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Metals Highlights


0508987P. AndersonOhio StateStrength Design Maps for Nanoscale Metallic Multilayer Thin Films
0513751S. AnkemMarylandDetermination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha-Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
0407958R. AverbackIllinoisNanoscale Self-Organization of Metallic Alloys under Ion Irradiation
0306997aM. AzizHarvardShocks in Ion Sputtering Sharpen Steep Surface Topographic Features
0306997bM. AzizHarvardNonlinear Theory of Sputtering
0453554D. BahrWashington StateREU Site: Characterization of Advanced Materials
0132225C. BeckermannIowaMicroporosity Formation in Alloy Solidification
0304942P. BellonIllinoisMechanical Mixing in Metallic Alloys During Ball Milling and Sliding Wear
0354060P. BellonIllinoisSynthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Alloys with Enhanced Mechanical Properties
0407462A. BhallaPenn StateDesign and Processing of Novel Electronic Composite Materials
0533954C. BoehlertMichigan StateGrain Boundary Engineering of High-Temperature Structural Alloys
0312189S. CargillLehighStrains in Polycrystalline Thin Films
0092530N. ChawlaArizona State3D microstructure characterization of Environmentally Benign Pb-free solders
0091681G. CollinsWashington StateNonstoichiometery in line compounds
0304777M. DayanandaPurdueVariation of Interdiffusion Coefficients in Multicomponent Diffusion Couples
0233805D. DunandNorthwesternIn-Situ Processing of Superconducting MgB2l-Metal Composites
0092756J. ErlebacherJohns HopkinsMorphological Control and Applications of Nanoporous Gold
0208008F. ErnstCase Western ReserveIon Exchange at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
0355234P. FerreiraTexas - AustinNano/Sub-micron Stainless Steels
9983945M. FreeUtahCorrosion Minimization Using Surfactants and Education
0307009T. HufnagelJohns HopkinsNanometer-scale structure and properties of amorphous alloys
0201382S. KalidindiDrexelRole of Deformation Twinning in Strain Hardening and Texture Evolution: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
0410222M. KassnerUSCGeometric Dynamic Recrystallization in alpha-Zr
0307410K. KeltonWashingtonStructural and Microstructural Studies of Ti/Zr and Al-Based Quasicrystals, Approximants, and Metallic Glasses
0201474C. KochNC StateMechanical properties of nanocrystalline (nc) two phase alloys
0098776S. KouWisconsinPartially Melted Zone (PMZ) Cracking in Aluminum Welds
0243331T. LangdonUSCProcessing and Propertiesof Materials with Ultrafine Grain Sizes
0508630K. LudwigBostonCoherent X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase Transitions in Metals
0355171R. LukaszewToledoHighly anisotropic nano-magnets
0406220M. McHenryCarnegie MellonProcessing of Materials in Strong Magnetic Fields: Phase Stability in FeCo-Based Alloys
0240144A. MukherjeeUC - DavisFundamental Understanding of Superplasticity in Nanocrystalline Metals
0237566R. NapolitanoIowa StateA volume-based length scale for eutectic irregular growth
0347095A. RamirezYaleCAREER: Robust Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys for MEMS
0344562I. RobertsonIllinoisDynamics of Dislocation-Particle Interactions: A Combined Modeling & Experimental Approach
0210321C. RossMITNanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0413616A. RussellIowa StateDuctile Intermetallic Compounds
0346848C. SchuhMITDevelopment of Percolation Theory for Interface Networks in Materials
0307188S. SeetharamanCarnegie MellonSteels for the next generation automobiles
0348818S. SeetharamanCarnegie MellonCAREER: In-situ Visualization of Metallurgical Processes
0420532D. SeidmanNorthwesternThe Northwestern University LEAP Tomograph
0241928aD. SeidmanNorthwesternEarly gamma/gamma prime-phase separation: sub-nanometer scale analyses
0241928bD. SeidmanNorthwesternCoarsening Pathway Analysis in Ni-Al-Cr by Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation
0241928cD. SeidmanNorthwesternThe Effects of Long-Range Vacancy-Solute Binding Energies on a New Coarsening Mechanism in Ni-Al-Cr by Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo
0207729L. ShawConnecticutThe Surface Nanocrystallization and Hardening (SNH) Process for Improved Fatigue Resistance
0305354J. ShieldNebraskaOrdering Transformations in Rare Earth-Transition Metal Permanent Magnets
0302470P. SofronisIllinoisHydrogen-induced Material Degradation: Brittle Decohesion Versus Plastic Flow Localization
0238356Y. SohnCentral FloridaFundamentals of Multicomponent Diffusion in Multiphase Alloys
0139081N. ThadhaniGeorgia TechREU/RET/INT Macro Site: Structure Property Correlations across Micro to Nano Length Scales
0302044C. ThompsonMITStress and Structure Evolution During Formation of Polycrystalline Metallic Films: From Adatoms to Coalescence
0133559J. VlassakHarvardMechanical Behavior of Metal Thin Films and Shape Memory Alloy Coatings
0402891Y. VohraAlabama - BirminghamNanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team RET - Program in Nanostructured Biomaterials
0304738L. WilliamsLehighMeasurements of Impurity Segregation in a Spherical-Aberation Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)
0238113J. ZhuTennessee TechnologicalCAREER: Novel Conductive Oxide Coatings on Metallic Interconnect for Intermediate-Temperature SOFC Application
0449790J. ZuoIllinoisAtomic Structure and Growth of Nano-Particles