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Polymers Highlights

9908201R. AdvinculaHoustonNanostructured Ultrathin Polymer Films Based on the Layer-by-Layer Deposition Approach
0094485R. AlamoFAMU-FSUEffect of Defect Microstructure on Properties of Crystalline Polymers
0405345B. AugustineJames MadisonPhysico-chemical Characterization and Processing of Nanocomposite Polymers for Microfluidic Applications
0349436E. BaerCase Western ReserveInterphase Materials by Forced-Assembly of Glassy Polymers
0109077S. BakerHarvey MuddDynamic Formation of 2-D Structures in Diblock Copolymers
0213508N. BalsaraCalifornia - BerkeleyGuided Wave Depolarized Light Scattering
0087611G. BazanUCSBOrganic Materials of Intermediate Dimensions for Optoelectronic Technologies
0412320 F. BlumMissouri-RollaDynamics in Polymeric Thin Films
0072977W. BrittainAkronSynthesis and Nanomorphology of Diblock Copolymer Brushes
0100646P. CebeTuftsSemicrystalline Polymers under Confinement as Thin Films
0406127P. CebeTuftsPolymer-Based Nanocomposites: An Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
0209282W. ChenMount HolyokeSimultaneous Tailoring of Surface Topography and Chemical Structure for Controlled Wettability
0203994S. ChengAkronOnset of Tethered Chain Overcrowding
9984102B. ChuStony BrookMolecular Manipulation of Electro-Spun Scaffold for Gene Delivery
0234903R. CompostoPennsylvaniaMorphology of Thin Film Polymer Blends Containing Nanoparticles
0349078A. CrosbyMassachusettsSmart Adhesion: Controlling Polymer Interfaces with Patterns
0092380L. DaltonWashingtonDevelopment of Next Generation Electroactive Materials
9984886A. DhinojwalaAkronMolecular Structure of an Alkyl-Side-Chain Polymer-Water Interface: Origins of Contact Angle Hysteresis
0102759W. FordOklahoma StateFilm Morphologies of Styrene Copolymer Latexes
0353102J. GenzerNC StateRandom-Blocky Copolymers: Monomer Sequencing through Templated Chemical Coloring
0097126H. GibsonVermontSupramacromolecules: Structure/Property Control Via Self-Assembly with Well-Defined Macromolecules
0111193D. GinColoradoNanostructured Polymers for Bronsted and Lewis Acid Catalysis via Monomer Self-assembly
0134691T. GoodsonWayne StateDelocalization in Novel Ladder Triarylamine Systems
0072898P. GreenTexasWetting of structured liquid films
0239697R. GrubbsDartmouthCAREER: Development of Novel Ternary Copolymer Assemblies
0135233Z. GuanCalifornia - IrvineOne-Pot Synthesis of Amphiphilic Core-Shell Dendritic Polymers as Nanocarriers
0094144M. HillmyerMinnesotaNanostructure Synthesis using Reactive Block Copolymers
0302809B. HsiaoStony BrookInter-American Materials Collaboration between U.S. and Mexico: Novel Preparation and Characterization of Polymeric Nanocomposites
0405432B. HsiaoStony BrookDirected Crystallization Precursor Structures in Polymer
0209614A. JonesClarkNanoparticle-Polymer Composite Membranes
0071682A. KabanovUNMCComplexes of Block Ionomers with Oppositely Charged Surfactants
0243314J. KennedyAkronUnique Polymeric Materials by Novel Processes
0239744K. KiickDelawareProteins Containing Non-natural Amino Acids as Building Blocks for Novel Materials
0214363J. KobersteinColumbiaSwitching Polymer Surface Chemistry with Light
0100428J. KoenigCase Western ReserveProbing the Mechanism of Controlled Drug Release
0216491J. KornfieldCal TechMaking them Stretch without Breaking: Controlled Crystallization for Polyolefin Fabrics
0307233E. KramerUCSBResearch Accomplishment: Controlling Order in Confined 2D Layers of Block Copolymer
0209272T. KyuAkronSpatio-temporal emergence of mesomorphic patterns in mixtures of rigid rod and liquid ccrystalline polymers
0089124L. LealUCSBStudies of Entangled Polymers Under Strong Flow Conditions
0093758R. LevickyColumbiaDNA Films as Model Polyelectrolytes and As Platforms for Biomolecular Diagnostics
0239415C. LiDrexelComplex hierarchical self-assembly templated by block copolymers
9901097T. LodgeMinnesotaFacile Production of a Nanoporous Crosslinked Elastomer
0210078M. LonerganOregonConjugated Ionomer Electronics
0348339Y. LooTexas - AustinCAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Program for Engineering Functional Block Copolymers
0203707L. LyonGeorgia TechCancer Targeting with Thermoresponsive Core/Shell Nanogels
0314760J. MarkCincinnatiPolydimethylsiloxane Coatings for Controlled Drup Release
9950760L. MathiasSouthern Miss.Polymer Science Learning Center
0090409K. MatyjaszewskiCarnegie MellonNew Block and Gradient Copolymers by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0307084G. McKennaTexas TechThe Concentration Glass: A New Glassy State?
0101182J. MijovicPolytechnicDynamics of Macromolecules
0196231G. NewkomeAkronFractal Nanoarchitectures
0208825C. OberCornellControl of Surface Properties using Fluorinated Brushes
0094194C. OrtizMITMolecular Design and Nanomechanical Testing of Stimulus-Responsive Side-Chain Graft Copolymer Single Molecules and Brushes of Varying Architecture
0134032Z. PengMissouriElectrically Active Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
0220236R. RegisterPrincetonControlled Crystalization in Novel Block Copolymers
0312046J. RiffleVirginia TechWell Defined Macromolecule-Magnetic Nanoparticle Complexes
0211056J. RuntPenn StateStructure and Dynamics of Polymer Blends Exhibiting Strong Intermolecular Interactions
0075810P. RussoLSUComplex Fluids with Extended, Rigid Components
0097202J. SchaeferWashingtonSolid-State NMR Analysis of Chain Packing and Dynamics in Polycarbonates
0353119D. SchiraldiCase Western ReserveNSF Research Experience for Undergraduates in Polymer Science
0309441J. SchlenoffFlorida StateSuperhydrophobic and Hydrophilic Multilayers for Patterned Cell Growth
0105622S. SchlickDetroit MercyVisualizing Polymer Degradation on mm to nm Scales
9876244T. SeeryConnecticutDirect Synthesis of Polymer Brushes Using Organometallic Catalysts with Tethered Initiators
0306787S. SheikoUNCMolecular Visualization: Spreading Kinematics and Dynamics
0214146K. ShullNorthwesternModel Studies of Reversibly Interacting Surfaces
0304640aS. SimonTexas TechDynamic Heterogeneity and the Behavior of Glass-Forming Materials at the Nanoscale
0304640bS. SimonTexas TechA Fundamental Study of the Bulk Modulus in Polymers and its Dependence on Chemical Structure
0315388A. SokolovAkronWhen Does a Molecule Become a Polymer
0349121G. SotzingConnecticutNovel Conjugated Macromolecules from Fused Heterocyclics and from Oxidative Solid-state Crosslinking
0209439S. SukhishviliStevensResponsive Polymer Multilayers
0308982V. TsukrukIowa StateAssembling dendritic and branched molecules at interfaces
0096606D. TylerOregonA Mechanistic Investigation of the Effect of Stress on the Photochemical Degradation of Polymers
0209835D. TylerOregonExperiments in Education: Development of a Week-long Summer Shortcourse in Polymer Science for Undergraduates
0314110K. WagenerFloridaTailored Polymer Structures via Metathesis Polycondensation Chemistry
0314428D. WaldowPacific LutheranRUI: Blending Polymers: The Influence of Copolymer Additives on Phase Separation Behavior
0215342C. WederCase Western ReserveConjugated Polymer Networks
0303696R. WeisConnecticutNER: Nano-Composites Derived from Melt Blending an Ionomer and a Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer (TLCP)
0304803R. WeissConnecticutControl of the Wetting of Thin Polymeric Films
0137968J. WhiteNC StatePolyolefin Blend Miscibility: An Experimental Molecular View
0235106K. WineyPennsylvaniaControlling Ionomer Morphologies
0350383M. WinokurWisconsinMolecular-Level Studies of Structure and Photophysics in Conjugated Polymers
9974457K. WooleyWashingtonFundamental Aspects of Shell-crosslinked Nanoparticles
0210247aK. WooleyWashingtonNIRT: Efficiency and Fidelity in Dendrimer Synthesis
0210247bK. WooleyWashingtonNIRT: Well-defined Carbon Nanoparticles Prepared from Water-soluble Shell-crosslinked Micelles
0210247cK. WooleyWashingtonNIRT: Molecular Architecture Effects on Polymer Conformation at Surfaces
0210247dK. WooleyWashingtonNIRT: Complexity via Self-assembly by Combining Block Copolymers with Biophysics
0210247eK. WooleyWashingtonNIRT: Programming Shell-crosslinked Nanoparticles for Assembly
0209651F. WudlUCLAThe Next Generation Organic Materials: Oligoacenes, Heteroacenes and Cyclacenes
0312233B. WunderlichTennesseeThe Concept of Decoupling of Parts of Macromolecules
0207560K. WynneVirginia CommonwealthFunctional Polymer Surfaces
0139155L. YuChicagoControl Electron Transport Through Sequential Assembly of Diode Molecules
0239769S. ZauscherDukeFunctional Polymer Nanostructures on Surfaces
0348724L. ZhuConnecticutSupramolecular Self-assembly of Oligo Block Copolymers