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Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers Highlights

0080065aH. AtwaterCal TechParticle Wrapping by Circular DNA
0080065bH. AtwaterCal TechUniversal Law for Plastic Yield in Metallic Glasses
0080065cH. AtwaterCal TechBridging the Gap between Natural and Synthetic Polymers
0080065dH. AtwaterCal TechMaterial World: The Properties of Matter
0080065eH. AtwaterCal TechFourth NSF Research Educators Network Workshop April 2005
0213706aR. BhattPrincetonShear-Orientation of Nanocylinders in Thin Films
0213706bR. BhattPrincetonDissipationless Currents in Magnets
0213706cR. BhattPrincetonIndentation Size Effects in Sub-micron and Nano-Contacts
0213706dR. BhattPrincetonEffect Of Periodic Pattern On Two Dimensional Electron Systems
0213706eR. BhattPrincetonPacking of Ellipsoids : M&Ms Pack Denser Than Ball Bearings
0213706fR. BhattPrincetonPCCM Featured in Showcase Liberty Science Center Exhibition
0213706gR. BhattPrincetonTeacher Training: Energy Conversion and Circuits
0213985aW. ButlerAlabamaCoverage Dependent Evolution of Two-Dimensional Dendrimer/Mica Domain Patterns
0213985bW. ButlerAlabamaEasy Axis Orientation of Chemically Synthesized L10 FePt Nanoparticles
0213985cW. ButlerAlabamaCalculation of Current-driven Switching rates
0213985dW. ButlerAlabamaHigh School Research Leads to Award
0213985eW. ButlerAlabamaNanoscience and Engineering High School Research Interns
0213985fW. ButlerAlabamaTheory of Tunneling Magnetoresistance Leads to New Discoveries with Potential Technological Impact
0080031aC. ChienJohns HopkinsAntisymmetric Magnetoresistance in Co/Pt Multilayers
0080031bC. ChienJohns HopkinsExplorations in Nanoscale Science and Engineering
0080031cC. ChienJohns HopkinsArrays of 100-nm Nanorings
0080031dC. ChienJohns HopkinsPhysics Fair
0079983aJ. DePabloWisconsinCoupling of Synthetic Liquid Crystals to Enveloped Virus Particles
0079983bJ. DePabloWisconsinElectronic and Structural Properties of Monolayer-Thick Organic Semiconductor Films
0079983cJ. DePabloWisconsinSurface Science of Si and Si/Ge at the Atomic Level
0079983dJ. DePabloWisconsinNanoworld
0079992aF. DiSalvoCornellSilicon Carbide-based mesoporous ceramics
0079992bF. DiSalvoCornellHigh quality organic films for transistor applications
0079992cF. DiSalvoCornellBright and Stable Core-Shell Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles
0079992dF. DiSalvoCornellInteractions Between Magnets and Buckyballs
0079992eF. DiSalvoCornellA Micromechanical FM Radio
0079992fF. DiSalvoCornellPlucking the World's Smallest String
0079992gF. DiSalvoCornellNew Versatile Polymers, from hard to soft to elastic
0079992hF. DiSalvoCornellScience and the next Stradivarius?
0079992iF. DiSalvoCornellCenter and Community Join to Reach Underserved Youth
0080034aC. HawkerUCSBWater Soluble Conjugated Polymers for DNA Sensing
0080034bC. HawkerUCSBThe Effect of Compatibilizer on the Flow-induced Coalescence of Two Drops
0080034cC. HawkerUCSBLong-range attraction between amphiphilic surfaces
0080034dC. HawkerUCSBEmergent Structures by Nano-Confinement
0080034eC. HawkerUCSBProgrammable Self-Assembling Jigsaw Puzzles of RNA
0080034fC. HawkerUCSBDefect Reduction via Low Temperature, Hydrothermal Lateral Epitaxial Overgrowth of Zinc Oxide
0080034gC. HawkerUCSBEffective-Temperature-Induced Shear Banding
0080034hC. HawkerUCSBResults of a Long-Term Internship Program for Community College Students at UCSB
0080034iC. HawkerUCSBUsing Technology to Reach a Broader Audience
0080034jC. HawkerUCSBMESA Science and Technology Day
0213745aH. JaegerChicagoHow Particles Flow in Confinement
0213745bH. JaegerChicagoMaking a Splash - or not!
0213745cH. JaegerChicagoFabrication of Antibody Arrays with SAMS
0213745dH. JaegerChicagoBehavior of Self-Assembled Nanoscale Polymer Domains
0213745eH. JaegerChicagoBring Materials Science to Chicago Public School Teachers
0213745fH. JaegerChicagoMRSEC/GSB Management Laboratory
0079909M. KleinPennsylvaniaPremelting at defects within bulk colloidal crystals
0079996aG. RohrerCarnegie MellonPredictability and Control in Polycrystalline Structure
0079996bG. RohrerCarnegie MellonGrowing Thin Films with only one hand
0079996cG. RohrerCarnegie MellonLarge Scale, Anisotropic Grain Growth Simulations
0079996dG. RohrerCarnegie MellonDo You Really Need Titanium Golf Clubs?
0213282aM. RubnerMITNanocrystal arrays convert light to electrons with 100% efficiency
0213282bM. RubnerMITDefects are perfect when it comes to processing information with light
0213282cM. RubnerMITFabrics that can see the light
0213282dM. RubnerMITUnderstanding a flower-like arrangement of atoms may lead to lithium batteries with double the capacity
0213282eM. RubnerMITUltra-water repellant coatings: a lesson from nature
0213282fM. RubnerMITCreating ripples on nanoparticles
0213282gM. RubnerMITBottom-up meets top-down
0213282hM. RubnerMITFirst Minimally-Invasive Human Laser Surgery Using a Cylindrical Photonic Bandgap Fiber (Omniguide)
0213282iM. RubnerMITA General Approach to Surface Modification
0213282jM. RubnerMITRET participants publish paper on teaching materials science and engineering using organic light-emitting thin film devices
0213282kM. RubnerMITUsing motors to encourage high school women to pursue careers in engineering
0213282lM. RubnerMITFrom basic research to the operating room
0213695T. RussellMassachusettsSelf-directed self-assembly of nanoparticle/copolymer mixtures
0080021aS. SampathStony BrookThermal Plasma Synthesis of Strongly Covalent Compounds Helps Advance State-of-the-Art in Superconductivity
0080021bS. SampathStony BrookNew Methods for Extracting Non-Linear Stress Strain Relationships in Compliant Ceramic Thick Films/Coatings
0080021cS. SampathStony BrookNovel Approaches for Synthesis and Fabrication of YAG:Cr3+ Luminescent Coatings
0213808aD. SellmyerNebraskaBonding of Biphenyldimethyldithiol on Co Surface
0213808bD. SellmyerNebraskaTemplate-Mediated Self-Assembly of Patterned Nanomagnets
0213808cD. SellmyerNebraskaMagnetic Tunnel Junctions
0213808dD. SellmyerNebraskaMRSEC Teacher-Collaborators Win Trophy Award at MRS Meeting in Boston
0076097aJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternRapid Dection of an Anthrax Biomarker by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
0076097bJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternNU-MRSEC Graduate Students and Postdocs Mentor Diverse Middle-School Students in Community
0076097cJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternSix REST Participants Attend Materials Research Society Meeting in Boston
0076097dJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternStructure and Dynamics of Spherical Microemulsions in the Pressence of Monolayer Interface in the Multi-component Systems: A Computer Simulation Study
0076097eJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternMicrolasers by Dynamical Localization of Light
0076097fJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternRoom-Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconductor-Based Magnetoelectronics
0076097gJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternOligonucleotide-Controlled Self-Assembly of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes SWNT
0076097hJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternLightweight electronics and displays
0076097iJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternDevice Optimization and Characterization of EO Modulators Based on MOCVD Grown BaTiO3 Thin Films and Organic Polymeric Materials
0076097jJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternSurface Phase Diagrams and Charge Redistribution in Oxides
0076097kJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternFirst Application of Gradient Copolymers: Compatibilizing Phase-Separated Polymer Blends
0076097lJ. TorkelsonNorthwesternTransparent conducting oxides
0213883aM. UrbanSouthern MississippiAnti-Bacterial Surfaces
0213883bM. UrbanSouthern MississippiHumidity-Responsive Polymeric Films
0213883cM. UrbanSouthern MississippiRoom Temperature Aqueous Polymerization
0213883dM. UrbanSouthern MississippiSmart Polyurethane Films
0212302aM. WardMinnesotaAn Effective and Engaging Science Module on Measurement
0212302bM. WardMinnesotaSTM Imaging of Defects in Pentacene Thin Films
0212302cM. WardMinnesotaThin Film Transistors Based on Hybrid Oligoacene/Thiophene Molecules
0212302dM. WardMinnesotaTopologically Driven Swelling of a Polymer Loop
0212302eM. WardMinnesotaIndustrial Partnership
0212302fM. WardMinnesotaShear-induced network-to-network transition in a block copolymer melt
0213623aP. WeissPenn StateAnti-proximity in Superconductor/Zinc Nanowire/ Superconductor Structures
0213623bP. WeissPenn StateBiomotor Transport in an Enclosed Microfluidic Channel
0213623cP. WeissPenn StateNano- and Microscale Motors Powered by Catalytic Reactions
0213623dP. WeissPenn StateOrdered Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays Embedded in a Microstructured Optical Fiber (MOF) for Optoelectronics
0213623eP. WeissPenn StateElectronic Characterization of Structure Created by Molecular Rulers
0213623fP. WeissPenn StateBuilding and Moving a Nanocar
0213623gP. WeissPenn StateHighly Sensitive, Highly Reproducible Nanoporous Gold Surfaces for Surface Enhanced Raman Based Chemical Sensors
0213623hP. WeissPenn StateManipulation of metallic and semiconducting nanowires with a focused electron-beam
0213623iP. WeissPenn StateScience Museum Project
0213623jP. WeissPenn StateHigh Aspect Ratio Structures in Complex Materials
0213623kP. WeissPenn StateThe Adventure of the Apprentice's Stone
0213623lP. WeissPenn StateNovel Electroactive Materials and Tunable Photonic Crystals
0080008aE. WilliamsMarylandMismatched Molecules Generate Chiral Pinwheels
0080008bE. WilliamsMarylandIndustrial Collaboration: Microcosm, Inc. Development of Highly Efficient Biosensors Based on Nanoparticle Enhanced Fluorescence
0080008cE. WilliamsMarylandLow-H magneto-Dielectric Effect in an Iron-Garnet
0080008dE. WilliamsMarylandUMD-MRSEC Summer Camps