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Ceramics Highlights

0222002S. AdlerWashingtonElectronic structure studies of electrochemical ceramics using high temperature Faraday balance
0408745P. AjayanRPICreation and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Foams and Related Materials
0309558S. AkbarOhio StateNano-fibrillar Ceramics by Gas Phase Reduction
0542740S. BarnettNorthwestern3D Imaging of Fuel Cells
0233952S. BasuBostonFRG: Functionally Graded High-Al Mullite Environmental Barrier Coatings
0074439M. BaumannMichigan St.Cracked Ceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering
0099695aL. BennettUCSBZero sample preparation thermal properties probe for thermal barrier coatings
0429220D. BirnieRutgersUndergraduate Research Solves Thickness Exponent Puzzle
0304531D. BonnellPennsylvaniaNanofabrication of Multicomponent Devices Based on Local Polarization, Photoreaction and Self-assembly
0224991K. BowmanPurdueFatigue Damage Gradients in Cycled Piezoelectrics
0444257M. BrongersmaUC-DavisQuantum Dot Nucleation in Glass Microsphere Resonators
0305202R. BrowMissouri-RollaStructure-Property Relationship of Rare Earth Doped Phosphate Glasses
0335364N. BrowningUC-DavisStructure-Property Relationships in Oxide Thin Films
0407569R. BuchananCincinnatiNanoscale MOD Synthesis of Cermet Film Sensors
0010062aW. CarterMITNanoscale Induced Structure between Amorphous Layers and Crystalline Structures
0211078H. ChanLehighGeneration of a Pristine Sapphire Surface by Oxidation and Solid State Conversion of a Sputtered Al Coating
0214650S. ChanColumbiaTwin Boundaries in Superconducting YBCO: Their energy & dependence on Processing Parameters
0303458I. ChenPennsylvaniaGrowth of Mesoscopic Fibers Made of Nanometer Spheres
0010062W. ChingUMKCElectronic structure and Bonding in Y-Si-O-N System
0203785D. ClarkeUCSBNanocrystalline Oxides For Integrated, Soft Magnetic Applications
0302617B. DabrowskiNorthern IllinoisCorrelated Phenomena in Atomically Arranged Transition Metal Perovskites
0354157A. DatyeNew MexicoREU Site in Microengineered Materials
0213489P. DaviesPennsylvaniaNew Ordered Perovskite Dielectrics for Microwave Applications
0203655M. De GuireCase Western ReserveEngineered Ceramic-Organic Interfaces: Properties and Applications
0303279E. DickeyPenn StateElectrical Behavior of TiO2 Grain Boundaries
0349632aV. DierolfLehighRaman Imaging of Ferroelectric Domain Walls for Photonic Applications
0093690D. EdwardsAlfredIon Transport in Beta-Gallia Rutile Intergrowths
0404781T. EgamiTennessee-KnoxvilleNano-Scale Atomic Structure by Neutron Scattering
0093649S. EhrmanMarylandPorous Materials from Nanoparticle Agglomerates
0303491D. EllisNorthwesternDesign and Fabrication of Thin Films with Controlled Composition and Texture
0244258K. FaberNorthwesternSiC-Based Ceramics from Naturally-Derived Scaffolds
0346800B. FahrenholtzMissouri-RollaStructure-Property Relations in Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
0502051S. FellerCoe CollegeA National Model in Undergraduate Research: Glass Science at Coe College
0010062bR. FrenchPennsylvaniaLocal Optical Properties, Electron Densities and London Dispersion Energies of Atomically Structured Grain Boundaries
0349632bV. GopalanPenn StateAtomic Defects and Dramatic Changes in Optical Ferroelectrics
0304169P. GoumaSUNY - Stony BrookNano-Composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses
0235632A. GruvermanNC StateMicrometer scale capacitors for a new generation of computer memory
0333191R. GuoPenn StateUnique Ba(ZrxTi1-x)O3 Solid Solution System
0346664A. KarlssonDelawareFailure Mechanics of Layered Ceramics and Ceramic-Metal Coatings due to Environmental Exposure
0230662J. KiefferMichiganPressure-Induced Structural Transitions in Cristobalite Silica
0200866H. KleebeColorado School of MinesNano-structured Materials of Covalently Bonded BCN Networks
0304968H. KleebeColorado School of MinesThe Fate of Carbon in Polymer-Derived SiCO Ceramics
0211139W. KrivenUIUCIn-situ High Temperature Ferroelastic Phase Transformations in Oxide Ceramics
0207522J. KrzanowskiNew HampshireEnhancing Hard Coatings By Compositional Densification
0099695bC. LeviUCSBDynamics of Layered, Multifunctional High Performance Surfaces
0333192J. LevyPittsburghLocalized microwave resonances in strained SrTiO3 thin films
0071645J. LewisIllinoisNanoparticle-Mediated Assembly of Colloidal Crystals
0203136S. LombardoMissouriForming of Ceramics During Firing without the Application of External Pressure
0502577P. LucasArizonaInfrared Transmitting Glass-Ceramics with New Functionalities
0101030M. MarderTexas-AustinA new type of failure
0435856J. MarschallSRICollaborative Research: Oxidation of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics in Dissociated Oxygen Environments
9972466S. MartinIowa StateConductivity Maximum in Solids
0116361R. MarzkeArizona StateLaser Heated Gradient NMR Studies of Ceramic Liquids
0205949P. McIntyreStanfordStructure & Chemistry of Electrode/Ferroelectric Interfaces
0207197M. MecartneyCalifornia-IrvineMetallic Behavior in Ceramics
0305400R. MeltzerGeorgiaCollaborative Research: Multi-Photon Phosphors Based on Vacuum Ultraviolet Excitation
0102215L. MingHawaiiSearch and Characterization of Novel Superhard Phases in the B-C-N System Under Extreme Conditions
9983801S. MistureAlfredCAREER: Oxygen Ion Conduction in Layered Aurivillius-Derived Ceramics
0403871R. NemanichNC StateFabrication of Silver Nanowires on Patterned Polar Surfaces
0404874I. NettleshipPittsburghFabrication of Silver Nanowires on Patterned Polar Surfaces Processing Oriented Pore Structures Using Ceramic Colloids
0348938S. O'BrienColumbiaScale Your Enthusiasm-Show me the nanocrystals!
0313346E. OlevskySan Diego StateFirst Multi-Scale Theory of Sintering: On the Cutting Edge of Sintering Virtual Reality
0201770N. OrlovskayaDrexelFerroelasticity and Hysteresis in MIEC perovskites
0403650J. PattenWestern MichiganDuctile Regime Machining of SiC
0447282R. ProzorovIowa StateUsing ultrasound to make superconducting nanocomposites
0427815R. RameshCalifornia-BerkeleyNanoscale Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Phenomena in Oxide Heterostructures
0210517S. RankinKentuckyNIRT: Tailored Fluorinated Surfactants for the Design of Ordered Nanoporous Ceramics
0111841S. RashkeevVanderbiltGOALI/FRG: Structural Properties of Alumina and Adsorbed Metal Particles
0316916R. ReidyNorth TexasGOALI:Nanoscale Characterization and Development of Ultra Low-k Dielectric Xerogel Films
0312081K. RichardsonClemsonEvaluation of the Optical and Electrical Properties of Oxy-chalcogenide Glasses
0435843B. RogersVanderbiltCollaborative Research: Oxidation of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics in Dissociated Oxygen Environments
0412886G. RohrerCarnegie MellonA New Theory for Photochemical Anisotropy
0341010K. SandhageGeorgia IOTMechanisms of Incongruent Reduction
0103354D. SchlomPenn StateEnhancement of Ferroelectricity in Strained BaTiO3 Thin Films
0243847S. SeraphinArizonaREU/RET Site: Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis
0210284S. ShahDelawareNitrogen Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
0441619S. ShahDelawareGe Quantum Dots (QD) Nanocomposites
0305418B. SheldonBrownControlling Stress Evolution in Ceramic Thin Films and Coatings
0200839R. SinghCincinnatiFRG: Nano-structured Materials of Covalently Bonded Networks
0103034V. SoghomonianOhioZeolitic Materials for Nanoscale Electronics & Quantum Computation
0404972J. StebbinsStanfordTemperature Effects on Borosilicate Glass and Melt Structure
0346819X. TanIowa StateCAREER: The Evolution of Polar Nanoregions and Its Coupling with Cation-Ordered Domains in Pb(B'B'')O3 Relaxor Ferroelectrics
0352773M. TomozawaRPIAbsence of Memory Effect in High Purity Silica Glass
0432428J. ToulouseLehighCeramics - SGER
0134286R. TricePurdueCAREER: High Temperature Deformation of Stand-Alone Plasma-Sprayed 7 wt.% Y2O3-ZrO2
0102808S. Trolier-McKinstryPenn StateHigh Piezoelectric Coefficient Ferroelectric Films for MEMS Applications
0226544C. VittoriaNortheasternCeramic Artificial Ferrites Prepared by Laser Ablation
0353840J. WeidnerSouth CarolinaSummer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program