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National Facilities Highlights

0084173aG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Educational Programs at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
0084173bG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Magnetic-Field-Induced Condensation of Triplons in Han Purple Pigment BaCuSi2O6
0084173cG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Glassy Electron Behavior in Silicon Transistors
0084173dG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Maturation of the HIV Virus measured using Ion Cyclotron Resonance at the NHMFL
0084173eG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Spectroscopy of spontaneous spin noise as a probe of spin dynamics and magnetic resonance
0084173fG. BoebingerNHMFLNHMFL: Sweeper Magnet Installation at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
0084402aM. CadwalladerSRCSRC: Fermi Surface Topology in NaxCoO2
0084402bM. CadwalladerSRCSRC: Organic Polymers Template for a Very Peculiar Mineral in Biofilm
0084402cM. CadwalladerSRCSRC: Quantum Electronic Structure of Atomically Uniform Pb Films on Si(111)
0084402dM. CadwalladerSRCSRC: Electron-Phonon Interaction in Silver
0084402eM. CadwalladerSRCSRC: Synchrotron Light Shed on Microbial Templates for Biominerals
0220560J. CameronIndianaLENS: Development of a Low Energy Neutron Source
0086210aC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: 20-year Puzzle in Quantum Magnetism Solved
0086210bC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: DAVE - Data Analysis and Visualization Environment
0086210cC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Dynamics of Surface Water in ZrO2 Studied by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering
0086210dC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Energetics of Membrane Fusion
0086210eC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Fragile-to-Strong Transition in Deeply Supercooled Confined Water
0086210fC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Neutron Scattering Summer School
0086210gC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Quantum Computing with Spin Ice?
0086210hC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Stabilizing Highly Immiscible Polymer Blends
0086210iC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Summer Undergraduate Interns - 2004
0086210jC. GlinkaNISTCHRNS: Design of a High Capacity Load Cell for Neutron Diffraction Stress Analysis: A SURF Student Project
0225180aS. GrunerCornellCHESS: A Streaming Digital Video Interface for Accurate Protein Crystal Centering
0225180bS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Education and Outreach at CHESS and G-line
0225180cS. GrunerCornellCHESS: New High Pressure Gas Loading System
0225180dS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Batch processing system for a Linux cluster supercomputer
0225180eS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Three New Wiggler Stations Built by Graduate Students
0225180fS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Imaging Density Disturbances in Water with a 41.3-Attosecond Time Resolution
0225180gS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Development of a confocal x-ray fluorescence microscope for characterization of buried layers in historic paintings
0225180hS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Diffractive Imaging Using Coherent Synchrotron X-rays at a Proposed Energy Recovery Linac Source
0225180iS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Energetic Mechanisms Operant During Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)
0225180jS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Structural basis for modulation and agonis specificity of HCN pacemaker channels
0225180kS. GrunerCornellCHESS: Crystal Structures of a Formin Homology-2 Domain Reveal a Tethered Dimer Architecture
0335765aS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Optics: Butterfly Wings
0335765bS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Fabrication of X-Ray Mask
0335765cS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Glass Transition in Ultra-Thin Polymer Films
0335765dS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Microwave Frequency Nanomagnetic Dynamics by DC Spin-Polarized Current
0335765eS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Nano-Scale Silicon Memories
0335765fS. TiwariNNINNNIN: Spin Transport and Dynamics in Nanoscale Hybrid Structures