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Electronic Materials Highlights

0205858J. AbelsonIllinoisNanoscale Order in Amorphous Solids: Structure, Transformations and Electronic Properties
0134721C. AhnYaleElectric Field effect in correlated oxide systems
0132918S. AlpayConnecticutCAREER: Ferroelectric Multilayers, Superlattices, and Compositionally Graded Films
0306117P. AnzenbacherBowling GreenHigh Quantum Efficiency Coordination Polymers and Networks for OLED Application
0213373M. AzizHarvardStress Effects on Kinetic Processes
0207643A. BaskiVirginia CommonwealthStructure and Reactivity of 1D Nanostructures on High-Index Si Surfaces
0103248P. BergerOhio StateNIRT: Self-Aligned and Self-Limited Quantum Dot Nanoswitches
0238843L. BergmanIdahoOptical Properties of ZnO Nanomaterials
0346428L. BrillsonOhio StateCharge Exchange and Chemical Structure at Protein-Semiconductor Interfaces
0097272A. BurgerFiskCrystal Growth and Energy Transfer in Chromium/Cadmium Selenides
0093616D. CannIowa StateSemiconducting Delafossite Structures
0103945R. CollinsColorado School of MinesScanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Polycrystalline and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors
0203097J. CraigBradleyNovel Structures in Silver on Si(111)
0103009L. DaltonWashingtonA NIRT on Organic Opto-Electronic Materials
0103134D. DeppeUT AustinQuantum Dot Potonic Crystal Lasers
0239273M. DeutschOregonOptics of Nanostructured Metallodielectrics
0405538M. DresselhausMITMolecular Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes
0349257O. DubonUC BerkeleyMetal-Mediated Assembly of Semiconductor Nanostructure Arrays
0244724G. DuscherNCSUAtomically Sharp Perfect Interface for Semiconductor Devices
0313764C. EomWisconsinGiant Enhancement of Ferroelectricity
0236692S. FoulgerClemsonCAREER: Polymeric Optical Band Gap Composites - A Study of Multifunctional Photonic Materials
0208786M. GalvinDelawarePhotovoltaics
0305111Y. GaoRochesterInterface Characterization of Organic Bistable Devices
0210714R. GoldmanMichiganRole of Elastic Anisotropy in Semiconductor Nanopatterning
0211151C. GutierrezTexas StateRUI: Ion and Radical Beam Tailored Oxide, Nitride and Germanide Electronic Film Materials
0094145S. HanNew MexicoQuantitative Understanding of Selectivity During Ge Growth on Si over SiO2
0305360D. HeimanNortheasternHalf-Metals on Semiconductors for Spin Electronics
0134706M. HersamNorthwesternCAREER: Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Characterization of Hybrid Hard and Soft Materials
0301951U. HommerichHamptonCrystal-Field Engineering of Transition Metal Doped Chalcogenide Laser Materials
0075116R. HullVirginiaMultiscale Assembly of Epitaxial Semiconductor Heterostructures
0210519B. JankoNotre DameNIRT: Interlayer exchange coupling in GaMnAs/GaAs ferromagnetic semiconductor superlattices with and without carriers in non-magnetic layers
0408589A. KahnPrincetonEngineering Organic Heterojunctions Via Doping
0305588R. KatiyarPuerto RicoLead free relaxor thin films
0302446S. LeoneUC BerkeleyChemical Imaging of Photoresists with Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy
0094105L. LiWisconsin - MilwaukeeElement Specific Imaging of Magnetic GaMnN
0203373J. LinKansas StateNitride Quantum Wells and Photonic Structures
0208011K. LudwigBoston U.In-Situ X-ray Studies of Surface Structure During Plasma Processing
9984442P. LymanWisconsin - MilwaukeeAtomic-Scale Visualization of Surface Structure
0213834S. MahajanArizona StateThe compositional dependence of phase separation in InGaN layers
0094047G. MalliarasCornellCharge Injection in Organics
0308127J. MayerArizona StateFundamental Studies of Ion Cutting
0203832M. McCluskeyWashington StateLocal vibrational modes of impurities in semiconductors
0217551M. McEllistremWisconsin - Eau ClaireGaN Surface Chemistry
0092602J. MillunchichMichiganStress Relaxation and Defect Formation in Metamorphic Buffer Layers
0308786S. MohneyPenn StateContacts to Group III Nitride Semiconductor Alloys
0309095H. MorkocVirginia CommonwealthCharge Imaging of GaN Devices
0305472J. NogamiMichigan StateEpitaxial Growth of Unixially and Biaxially Mismatched Silicide Films on Silicon
0305228D. NortonFloridaSemiconducting (Zn,MG)) Structures
0400416S. PeartonFloridaMaterials Processing for ZnO
0405477R. PennerUC IrvineSize-Selective Electrochemical/Chemical Synthesis and Optical Characterization of MoS2 Nanoribbons
0354939L. PorterCarnegie MellonElectrically-Active Interfaces for Chemical Sensors
0307282P. PrasadBuffaloFour-Photon Pumped Stimulated Emission
0103068J. RedwingPenn StateNIRT: Semiconductor Nanowires - Building Blocks for Nanoscale Devices
0313468S. RingelOhio StateElectronic, Chemical and Structural Properties of Metamorphic III-V Compound Heterojunctions and Devices
0309444L. RothbergRochesterCharge Photogeneration and Recombination in Organic Semiconductors
0210512A. RoytburdMarylandSelf-Assembled Polydomain Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnetic Heterostructures
0209371M. SantosOklahomaSpin and Other Electronic Properties of InSb Quantum Wells
0205577R. SchlafSouth FloridaIn-Vacuum Preparation and Characterization of Conductive Polymer Interfaces
0305254B. SchwartzUCLANon-Linear Optical Properties of Aligned Conjugated Polymers
0306239C. ShihTexas - AustinFRG: Quantum Engineering of Metallic and Magnetic Nanostructures
0348585M. ShimIllinoisCAREER: Synthesis, surface functionalization and charge carrier injection in 1D nanostructures
0306582J. ShohetWisconsin - MadisonMicroelectronic Processing with Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation (VUV)
9983816A. SmithOhio UniversityCAREER/PECASE: Growth and Analysis of Novel Nitride Semiconductor Systems
0348939V. SmolyaninovaTowsonPhotoiduced resistivity changes in BiCaMnO thin films
0245702J. SpenceArizona StateOrdering/Lithography in Glasses/Alloys
0307914S. StemmerUCSBInterface Science of Functional Perovskites
0312130J. StickneyGeorgiaFormation of HgSe via EC-ALE
0237811D. StokesHoustonLateral Composition Modulation in InAs/GaSb Superlattices: Nanometer Sized Quantum Wires
0248333M. SwihartSUNY - BuffaloREU Site: Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative on Nanostructured Semiconductors
0094265I. TakeuchiMarylandCombinatorial Studies of Metal Oxides
0308657M. ThakurAuburnUltrafast Optical Modulation using Single-crystal Films of Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials
0102755P. ThibadoArkansasFRG: Spintronics
0305147K. TsenArizona StateOptical Studies of High-field Electron and Hole Transport in Nitride-based Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Nanostructures
0303237I. TsongArizona StateProperties of the pseudo-binary wide band gap semiconductor silicon carbide - aluminum nitride
0303833R. TungBrooklyn CollegeNER: Combined UHV and Liquidf Phase Processing (CULP) of Self-Assembled Nanostructures and Novel Interfaces
0305221C. UherMichiganThin Film Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors with Tetradymite Structure
0202790Z. VardenyUtahLasing in pi-Conjugated Systems
0206792J. WuKansasSuperconducting Sponge
0307040S. YalisoveMichiganCollateral damage induced by femtosecond lasers
0238307X. ZhuMinnesotaElectron dynamics in organic semiconductors and at organic metal interfaces