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Materials Theory Highlights

0348358A. AbanovStony BrookDouble Occupancy Errors in Quantum Computing Operations: Corrections to Adiabaticity
0318665D. AgterbergWisconsin-MilwaukeeSuperconductivity without mirror symmetry
0219328J. AmarToledoITR: Simulating extended time and length scales using parallel kinetic Monte Carlo and accelerated dynamics
0132555D. BelitzOregonNature of the Quantum Ferromagnetic Phase Transition
0404335L. BellaicheArkansasModelling and Designing Ferroelectrics with Defects and in Two-dimensional Forms
9983678L. BellaicheArkansasTowards a Deep Microscopic Understanding of Ferroelectric Alloys
0312510S. BoettcherEmoryITR: Large-Scale Application of Extremal Optimization
0219292aM. BowickSyracuseITR: Magnetic flux lines and correlated disorder
0219292bM. BowickSyracuseITR: Statistical Physics and Computational Complexity
0304299D. BrennerNC StateNSE: Reduced Degree of Freedom Predictive Methods for Control and Design of Interfaces in Nanofeatured Systems
0334499P. BrouwerCornellMesoscopic effects in metal grains and quantum dots
0312537G. CederMITITR: Data Mining for Predicting the Structure of Materials
0325218J. ChelikowskyMinnesotaITR: Institute for the Theory of Advanced Materials in Information Technology
0122638L. ChenPenn StateMicrostructure Evolution in Solids with External Constraints and Defects
0205328M. ChouGeorgia TechITR: Modeling and Simulations of Quantum Phenomena in Semiconductor Structures of Reduced Dimensions
0087088M. CohenUC BerkeleyTheoretical Solid State Physics
0209630S. CoppersmithWisconsinComplex Properties of Disordered Quantum Systems
0312789M. DawClemsonITR: Atomic-Scale Simulation of Diffusion in Alloys
0204020A. DentonNorth Dakota StateTheoretical and Computational Studies of Macromolecular Materials
0133075M. Di VentraUC San DiegoTheoretical Studies of the Non-Linear Transport Properties of Molecular Wires
0310933D. DraboldOhio UniversityTheory of Non-crystalline solids
0135009M. FalkMichigan StateCAREER: Theory and Simulation of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Non-crystalline Solids
9753243D. FarkasVirginia TechComputer Simulation of Fracture and Deformation Behavior of Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials
0210717J. FreericksGeorgetownNSE: Density of states in nanostructures
0204199V. GanesanTexas - AustinCoarse-Grained Simulation Methods for Complex Fluids
0113555N. GhoniemUCLAITR: Large-scale Dislocation Dynamics Simulations for Computational Design of Semiconductor Thin Films
0342157S. GirvinYaleCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics
0237296L. GlazmanMinnesotaCorrelated electron transport in mesoscopic structures
0089882S. HaasUSCCAREER: Properties of Doped Quantum Spin Liquids
0121695R. HaberIllinoisCenter for Process Simulation and Design
0233773B. HalperinHarvardElectrons in a Short Quantum Wire
0206681C. HannaBoise StateRUI: Broken-Symmetry States of Confined Interacting Electrons
0210575L. IoffeRutgersNSE: Nanoscale Quantum System: Excitations and Control
0312448D. JohnsonIllinoisITR: A Thermodynamic Density Functional Theory of Static and Dynamic Correlation in Complex Alloys
0325939D. JohnsonIllinoisMaterials Computation Center
0118213M. KardarMITStatistical Field Theories and Collective Phenomena
0242619A. KhachaturyanRutgersKinetics of Structural Transformations in Metal and Ceramic Systems
0132726T. KirkpatrickMarylandNature of the Quantum Ferromagnetic Phase Transition
0113049G. KornissRensselaerITR: Synchronization and Extreme Fluctuations in Small-World-Coupled Autonomous Systems
0312478G. KotliarRutgersITR: Material Information and Design Laboratory
0313101 S. KumarRensselaerITR: Development of Quantitative Coarse-grained Models for Simulation of Polyolefin Blends
0120702A. LarkinMinnesotaQuantum fluctuations of the order parameter in superconductors
0305437R. LarsonMichiganDynamics of entangled polymers
0101793H. LevineUCSDPattern Formation in Non-equilibrium Systems: Self-organization and Stochasticity
0205232Z. LiuPenn StateITR: Computational Tools for Multicomponent Materials Design
0307000F. LiuUtahCoulomb Sink: a novel Coulomb effect on stability of nanoclusters on semiconductor surfaces
0239504H. MakseCity College of New YorkStatistical Mechanics of Particulate Systems far from Equilibrium
0401766M. MarderTexas - AustinA New Form of Failure
0134736E. MarimanovPrincetonMicrolasing by Dynamical Anderson Localization of Light
0213818B. MarstonBrownStatistical Physics of Nonlinear Dynamics
0102668L. MitasNCSUNew continuous quantum Monte Carlo/molecular dynamics method
0238760J. MooreUC BerkeleyOrder through disorder in diluted quantum magnets
0122523A. MoreoTennesseePhysics of Transition Metal Oxides and Related Materials
0303348A. MoreoFlorida StateCorrelation Effects and Transport in Nanostructured Materials
0312333A. MoreoFSUITR: Study of Complex Nanoclustered States using Efficient Algorithms
0404674P. NelsonPennsylvaniaEntropic Forces in Single-Biomolecule Mechanics
0120310M. NovotnyMississippi StateVisualization of Magnetization Switching in Misaligned Iron Nanopillar
0131573R. PelcovitsBrownVisualization of Topological Defects in Liquid Crystals
0114818W. PickettUC DavisTheory of Superconducting Diamond due to Hole doping with Boron
0312491C. PiermarocchiMichigan StateITR: Optical Processing of Information in Doped Semiconductors
0321572V. PokrovskyTexas A and MNon-adiabatic domain-wall motion and hysteresis
0121146V. PrivmanClarksonITR/SY: Center for Modeling of Quantum Dynamics, Relaxation and Decoherence in Solid-State Physics for Information-Technology Applications
9987640L. RadzihovskyColoradoBoulder Summer School in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
0071706R. RaganWisconsin - La CrosseRUI: Computational Studies of Spin Transport in Quantum Fluids and Solids
0227670S. RednerBoston U.Dynamics of Growing Networks and Evolving Media
0304380C. Sa de MeloGeorgia TechNSE: Interplay of Magnetism and Superconductivity at the Nanometer Scale
0098226S. SachdevYaleCompeting Orders in the cuprate superconductors
0238218S. SavrasovNJITPressure induced superconductivity in Phosphorus and its implication for spintronics
0342290S. SavrasovNJITITR: Material Information and Design Laboratory
0088451B. SchmittmannVirginia TechStatistical Mechanics far from Equilibrium
0116090R. SelingerCatholicPhysics of Dislocation Patterning and Size Effects in Plasticity
0218475J. SethnaCornellITR: Sophisticated Statistical Mechanics of Sloppy Models
0305557T. ShahbazyanJackson StateRUI: Spectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Semiconductor Nanostructures
0099572L. ShamUCSDTheory of Electrons in Solids
0090071Q. SiRiceQuantum Phase Transitions and non-Fermi-liquid Physics
0129848E. SiggiaCornellReading the Fly Genome for Gene Regulatory Modules
0240918R. SinghUC DavisQuantum magnetism in low-dimensional materials
0312407N. SpaldinUCSBITR: Computational design and optimization of novel multiferroics
0305173F. SpanoTempleOptical Ecitations in Aggregates, Films and Crystals of Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers
0312028C. StaffordArizonaMetalic nanofabrication guided by electron waves
0312028C. StaffordArizonaStability analysis of cylindrical and eliptical metal nanowires
0104987D. StroudOhio StateTheoretical Studies of Josephson Arrays, High Temperature Superconductors, and Inhomogeneous Media
0113172L. SunIowaITR: Collaborative Research on Large-Scale Dislocation Dynamics Simulations for Computational Design of Semiconductor Thin Film Systems
0308548U. TauberVirginia TechCorrelations in Chemical Reaction Kinetics
0072935P. TaylorCase Western ReserveInteraction of a liquid crystal with a polymer surface
0203359E. TsymbalNebraskaSpin Polarization in Co/Al2o3/Co Tunnel Junctions
0336431S. UlloaOhio UniversityCorrelation Effects and Transport in Nanostructured Materials: An Argentina-Brazil-USA Collaboration
0244398A. UmantsevFayetteville StateModeling Formation of Microstructure of Intermetallic Compounds During Soldering
0113761P. VashishtaUSCITR: Billion-Atom Multiscale Simulations of Nanosystems on a Grid
0220198P. WiegmannChicagoLaplacian Growth, Nonequilibrium Patterns and Integrable Systems
0225698K. YangFlorida StateVortex Lattice Structure of FFLO Superconductors
0314456S. ZhangMissouriSpin Transport Theory Beyond Drift-Diffusion Equation
0414122R. ZiaVirginia TechStatistical Mechanics far from Equilibrium