceThe Molecular Science of Fullerene Nanotubes
9904321S. SpruntKent StateUltrafast Time Domain Studies of Layer Dynamics in Smectic Liquid Crystal Films
9985178P. SutterColorado School of MinesColor FIltering at the Atomic Level
9876027S. Tam-ChangNevada - RenoControlling Molecular Assembly and Optical Properties of Organic Thin Films by Rational Design
0071727J. TateOregon StateTransparent p-type conductors
9876164M. WagnerGeorge WashingtonCAREER: Homogeneous Solution Phase Synthesis of Nanoscale Materials
0095828L. WangWashington StateSynthesis, Characterization, and Manipulation of Helical SiO2 Nanosprings
0305278M. WardMinnesotaFunctional Organic Solid State Materials Derived from Designer Host Frameworks
0301821J. WeaverIllinoisRoughening, Etching, and Nanoscale Patterning of Silicon and Germanium
0089960J. WhittenMassachusetts - LowellSurface Science Studies of Oligothiophene Adsorption on Clean and Modified Aluminum Surfaces
0203342A. WilkinsonGeorgia TechPressure Induced Amorphization in Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
9983893Y. XiaWashingtonShape-Controlled Synthesis of Nanomaterials
0242630O. YaghiMichiganImplementation of a strategy for achieving extraordinary levels of surface area and porosity in crystals
0092086P. YangUC BerkeleyNanoscale Chemistry in One-dimension
0103952J. ZinkUCLASynthesis and Properties of Mesostructured Thin Films