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Condensed Matter Physics Highlights

0204871P. AdamsLSUField Induced Spin Mixing in Ultra-Thin Superconducting Films
0096791E. AdamsFloridaMagnetic Ordering in Solid Helium-3
0302825J. AllenMichiganElectron Spectroscopy of Emergent Quantum Structures
0104240aB. AndrakaFloridaHeavy Fermions in a Dilute Limit
0104240bB. AndrakaFloridaStrongly Correlated Electron States in Praseodymium Alloys
0201261aS. AnlageMarylandGOALI: Imaging Sources of Nonlinearity in Superconducting Microwave Devices
0201261bS. AnlageMarylandGOALI: The Nonlinear Meissner Effect in Superconductors
0405961M. AronsonMichiganMagnetic Correlations and Quantum Criticial Points
0305223D. AwschalomUCSBCollaborative Research: Coherent Dynamics of Electrons, Ions, and Nuclei in Confining Geometries
0240194D. BasovUCSDInfrared Spectrosopy of High-Tc Superconductors in High Magnetic Field
0137119R. BehringerDukeForce Propagation and Friction in Granular Materials
0124422G. BergmannUSCStudies of the Not-So-Simple Alkali Metals
0203524O. BernalCal State LARUI: Probing Hidden Order and Magnetic Disorder in Correlated Electron Systems Using Spin Probes
0134770A. BezyradinUIUCMagnetic Field Converts Carbon Nanotubes From Metal To Semiconductor And Back
0304391S. BillingeMichigan StNIRT: Structure of nanocrystals
0405238N. BirgeMichigan StQuantum Coherence and Mesoscopic Physics
0405203L. BloomfieldVirginiaMagnetism and Dynamics in Atomic Clusters
0203339S. BoltonWilliamsRUI: Dimensionality Dependence of Semiconductor Ultrafast Optical Response
0307382H. BozlerUSCExperimental Studies at Ultralow Temperature
0301971F. BridgesUCSCSpin-Charge-Lattice Couplings in the Manganese Oxide Systems
0203532J. BrooksFSUElectronic, Magnetic, and Thermodynamic Properties of Molecular Solids
0203806S. BrownUCLAExploring competing instabilities of correlated electron systems using solid state NMR
0240813G. CaoKentuckyOrbital Physics: Metal-insulator Transition, Quantum Oscillations and Colossal Magnetoresistance in Ruthenate
0093949H. CaoNorthwesternCAREER: Microscopic Study of Photon Localization
0303563Z. CelinskiColorado Co SpRUI: Dynamic Properties of Magnetic Multilayers and Nanostructures
0207071M. ChanPenn StateQuantum Fluids in One and Two Dimensions
0201530V. ChandrasekharNorthwesternThermal Conductance of Normal-metal/Superconductor Devices
0405682 . CheongRutgersMesoscopic Phase Modulations in Complex Materials
0203003T. ChiangUIUCElectronic Effects in Quantum Structures
0101814C. ChienJohns HopkinsSwitching Magnetic Entities by an Electrical Current
0334869W. ClarkUCLANMR spin echo excitation and detection of vortex lattice oscillations in a high temperature superconductor
0137240R. CollinsPenn StateNovel Real Time Optics for Thin Film Materials Research
0139882aP. DaiTennesseeUsing Neutron as a Probe to Study Strongly Correlated Electron Materials
0139882bP. DaiTennesseeUsing Neutron as a Probe to Study Strongly Correlated Electron Materials
0308575A. DeLozanneUT AustinLow Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy
0208520R. DiehlPenn StateStudies of Weakly Adsorbed Layers
0072205H. DingBoston CollegeFermi Surface Topology in NaxCoO2
0305395A. DinsmoreUMassMapping Forces and Elasticity in Random Solids
0406140J. DiTusaLSULarge Anomalous Hall Effect in a Silicon-Based Magnetic Semiconductor
0245227aM. DobrowolskaNotre DameEasy axis engineering in ferromagnetic semiconductors
0245227bM. DobrowolskaNotre DameNew dislocation-related photoluminescence from ZnSe grown on in-situ cleaved (110) GaAs
0202554R. DonnellyOregonCollaborative Research: The Physics of Thermal and Superfluid Turbulence
0303112H. DrewMarylandFermi pockets in underdoped cuprate superconductors
0305494P. DuttaNorthwesternMolecular reorganization in cellulose-derivative thin films in the presence of silica nanoparticles
0242946J. EisensteinCalTechNature of Excitonic Superfluidity
0325634M. ErikssonWisconsin - MadisonMicrowave Valley Spectroscopy of Silicon Quantum Wells
0211718S. FellerCoe CollegeRUI: Physical Properties and Spectroscopy of Glasses Related to Intermediate Range Order
0134613I. FisherStanfordCAREER: New Materials in Condensed Matter Physics – The Case of Quasicrystals
0203214Z. FiskFlorida StCerium Ferromagnets at the Quantum Critical Point
0088008S. FradenBrandeisPhase Behavior of Colloidal Suspensions of Rods and Spheres
0244711A. FreemanNorthwesternNSF-Europe: US-Italian Collaboration: Theoretical and Experimental Development of New Magneto-Electronic Materials
0102950M. FuhrerMarylandNanostructures are Dynamic (NIRT)
0138195J. FurdynaNotre DameNeutron Scatterin Studies of Magnetic Semiconductor Nanostructures
0242246F. GaspariniSUNY-BuffaloDimensionality and Weak-Links Effects at the Superfluid Transition of 4He
0205186A. GenackCUNY QueensStatistics of electromagnetic propagation and localization
0204105T. GiebultiwiczOregon StNeutron and synchrotron radiation scattering studies of new ferromagnetic semiconductors and their nanostructures
0201805W. GoldburgPittsburghTurbulence on a Free Surface
0303705V. GoldmanSUNY-Stony BrookQuantum-Coherent Tranport in Quantum Hall Devices
0138209aA. GoldmanMinnesotaElectrostatic Doping of Ultrathin Films
0138209bA. GoldmanMinnesotaTuning the Magnetic Moment of a Ferromagnet by Electrostatic Gating
0138488A. GranatoUIUCTests and Further Development of the Interstialcy Theory of Liquids and Glasses
0102350aR. GreeneMarylandQuantum Phase Transition in Electron-doped High-Temperature Superconductors
0102350bR. GreeneMarylandElectronic Raman Spectroscopy of Electron-doped High-Temperature Superconductors
0102350cR. GreeneMarylandQuantum Phase Transition in Electron-doped High-Temperature Superconductors
0304906D. GrierChicagoBrownian Transport Through Modulated Potential Energy Landscapes
0102405G. Gruner UCLALow Frequency Electrodynamics of Correlated Metals
0109844bE. HallerUCBDiffusion Studies and Defect Spectroscopy with Isotopically Controlled Semiconductors
0109844aE. HallerUCB3-D Stress Generation and Relaxation in Ge Nanocrystals
0138009aR. HallockUMassStudies with Liquid Helium Films
0138009bR. HallockUMassEvidence for Power-Law Dominated Noise in Vacuum Deposited CaF2
0138009cR. HallockUMassHeat Capacity of Two-dimensional 3He on Thin 4He Films
0244099W. Halperin NorthwesternAerogel’s for Basic Science and Application
0101856A. HebardFloridaElectric Field Gating with Ionic Liquids
0203907F. HellmanUCSDLocal and Non-local Magnetic Moments in Semiconductors
0205899R. HemleyCarnegie Inst of WashNovel Materials from Molecular Solids under Pressure
0094055J. HeremansOhio UCAREER: Mesoscopic Spin-Dependent Transport in Two-Dimensional Systems
0317276J. HeymanMacalesterRUI: Ultrafast Terahertz Spectroscopy of Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors
0239481S. HillFloridaCAREER: Magnetic Resonance - From materials Research to Science Education
0240937F. HimpselWisconsin-MadisonAtomic Chains of Silicon Surfaces
0103409D. JohnsonOregonNIRT: Synthesis of an and Structure-Function Relationships in Heterostructures in Quasi-2D Materials
0203679W. KangChicagoQuantum Coherence and Tunneling inSemiconductor Heterostructures
0119027A. KapitulnikStanfordQuantum Phase Transitions and Effects of Dissipation in Low Dimensional Superconductors
0102153M. KastnerMITArtificial Atoms
0103290A. KentNew York UniversityNIRT: Quantum Effects in Single Molecule Magnets
0094156J. KikkawaPennCAREER: Time-Resolved Studies of Correlated Electronic Materials
0138598H. KojimaRutgersSpin Filter with Polarized Superfluid: Effects of Surface and Interface
0325474J. KonoRiceITR: Collaborative Research: Optical Control in Semiconductors for Spintronics and Quantum Information Processing
0134058J. KonoRiceCAREER: Optical Spectroscopy of Quantum Coherence, Correlations, and Many-Body Effects in Nanostructures
0403026S. KravchenkoNortheasternThermodynamic and Transport Studies of Strongly Interacting Electrons in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
0320743J. KrimNCSUQuartz crystal microbalance studies of atomic friction
0092726C. KurdakMichiganCAREER: Hybrid Systems of AL/AlOx/Al Tunnel Junctions coupled to Semiconductor Heterostructures
0244581D. LathropMarylandIntense Energy, Vorticity, and Strain Focusing in Nonlinear Fluid Flows
0239483Y. LeeFloridaCAREER: Nature of Pure and Dirty Liquid 3He-Fundamental Invetsigations and Educational Activities
0134377R. LehenyJohns HopkinsCAREER: Structure and Dynamics of Disordered and Out-of Equilibrium Systems
0405502Q. LiPenn StStudy of multiband effects in MgB2 by controlling intraband and interband scattering in epitaxial films
0406626S. LingBrownInvestigation of Vortex Matter Phase Transitions in Type-II superconductors using Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Complementary Techniques
0304325S. LingBrownNanoscale Exploratory Research: DNA Sequence Detection using Novel Solid-State and Soft “Nanopores”
0202534aY. LiuPenn StateExperimental test of spin-triplet superconductivity in Sr2RuO3
0202534bY. LiuPenn StateExperimental test of spin-triplet superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
0302596C. LobbMarylandFluctuations and Phase Transitions in Superconductors
0334231J. LuUCINIRT: Spin Transport and Dynamics in Nanoscale Hybrid Structures
0242316G. LuepkeWilliam & MaryFemtosecond Studies of Coupled Electron-Lattice Dynamics in Doped Perovskite Manganites
0102293D. MacLaughlinUCRMagnetic Resonance Studies of Strongly-Correlated Electron Materials
0307267G. MalovichkoMontana StImpurity Locations and Mechanisms of Charge Compensation in Stoichiometric Lithium Niobate and Lithium Tantalate Crystals
0094385S. ManneArizonaCAREER: Discovering the Mechanisms of Liquid Phase Epitaxy and Bringing Intermolecular Forces to the Physics Curriculum
0335173aM. MapleUCSDInvestigations of unconventional superconductivity
0335173bM. MapleUCSDNon-Fermi liquid behavior in Ce1-xYxRhIn5
0305115H. MarisBrownNucleation Processes in Liquid Helium
0203560B. McCombeSUNY-BuffaloNovel Optical Investigations of Spin-Dependent Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures
0305384E. MendezSUNY-Stony BrookElectronic Noise in Mesoscopic Systems
0134632J. MooderaMITSpin Polarized Tunneling Studies in Transition Metals, Alloys, and Heavy Fermions
0096820D. MosesUCSBPhotoexcitation Mechanisms and Transport Properties of Polarons and Solitons in Conjugated Polymers
0408539aS. MossHoustonEffect of Strain on the Self-Assembling of InAs Nanowire Arrays in InAs/GaSb Superlattices
0408539bS. MossHoustonSynchrotron X-ray Measurement of the Femi Surface in Disordered Alloys
0352777S. NagelChicagoMaking a Splash - or not!
0094241H. NakotteNew Mexico StCAREER: Effects of Pressure and Magnetic Field in Strongly-Correlated-Electron Systems with Non-Collinear Magnetism
0103455D. NaugleTexas A&MNIRT: Molecular Nanomagnets: Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Novel Magnetic Nanostructures and Nanostructured Materials
0301166J. NeumeierMontana StCAREER: Synthesis and investigation of novel condensed matter materials and development of a high-resolution capacitive dilatometer
0244058J. NeumeierMontana StREUSITE: Montana State University REU Site Program: A Materials Research Education
0244882R. PackardUCBDiscovery of Quantum Whistling in Superfluid 4He
0202113aJ. ParpiaCornellSlip at Polished Surfaces
0202113bJ. ParpiaCornell3He A, B phase Superfluid density in Aerogel
0202113cJ. ParpiaCornellDisorder and glassy behavior at low temperatures
0108797C. PattonColorado StFrom Solitons to Precessional Dynamics and Chaos -- Nonlinear Spin Waves in Thin Films
0303916aP. PershanHarvardNIRT on Wetting of Surfaces with Nano-Scale Structures
0303916bP. PershanHarvardNIRT on Wetting of Surfaces with Nano-Scale Structures
0303916cP. PershanHarvardNIRT on Wetting of Surfaces with Nano-Scale Structures
0071668D. PopovicFlorida StStudy of Correlated Insulators and Metals in Two Dimensions
0244713D. RalphCornellElectron Transport in Nanostructures and Single Molecules
0102699A. RamdasPurdueRaman, Brillouin, Infrared and Modulation Spectroscopy of Collective and Localized Excitations in Tetrahedrally Coordinated Semiconductors and Their Heterostructures
0094225A. ReillyWilliam & MaryCAREER: Nonlinear Optical Studies of Spin and Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Multilayers
0308660I. RobinsonUIUCCoherent X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of Nanocrystals
0304745aA. RuoffCornellPositional Internal Deposition of Submicron Thick Platinum X-ray Marker for Pressure Measurement
0304745bA. RuoffCornellOptical Studies of Methane to 301 GPa: A New Semiconductor
0304745cA. RuoffCornellA New Optical Pressure Gauge to 301 GPa
0203755C. SafinyaUCSBSkin Layer at the Actin Gel-Surface: Quenched Protein Membranes form Flat, Crumpled and Tubular Morphologies
0116808M. SarachikCUNY-City CollegeExperimental Studies in High-Spin Molecular Magnets
0401486P. SchifferPenn StLow Temperature Studies of Novel Magnetic Materials
0404505J. SchillingWashingtonSuperconductivity in the Alkali Metal Lithium at Extreme Pressures
0325580R. SchoelkopfYaleCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Coupling a Superconducting Qubit to a Single Photon
0203294D. ShaperoNAS/NRCPartial Support of NAS/NRC Board of Physics and Astronomy
0134837M. ShattuckCUNY-City CollegeCAREER: Granular Media: Experimental Kinetic Theory
0304981Z. ShenStanfordPhotoemission Study of Strongly Interacting Electron Systems: Cuprates and Beyond
0210383C. ShihTexas - AustinNIRT: Collective and Quasiparticle Properties of Nanoparticles and Their Arrays
0301035A. SieversCornellExperimental Studies of Nanoscale Energy Localization in Periodic Condensed Matter Systems
0304314aA. SmithOhio U.NIRT: Building Nanospintronic and Nanomagnetic Structures: Growth, Manipulation, and Characterization at the Atomic Scale
0311792K. SmithBoston USynchrotron Radiation Spectroscopic Study of Surface and Bulk Electronic Structure Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
0304314A. Smith Ohio UNIRT: Building Nanospintronic and Nanomagnetic Systems - Growth, Manipulation, and Characterization at the Atomic Scale
0404912D. SnokePittsburghSpontaneous Pattern Formation and Spontaneous Coherence of Excitons in Coupled Quantum Wells
0205521R. SooryakumarOhio StPhoto-tuning acoustic resonances in glasses
0302254G. SrinivasanOakland UGiant Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferromagnetic-Ferroelectric Heterostructures
0108914M. StavolaLehighStructure and Properties of Hydrogen-Containing Defects in Semiconductors
0305043D. TannerFloridaInfrared Studies of Cuprate Superconductors
0411748H. TaubMissouriThe Dynamics of Organic Films on Different Time Scales
0073004P. TaylorUtahLocalized Electronic States in Amorphous Semiconductors
0305461S. TessmerMichigan StCharge Imaging Electrons in Nanoscale Systems
0405500R. ThorneCornellMeso and Nanoscale Physics in 1d and 2d Collective Transport
0244441aM. TinkhamHarvardCharacterization of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence
0244441bM. TinkhamHarvardSuperconductor-Insulator Transition in Isolated MoGe Nanowires
0306165M. TorikachviliSan Diego State UCoexistence of Magnetism and Superconductivity in Hybrid Ruthenocuprates
0203608J. VallesBrownQuantum Phase Transitions in Nanostructured Superconductors in 2D
0245423O. VilchesWashingtonNovel 1- and 2-Dimensional Systems
0305076H. WagnerCincinnatiElectron-Longitudinal Optical Phonon Quantum Kinetics in Wide-Gap II-VI Nanostructures with Strong Confinement
0201784H. WangOregonCavity QED and Confined Phonons in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
0103223R. WebbSo CarolinaEvidence for Electron Spin Entanglement between Two Coupled Quantum Dots
0239109E. WeeksEmory UCAREER: Static Properties and Dynamical Behavior of Jammed Systems
0240644aM. WeissmanUIUCNoise Studies of Disordered Materials
0240644bM. WeissmanUIUCNoise Studies of Disordered Materials
0244570aH. WeiteringTennesseeElectrical Transport in Thin Film Nanostructures
0244570bH. WeiteringTennesseeElectrical Transport in Thin Film Nanostructures
0243715D. WeitzHarvardThe Fluid to Solid Transition in Soft Materials
0131111G. WilliamsUCLABubbles, Drops, and Vortices in Cryogenic Liquids
0409769G. WongUIUCWet Electrostatics and Biomolecular Self-Assembly
0305428W. WuRochesterElectron Correlations in Strongly Disordered Low Dimensional Systems
0242284X. WuPittsburghPolymer Effects in 2D Turbulence
0139452Y. WuNorth CarolinaSingle-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0306746X. XiPenn StHybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition of MgB2 Thin Films
0308045A. YazdaniUIUCNanoscale Examination of Electronic States in Molecular and Atomic Wires
0405088N. YehCalTechQuasiparticle Spectroscopic Studies of the Pairing State and Competing Orders in Hole- and Electron-Doped Cuprate Superconductors
0203378A. YodhPennInteractions and Assembly in Suspension
0302222A. ZaslavskyBrownCoulomb Blockade and Few-Electron Energy Spectra in Quantum Rings
0405632G. ZocchiUCLAStudy of DNA-Binding Proteins Using a Mechanical Nanodevice