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Metals Highlights

0314317R. AbbaschianFloridaMelting Kinetics of Faceted and Non-faceted Crystals
0206826V. AcoffAlabamaDevelopment of a Simplistic Method for Processing Intermetallic Sheet Materials Using Cold Roll Bonding and Reaction Annealing
0209260A. ArdellUCLACoarsening of Ni-Al Precipitates in Inverse Ni3Al Alloys
0306997M. AzizHarvardFilm Growth Morphology and Segregation in Pulsed Laser Deposition
9996315K. BarmakCarnegie MellonAnnealing Behavior of Dilute Cu Alloy Films
0132225C. BeckermannIowaMicroporosity Formation in Alloy Solidification
0134789C. BoehlertAlfredGrain Boundary Engineering of High Temperature Structural Alloys
0102320R. BriberMarylandDetermination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha-Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
0312189G. CargillLehighGrain Structure Mapping for Studies of Strain in Polycrystalline Thin Films
0092530N. ChawlaArizona State3D microstructure characterization of Pb-free solders by serial sectioning
0091681aG. CollinsWashington StateSite preference of solute atoms in compounds
0091681bG. CollinsWashington StateDiffusion in solids studied using nuclear quadrupole relaxation
0304777M. DayanandaPurdueZero-Flux Planes in Multicomponent Systems and Development of MultiDiFlux Program - Version 1.2
9972052J. DevletianPortland StateUnique Solidification Cracking Mechanism in Ultra-Low Interstitial Iron and Iron Alloy Weld Metal
0209464I. DuttaNaval Postgraduate SchoolGOALI: Creep and Microstructural Coarsening of Lead Free Solders
0102964A. EfrosUtahDielectric photonic crystals as left-handed materials
0092756J. ErlebacherJohns HopkinsMorphological Control and Applications of Nanoporous Gold
0208008F. ErnstCase Western ReserveIon Exchange at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
0072671G. FuchsFloridaGOALI: Stability of Ni-Based Superalloy Single Crystals
0204920B. FultzCal TechMossbauer Diffractometry: A First Application to Materials Research
0314218A. GhoshMichiganWarm Forming Studies on Magnesium Alloys Under Uniaxial and Biaxial Deformation
0404668A. GokhaleGeorgia TechSimulations of Microstructures with Different Degrees of Spatial Clustering Using the Features of Complex Morphologies from Corresponding Real Microstructure
0241603S. GuruswamyUtahStrong, Ductile and Low-Field Magnetostrictive Alloys Based on Fe-Ga
0307009T. HufnagelJohns HopkinsNanometer-scale structure and properties of amorphous alloys
0201382S. KalidindiDrexelRole of Deformation Twinning in Strain Hardening and Texture Evolution: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
0244126I. KaramanTexas A and MBridging Length Scales in Deforming Single and Textured Polycrystals of Structural Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys (MSMAs)
0090080M. KassnerSouthern CaliforniaMechanisms of Cyclic Deformation
0307410K. KeltonWashington UniversityStructural and Microstructural Studies of Ti/Zr and Al-Based Quasicrystals, Approximants and Metallic Glasses
0096527S. KomameniPenn StateNovel Microwave-Polyol Process for Nanophase Metals
0098776S. KouWisconsinPartially Melted Zone Cracking in Aluminum Welds
0303552D. KumarNorth Carolina A and TSynthesis and Characterization of Self-assembled Nanoscale Magnetic Particles
0243331T. LangdonSouthern CaliforniaProcessing and Properties of Materials with Ultrafine Grain Sizes
0355171R. LukaszewToledoHighly anisotropic nano-magnets
0116126M. MillsOhio StateModified Jogged-Screw Model for Creep
0100780R. MishraMissouri-RollaA fundamental Investigation of Threshold Stress in Dispersion-Strengthened Materials
0139705J. MorralConnecticutComputational Modeling of Interdiffusion Microstructures
0201474K. MurtyNorth Carolina StateEffect of Grain Size on the Mechanical Properties of Multiphase Alloys
0309468T. PollockMichiganFRG: Fundamental Approaches to the Design of New Mg Alloys
0347095A. RamirezYaleCAREER: Robust Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys for MEMS
0312172R. ReddyAlabamaFundamental Studies on Intermetallic Aluminides
0344562I. RobertsonCalifornia-BerkeleyDynamics of Dislocation-Particle Interactions: A Combined Modeling and Experimental Approach
0210321C. RossMITNanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0306108M. SablikTexas StateModeling and Testing the Effects of Texture and Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties
0346848C. SchuhMITDevelopment of Percolation Theory for Interface Networks in Materials
0204840J. ScullyVirginiaCorrosion Mechanisms in Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Alloys
0241928D. SeidmanNorthwesternTemporal Evolution of the Nanostructure in Model Nickel-based Superalloys
0302470P. SofronisIllinoisHydrogen-Induced Material Degradation: Brittle Decohesion Versus Plastic Flow Localization
0238356Y. SohnCentral FloridaFundamentals of Multicomponent Diffusion in Multiphase Alloys
0303510J. SpeerColorado School of MinesInter-American Materials Collaboration: New Steels Developed Through Carbon Partitioning
0139081N. ThadhaniGeorgia TechREU/RET/INT Macro Site: Structure Property Correlations across Micro to Nano Length Scales
0302044C. ThompsonMITStress and Structure Evolution During Formation of Polycrystalline Metallic Films: From Adatoms to Coalescence
0239512R. VaidyanathanCentral FloridaCAREER: Neutron, Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Instrumented Indentation Studies of Deformation in Shape-Memory Alloys
0133559J. VlassakHarvardMechanical Behavior of Metal Thin Films and Shape Memory Alloy Coatings
0203779Y. VohraAlabama at BirminghamDistortion of Alpha-Uranium Structure in Praseodymium Metal at High Pressures
0347746P. VoylesWisconsinNanoscale Order in Metallic Glass
0134719J. YangPittsburghCAREER: Fundamental Metal Oxidation Kinetics Visualized by In situ UHV - TEM
0303472G. ZangariVirginiaMagnetic Alloys Deposited on Semiconductors: Structure and Properties
0093154G. ZangariVirginiaFundamental Aspects of Electrocrystallization: and Experimental and Modeling Approach
0238113J. ZhuTennessee Tech.CAREER: Novel Conductive Oxide Coatings on Metallic Interconnect for Intermediate-Temperature SOFC Application