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Condensed Matter Physics Highlights

0204871P. AdamsLouisiana StateInterface Spin Orbit Coupling in a Thin Film Superconductor
0302825J. AllenMichiganQuantum Criticality in Quasi-One Dimensional Li(0.9)Mo(6)O(17)
0406471C. AlmasanKent StateMetal-Insulator Transition above Room Temperature in Maximum Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganite Thin Films
0201261S. AnlageMarylandIntrinsic Microwave Nonlinearities in High-Temperature Superconductors
0405961M. AronsonMichiganNew Field Controlled Ferromagnets
0349319M. BarbicCSU Long BeachNanomagnetic Structures for Atomic Rsolution MRI
0240194D. BasovUC San DiegoInfrared Spectroscopy of High-Tc Superconductors
0137119R. BehringerDukeLooking Inside a Granular Material
0439810G. BergmannSouthern CalStudies of spin-currents, anomalous Hall effect and ballistic electron propagation in quench condensed alkali films
0203524O. BernalCal State LAProbing Hidden Order and Magnetic Disorder in Correlated Electron Systems Using Spin Probes
0134770A. BezryadinUIUCNovel quantum interference device made of DNA-templated superconducting nanowires
0304391S. BillingeMichigan StateAb-initio inorganic nanoparticle structure solution
0405238N. BirgeMichigan StateA magnetically-controlled superconducting switch
0405203L. BloomfieldVirginiaUsing Laser Light to Control the Temperature of an Ensemble of Clusters
0301971aF. BridgesUC Santa CruzLocal Distortion Study of La(1.2)Sr(1.8)Mn(2)O(7) Through the Ferromagnetic Transition
0301971bF. BridgesUC Santa CruzLocal Structure Studies of La(1-x)Ca(x)MnO(3): Evidence for Magnetic Dimers
0400938J. BrillKentuckyElectro-Optic Studies of Charge Density Wave Conductors
0203532J. BrooksFlorida StateMaking "old materials" do new things in high magnetic fields
0508574J. BrooksFlorida StateSixth International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors, and Ferromagnets
0093949H. CaoNorthwesternCAREER: Microscopic Study of Light Localization
0305519aJ. CaoFlorida StateProbe ultrafast structural dynamics using femtosecond electron diffraction
0305519bJ. CaoFlorida StateProbe ultrafast structural dynamics using femtosecond electron diffraction (FED)
0305519cJ. CaoFlorida StateElectronic thermal expansion and coherent acoustic phonon generation
0405682S. CheongRutgersMesoscopic phase modulations in complex materials
0503323T. ChiangUIUCQuantum Behavior of Electrons in Ultra Thin Silver Films on Germanium
0403849C. ChienJohns HopkinsTransport of Nanowires in Suspension
0137240R. CollinsPenn StateNovel Real Time Optics for Thin Film Materials
0400512M. ConradiWashingtonHigh-Temperature, High-Pressure NMR Apparatus for in situ Study of Hydrogen Storage Compounds
0244502S. CooperUIUCManipulating and studying the phases of functional materials with field- and pressure-tuned light scattering
0406029P. CrowellMinnesotaSpin Dynamics in Feromagnetic Microstructures
0308575A. de LozanneTexas - AustinLow Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy
0505160R. DiehlPenn StateWeak Adsorption on Complex Surfaces
0353108H. DingBostonFermi Surface Evolution in NaxCoO2
0305395A. DinsmoreMassachusetts-AmherstMapping Forces and Elasticity in Random Solids
0406140J. DiTusaLSUSuppressed Reflectivity due to Spin-Controlled Localization in a Magnetic Semiconductor
0245227M. DobrowolskaNotre DameA four-state memory device based on superposition of anomalous and planar Hall effects in ferromagnetic Ga(1-x)Mn(x)As
0242946J. EisensteinCaltechNature of Excitonic Bose Condensation in the Quantum Hall Regime
0404252J. ErskineTexas - AustinSpin Configurations and Dynamics in Thin-Film Magnetic Nanostructures
0444172S. FradenBrandeisDesigning Viruses for Studies of Liquid-Crystals and Self-Assembly
0205186A. GenackQueens CollegePhoton Localization Laser
0405208M. GershensonRutgersElectric Field Effect in Organic Semiconductors
0115663H. GlydeDelawareBose-Einstein condensation, excitations and superfluidity
0303705V. GoldmanStony BrookQuantum-Coherent Transport in Quantum Hall Devices
0455121A. GoldmanMinnesotaElectrostatically Switching Between Ground States of Ultrathin Films
0303973T. GoodsonMichiganLarge Two-Photon Absorption and Intermolecular Interactions in Biotin-Chromophore Assembled Nanoparticles
0138488A. GranatoIllinoisInterstitalcy Theory of Liquids and Glasses
0352735R. GreeneMarylandTunneling into the Normal State of Electron-doped High-Temperature Superconductors
0451589D. GrierNYUBrownian Transport Through Modulated Potential Energy Landscapes
0405472aE. HallerUC BerkeleyDiffusion in Isotopically Controlled Silicon-Germanium Alloys
0405472bE. HallerUC BerkeleySynthesis and Characterization of Ge Nanocrystals in Sapphire
0138009R. HallockMassachusettsObservation of Two-dimensional Classical Wave Localization: 4He Films on a Disordered Substrate
0404962A. HebardFloridaColossal Magnetocapacitance in Mixed Phase Manganites
0505524F. HellmanUC BerkeleyMagnetic Moments in Amorphous Semiconductors: quantum critical scaling
0094055J. HeremansOhioMesoscopic spin-dependent transport in two-dimensional systems
0239481S. HillFloridaCAREER: Magnetic Resonance - From Materials Research to Science Education
0240937F. HimpselWisconsin - MadisonLow-Dimensional Electron Gas at a Surface
0108787T. HodappAPSImproving the Education of Future Physics and Physical Science Teachers
0103409D. JohnsonOregonSynthesis of and Structure-Function Relationships in Heterostructures of Quasi-2D Materials
0353209M. KastnerMITKondo Bond Between an Artificial Atom and Metallic Leads
0103290A. KentNYUQuantum Effects in Single Molecule Magnets
0405620A. KentNYUNanoscale Spin Transfer Devices and Materials
0320743J. KrimNC StateQuartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of Atomic-Scale Friction
0403480D. KumarNorth Carolina A & TScience and Technology of Self-Assembled Magnetic and Superconducting Nano Arrays
0349361A. LanzaraUC BerkeleyThe Secret of Paired Electrons in Superconductors
0239483Y. LeeFloridaNature of Pure and Dirty Liquid 3He - Fundamental Investigations and Educational Activities
0134377R. LehenyJohns HopkinsStructure and Dynamics of Disordered and Out-of-Equilibrium Systems-Education and Outreach Highlight
0403891X. LingBrownA low-cost nanofabrication method for fabricating silicon nanopores for rapid detection of biomolecules
0406626X. LingBrownDetecting the latent heat of Bragg glass melting in a classic type-II superconductor
0202534Y. LiuPenn StatePhysical phenomena in tiny superconducting cylinders made on ultrathin insulating quartz filaments
0307267G. MalovichkoMontana StateImpurity locations and mechanisms of charge compensation in stoichiometric lithium nibate and lithium tantalate crystals
0335173aB. MapleUC San DiegoMultiple Ordered Phases in the Filled Skutterudite Compound PrOs(4)As(12)
0335173bB. MapleUC San DiegoUnconventional superconductivity in PrOs(4)As(12)
0335173cB. MapleUC San DiegoExotic Superconductivity and Magnetism in '115' Materials
0305115H. MarisBrownDiscovery of a New Type of Electron Bubble in Liquid Helium
0203560B. McCombeBuffaloNovel Optical Investigations of Spin Dependent Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures
0305371M. MeiselFloridaSequential Assembly of Magnetic Prussian Blue Thin Films with Photo-Induced Magnetism
0305384E. MendezStony BrookElectronic Noise in Mesoscopic Conductors
0305396N. MenonMassachusetts-AmherstJamming of molecules and grains
0094241H. NakotteNew Mexico StateCAREER: Effects of Pressure and Magnetic Field in Strongly-Correlated-Electron-Systems with Non-Collinear Magnetism
0304906D. NatelsonRiceSingle-molecule transistors: many-body physics and possible applications
0308973M. NaughtonBoston CollegeInterference-Driven Conductivity Oscillations in Molecular Conductors
0244058J. NeumeierMontana StateMontana State University REU Site Program: A Materials Research Education
0504769J. NeumeierMontana StateGrowth and Physical Properties Measurements of Novel Condensed Matter Materials
0353719M. PaeslerNCSUTheoretical imaging of chemical reactions
0352738aA. PinczukColumbiaQuantization of the Magnetoresistance and Origin of the Empirical Resistivity Rule
0352738bA. PinczukColumbiaCollective Modes of Quantum Hall Fluids Observed by Inelastic Light Scattering
0451163W. PlummerTennesseeMultiple Bosonic Mode Coupling to Electron in (La[2-x]Sr[x])CuO[4]
0105232aW. PlummerTennesseeLow-dimensional Magnetic Nanostructures I
0105232bW. PlummerTennesseeAn atomic view of intertwined electronic and structural transitions: In/Si interface
0405082A. RamdasPurdueSubstitutional Oxygen vs. Vacancy-Oxygen Complex in Dadmium Telluride
0094225A. ReillyWilliam and MaryUltrafast Laser Studies of Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Thin Films
0405319E. RiedoGeorgia TechInteraction forces in water at the nanoscale
0308660I. RobinsonIllinoisSystematic Study of Variable Coherence in X-ray Diffraction from Nanocrystals
0210321C. RossMITNanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0304745A. RuoffCornellMetallic Silane
0503347C. SafinyaUC Santa BarbaraTwo State Lipid-Protein Bio-Nanotubes with Open and Closed Ends
0404505J. SchillingWashingtonEnhancing the Current Carrying Capacity of YBaCuO Superconductors through High Pressure
0353729I. SchullerUCSDGuided Vortex-lattice Motion with Artificially Prepared Nanostructures
0325599L. ShamUC San DiegoSpin-effect amplification in a three-terminal device
0137236D. ShaperoNRCBoard on Physics and Astronomy, Solid State Sciences Committee
0209542S. SinhaUC San DiegoStructural and Dynamical Studies of Thin Polymer Films Using X-ray Scattering
0304314A. SmithOhioNIRT: Building Nanospintronic and Nanomagnetic Structures: Growth, Manipulation and Characterization at the Atomic Scale
0311792K. SmithBostonSynchrotron Radiation Speectroscopic Study of Surface and Bulk Electronic Structure of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
0404912D. SnokePittsburghHarmonic Potential Traps for Excitons and Polaritons
0404961T. SolomonBucknellRUI: Pattern Formation in Reaction-Advection-Diffusion Systems with Lagrangian Chaos
0302254G. SrinivasanOaklandGiant Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferromagnetic-Ferroelectric Heterostructures
0403641M. StavolaLehighStructures and Properties of Hydrogen-Containing Defects in Semiconductors
0305043D. TannerFloridaInfrared studies of cuprate superconductors
0411748H. TaubMissouri-ColumbiaCorrelation of Topography with Friction in Alkane Films
0307594P. TaylorUtahMetastable Defects in Amorphous Semiconductors
0244441M. TinkhamHarvardElectron-Phonon Coupling in Carbon Nanotubes Observed by Raman Spectroscopy
0306165M. TorikachviliSan Diego StateHigh-Pressure Effects on the Magnetism and Superconductivity of RuSr(2)GdCu(2)O(8)
0441218F. TsuiUNC-Chapel HillNovel Synthesis of Si/Ge-Based Magnetic Semiconductor Films and Heterostructures
0245423P. VilchesWashingtonNovel One- and Two-dimensional Systems
0502738H. WangOregonNonradiative Quantum Coherences in Semiconductors
0239109E. WeeksEmoryCAREER: Static Properties and Dynamical Behavior of Jammed Systems
0240644aM. WeissmanUIUCNoise Studies of Disordered Condensed Matter - Relaxor Ferroelectrics
0240644bM. WeissmanUIUCNoise Studies of Disordered Condensed Matter - Colossal Magnetoresistive Materials
0244570H. WeiteringTennesseeElectrical Transport in Thin Film Nanostructures
0239667B. WellsConnecticutCAREER: Functional Oxide Films for Spectroscopy
0131111G. WilliamsUCLASuperfluidity in One-Dimensional Channels
0409769G. WongUIUCWet electrostatics and biomolecular self-assembly
0242284X. WuPittsburghVortex Formation in 2D Fluids
0306746X. XiPenn StateHybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition of MgB2 Thin Films
0405088N. YehCal TechQuantum Fluctuations and Vortex Dynamics in Cuprate Superconductor
0203378A. YodhPennsylvaniaPremelting at defects within bulk colloidal crystals
0302222A. ZaslavskyBrownStrain-induced quantum confinement in Si-based nanostructures with noncylindrical geometry
0346826J. ZhangFlorida InternationalCAREER: New Phases at the Surfaces/Interfaces of Transition-Metal Oxides