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Instrumentation for
Materials Research Highlights

0315428J. AbelsonIllinoisAcquisition of Surface Analysis Equipment for Research on Metal Diboride Growth and Student Training
0315565R. AdvinculaHoustonDevelopment and Acquisition of Surface Sensitive Electrochemical Instrumentation using Evanescent Wave and Nonlinear-Optical Techniques for Research and Education
0216297W. AppletonHarvardDevelopment of a Multi-Ion Focused Ion Beam System
0216124D. BasovUCSDDevelopment of a spectroscopic cryogenic ellipsometer for materials research and education
0315491P. BoolchandCincinnatiAcquisition of an FTIR/Raman system to study Self-Organization in Network Glasses
0216635P. BurkeUC IrvineAcquisition of An Electron-beam Lithography System for a Nanotechnology Research and Education Facility at U.C. Irvine
0216865L. DrzalMichigan StateAcquisition of Micro-Compounding Molding Systems for Polymers and Bio-based Materials Research and Education
0216129W. DuckerVirginia TechDevelopment of a Colloidal Force-Distance-Adsorption Apparatus for Particle Science Research and Education
0114134F. ErnstCase Western ReserveAcquisition of an Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron Microscope for Nanocharacterization Research and Student Training
0216840L. FordTulsaAcquisition of an Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber for Etching Studies and Student Training
0116315E. CowleyArkansasHighlights of research results using the acquired NSF-MRI computers
0216111J. GrykoJacksonville StateAcquisition of X-ray Diffractometer
0216704R. HeadrickVermontDevelopment of a system for time-resolved studies of thin film growth and processing and student training
0196430S. HillFloridaAcquisition of a micro-calorimeter configured with a split-coil magnet
0315609A. KentNYUAcquisition of a High Frequency Measurement System for Magnetic Nanostructure Research and Student Training
0215881S. KilbeyClemsonAcquisition of a High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Ellipsometer for Materials Research and Education
0216134R. KurtzLSUEnhancement of a Synchrotron Beamline for Magnetics Research and Education
0315523O. LavrentovichKent StateAcquisition and Development of Fast Confocal Polarizing Microscope for Liquid Crystal Materials Research and Education
0314707Y. LooTexas - AustinDeveloping a soft lithography and printing facility for research and education in electrically-active organic materials
0216892W. LuOhio StateAcquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching System for Research and Education
0216102J. LydingIllinoisTRIFTIII Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
0414903D. MainardiLouisiana TechAcquisition of a SGI Origin350 for Nano/Bio-Technology Computational Research and Student Training
0216904J. MillerUtahSum-Frequency Generation Spectrometer
0414599G. NewkomeAkronAcquisition of a 500 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
0315290E. OlevskySan Diego StateAcquisition/Development of Equipment for Processing and Characterization of Functionally Graded Materials
0116068G. KotliarRutgersDesign of a heterogeneous Rutgets Beowulf cluster
0216307A. RaoClemsonAcquisition of a Fourier Transform Raman and Infrared Spectrometer for Materials Research and Education
0215578R. RegisterPrincetonAcquisition of a High-Resolution, Point-Focusing Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering System for Nanostructured Materials Research and Education
0113559L. VanasupaCalifornia PolyAcquisition of Scanning Electron Microscope with Electron Backscatter Difraction system for research and education
0215966A. SokolovAkronDevelopment of Scanning Nano-Raman Spectroscopy
0216466J. SpeckUCSBAcquisition of a Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope
0216252J. SpruiellTennesseeAcquisition of Multi-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility
0314643A. StanishevskyAlabama - BirminghamAcquisition of a Nano-Tribometer and Imaging Tool for Research and Education in Nanostructured Thin Films and Devices
0215872P. ThibadoArkansasSpin-Polarized Field-Effect Transistor
0216795P. von LocketteRowanAcquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Research and Education
0215994K. WagenerFloridaAcquisition of Modern Gel Permeation Chromatography Instrumentation for the Butler Polymer Research Laboratory
0315710S. WagnerPrincetonPRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory
0415838A. WollCornellDevelopment of a confocal x-ray fluorescence microscope for characterization of buried layers in historic paintings
0211706F. YangKentuckyAcquisition of Nanomechanical Instrumentation
0215929J. ZhangFlorida InternationalA Structural Monitoring System for a Laser-MBE/STM Facility for Materials Research and Education