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Office of Special Progams Highlights

0303979 M. FalvoNorth CarolinaNUE: Building Models and Manipulating Molecules - Active Learning for Nanoscience Education
0231320 P. LiawTennesseeIMI: Advanced Neutron Scattering NetWork for Education and Research
0304120 K. NordellLawrenceNUE: A colorimetric Biosensor based on a gold-nanoparticle DNAzyme complex
0231291 K. RajanRPIIMI: Combinatorial Sciences and Materials Informatics Collaboratory
0407108 T. ShahbazyanJackson StateNUE: Introducing Nanoscience to Education and Student Research at Jackson State University
0231418 W. SoboyejoPrincetonIMI: The US/Africa Materials Institute