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National Facilities Highlights

0084173G. BoebingerFlorida StateNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
0084402aM. CadwalladerSRCGiant oscillations in a nano-size soccer ball
0084402bM. CadwalladerSRCQuantum Behavior of Electrons in Ultra Thin Silver Films on Germanium
0084402cM. CadwalladerSRCFostering Pre-Collegiate Science Education Through the PEOPLE Program
0084402dM. CadwalladerSRCQuantum Criticality in Quasi-One Dimensional Li0.9Mo6O17
0084402eM. CadwalladerSRCFermi Surface Evolution in NaxCoO2
0086210aC. GlinkaNISTNeutron Scattering Study of Spin Excitations in the Singlet Ground State of SrCu2(BO3)2
0086210bC. GlinkaNISTStructure and Dynamics of a Potential Hydrogen Storage Material, Ammonia Borane: A SURF Student Project
0086210cC. GlinkaNISTThe Texture of Frustrated Magnets
0086210dC. GlinkaNISTPressure Dependence of the Fragile-to-Strong Transition in Supercooled Confined Water
9986442aC. GlinkaNISTNeutron Scattering Summer School
9986442bC. GlinkaNISTSummer Undergraduate Interns - 2005
9986442cC. GlinkaNISTGiant Magnetoresistance in a Spontaneously Phase Separated Perovskite Oxide
9986442dC. GlinkaNISTCombining SANS and Rheology
0225180aS. GrunerCHESSCornell Researchers Develop New Method for High-Pressure Cryocooling
0225180bS. GrunerCHESSRecovering Ancient Inscriptions by X-ray Fluorescence Imaging
0225180cS. GrunerCHESSTowards new strategies for HIV vaccine development: structure solution of the unliganded SIV gp120 glycoprotein
0225180dS. GrunerCHESSWave propagation and phase retrieval in Fresnel diffraction by a distorted-object approach
0225180eS. GrunerCHESSYes, You Can Grow Laterally Ordered Lamellar Diblock Copolymer Films
0225180fS. GrunerCHESSDevelopment of a confocal x-ray fluorescence microscope for non-destructive characterization of historic paintings
0225180gS. GrunerCHESSComposition of buried pigment layers in a Dutch Portrait by Mathias Stomer
0225180hS. GrunerCHESSG-Line Receives Cornell W. N. Findley Prize
0444225H. NakotteNMSULANSCE Winter School on Neutron Scattering
0335765aS. TiwariNNINSingle Molecule Electrical Measurements
0335765bS. TiwariNNINElectronic Energies of Suspended Carbon Nanotubes