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Solid State Chemistry Highlights

0303174P. AjayanRPIInter-American Materials Collaboration: Large Scale Synthesis of N-doped Carbon Nanotubes for the Fabrication of Novel Polymer Composites and Related Low Dimensional Materials
0346497C. ArnoldPrincetonOn-the-fly Materials Modification During Laser Direct-Write Deposition of Micropower Sources
0094213S. BrockWayne StateSynthetic Challenges in the Preparation of Transition Metal Phosphides and Arsenides on the Nanoscale
0348982C. CahillGeorge WashingtonDesign of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Lanthanide and Actinide Materials
0237664J. ChanLSUCrystal-Chemical Relationships of Correlated Electronic Materials
9875427G. CrawfordBrownMicro-Structured Polymer Networks
0085662G. DeFotisWilliam and MaryMagnetic Behavior and Phase Transitions of Selected Pure, Dilute and Mixed Magnets
0096466D. DlottIllinoisVibrational energy transfer across a reverse micelle surfactant layer
0088942M. FayerStanfordUltrafast to Slow Orientational Dynamics of Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystals
0089257B. FoxmanBrandeisSolid-State Reactions of Molecular Crystals
0090218B. FungOklahomaA Simple Method for the Preparation of Pseudopure States for NMR Quantum Computing
0233697M. GreenblattRutgersNovel New Materials with Colossal Magnetoresistance
0092054P. HalasyamaniHoustonThe Synthesis and Characterization of New Ferroelectric-Second-Harmonic Generating Oxide Materials
0210806R. HamersWisconsin - MadisonElectrically addressable biomolecular functionalization of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers
0106122C. HuangMinnesotaIncommensurate nano-scale helical pitch evolution through the smectic-Calpha smectic-C transition
0239424Q. HuoNorth Dakota StateCAREER: Gold Nanoparticles with Single Surface FUnctional Groups: Synthesis and Study
0303450S. HwuClemsonSummer Research Program in Solid State Chemistry for Undergraduate Students and College Faculty
0322905S. HwuClemsonSynthesis and Characterization of Solid Oxides Exhibiting Nanostructured Magnetic Lattices
0120463A. JacobsonHoustonSynthesis of Metal Oxides with Open Framework Structures
0073581R. KanerUCLAThermal Control and Optimization of Metathesis Reactions
0234686K. KlabundeKansas StateSize and Shape of Small Crystals Affect Surface Chemistry and Consolidation. Rational Synthetic Methods
0021993J. KouvetakisArizona StateSynthesis of Multi-Wavelength GeSiSn Semiconductors and Related Photonic Device Structures
0300631C. KumarConnecticutBioactive Inorganic Materials
0312792S. KumarKent StateBiaxial Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase in Bent Core Mesogens
0346348O. LavrentovichKent StateACT/SGER: Liquid Crystal Materials for Biosensor Development
0073587S. LeeCornellEntertaining Science
0231925W. LinNorth CarolinaCrystal Engineering of Acentric and Chiral Coordination Networks
0133138L. MacGillivrayIowaTemplate-Controlled Solid-State Synthesis of Covalent Bounds in the Solid State
0305086J. MartinNC StateMechanistic Control of the Crystallization of a Sodalite-type Halozeotype
0099674D. MatternMississippiSynthesis and Evaluation of Perylenebisimide-Derived Donor-Sigma-Acceptor Molecules as Electrical Rectifiers
0241092G. MillerIowa StateLinking Intermetallics and Zintl Phases
0139414J. MusfeldtTennesseeChemical Structure / Physical Property Relationships in Layered Organic Solids as Investigated by Infrared Spectroscopy
0139064D. NeumarkUC BerkeleyTime-resolved photoelectron Imaging of Hg clusters
0243977C. O ConnorNew OrleansREU Site: Summer Research Program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology
0095633J. PariseSUNYA new class of nanoporous nickel phosphates from treatment of miscible-miscible water-alchol mixtures at high PT
0099862N. PeyghambarianUCLAIntegration of New Hybrid Materials COntaining Biomolecules for the Fabrication of Optical Sensor Systems
0213576A. PinczukColumbiaFirst NSF-Italy Workshop on Frontiers in Materials Research, Nanoscale Science and Nanotechnology
0312136K. PoeppelmeierNorthwesternSolid State Oxide Fluorides
0102644V. PrivmanClarksonFRG: Synthesis of Well-Defined Nanosize Particles and Their Role in the Formation of Simple and Composite Monodispersed Colloids
0345109C. RosenblattCase Western ReservePolar Surface Anchoring of a Tilted Nematic Liquid Crystal and the Dual Easy Axis Model
0244146G. SamorjaiUC Berkeley3D catalyst design
9971143E. SamulskiNorth CarolinaBiaxial Nematic Liquid Crystal
0236524R. SiegelRPIThe Molecularium - Where Little People Learn Big Things About Small Things
0304960K. SmithBoston U.Electronic Properties of Thin Film Organic Superconductors studied using Synchrotron Radiation-based Soft X-Ray Spectroscopies
0304273S. StollGeorgetownNER: Nanostructure from Magnetic Centers and Liquid Crystal Linkers
0233728G. StuckyUCSBMolecular Design and 3D Assembly for Coupled Electro-Optical Functionalities
0093069J. SwiftGeorgetownAn In Situ AFM Investigation of Cholesterol Crystal Growth
9876027S. Tam-ChangNevada - RenoControlling Molecular Assembly and Optical Properties of Organic Thin Films by Rational Design
0405532S. Tam-ChangNevada - RenoMicro- and Nano-scale Anisotropic Organic Materials via Self-Organization of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
0071727J. TateOregon StateTransparent conductors
0348955E. Van KeurenGeorgetownOrganic Nanoparicles
0095828L. WangWashington StatePlanar Boron Clusters
0305278M. WardMinnesotaFunctional Organic Solid State Materials Derived from Designer Host Frameworks
0089960J. WhittenMassachusetts - LowellSurface Science Studies of Oligothiophene Adsorption on Clean and Modified Aluminum Surfaces
0309972J. WileyNew OrleansTopotactic Routes to New Layered Perovskites
0203342A. WilkinsonGeorgia TechHigh Pressure Behavior of Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
0348239S. WongSUNY - Stony BrookCAREER: Rational Synthesis and Studies of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
9983893Y. XiaWashingtonMetal Nanostructures with Hollow Interiors
0101641M. ZaworotkoSouth FloridaFrom Molecular Polygons to Discrete Faceted Polyhedra to Porous Frameworks
0070267A. ZewailCal TechUltrafast Snapshots of Electrons in Water