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Polymers Highlights

0504435R. AdvinculaHoustonConjugated Polymer Ultrathin Films: Synthesis, Electropatterning, and Nanopatterning of Precursor Polymers
9982010R. AdvinculaHoustonNanopatterning, Electropatterning, and Nanocharging of Conjugated Polymers Using the Precursor Polymer Approach
0094485R. AlamoFAMU-FSUKinetic and Structural Properties of Semicrystalline Polyolefins
0237052L. ArcherCornellRelaxation Dynamics of Branched Polymers
0109077S. BakerHarvey MuddTwo-Dimensional Self-Assembly in Diblock Copolymers
0087611G. BazanUC Santa BarbaraOrganic Materials of Intermediate Dimensions for Optoelectronic Technologies
0320980L. BelfioreColorado StateSynergistic Physicochemical Properties of Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
0412320F. BlumMissouri - RollaDynamics in Polymeric Thin Films
0423786W. BrittainAkronSynthesis of Poly(acrylic acid) Brushes via Thermolytic Degradation
0100646P. CebeTuftsSemicrystalline Polymers under Confinement as Thin Films
0406127P. CebeTuftsPolymer-Based Nanocomposites: An Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
0209282W. ChenMount HolyokeSimultaneous Tailoring of Surface Topography and Chemical Structure for Controlled Wettability
0516602S. ChengAkronOnset of Highly Stretched Brushes Regime
0454887B. ChuStony BrookSupramolecular Formation, Complexation & Dynamics in Colloidal Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes
0349952C. CohenCornellTailored Elastomers
0433079R. ColbyPenn StateInvestigation of the Consequences of Cooperative Motion in Polymers and their Miscible Blends
0234903R. CompostoPennsylvaniaMorphology of Thin Film Polymer Blends Containing Nanoparticles
0349078A. CrosbyMassachusetts“Smart” Adhesion: Controlling Polymer Interfaces with Patterns
0092380L. DaltonWashingtonOrganic Electroactive Materials
0355470M. EdigerWisconsinDynamics in polymer mixtures
0213508B. GaretzPolytechnicGrain Structure in Block Copolymer Thin Films Studied by Guided Wave Depolarized Light Scattering
0353102J. GenzerNC StateRandom-Blocky Copolymers: Monomer Sequencing through Templated Chemical Coloring
0097126H. GibsonVermontSupramacromolecules: Structure/Property Control Via Self-assembly with Well-Defined Macromolecules
0111193D. GinColorado - BoulderNanostructured Polymers for Brønsted and Lewis Acid Catalysis via Monomer Self-assembly
0134691T. GoodsonMichiganEnhanced Two-Photon Absorption in Dendrimers
0449688P. GopalanWisconsinNanostructural Control of Optical Properties in Polymers with Electroactive Subunits
0072897P. GreenTexas - AustinOrdering Transition of Block Copolymer Thin Films
0239697R. GrubbsDartmouthCAREER: Development of Novel Ternary Copolymer Assemblies
0410425R. GrubbsCaltechMetal Catalyzed Reactions of Hydrocarbons
0135233Z. GuanUC - IrvineOne-pot Synthesis of Dumbbell Polymers through Chain Walking Polymerization
0413524P. HammondMITExploring the Concentrated Lyotropic and Dilute Solution Assembly of Linear-Dendritic Block Copolymers
0099843A. HeegerUC Santa BarbaraThe Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET) Gate: A Time-Resolved Study
0094144M. HillmyerMinnesotaBicontinuous Nanoporous Plastics
0349436A. HiltnerCase Western ReserveOne-Dimensional Photonic Crystals by Forced-Assembly of Glassy Polymers Process Breakthrough
0405432B. HsiaoStony BrookDirected Crystallization Precursor Structures in Polymers
0507208Z. HuNorth TexasNovel Polymer Microgel Dispersions with an Inverse Thermoreversible Gelation
0513699A. KabanovNebraska Medical CenterNanomaterials: Block Ionomer Complexes
9876221R. KannanWayne StateRole of Polymer architecture and tacticity on mechanical and flow behavior
0402849D. KaplanTuftsSilk Polymer Models for Structure-Function Relationships
0243314J. KennedyAkronUnique Polymeric Materials by Novel Processes
0239744K. KiickDelawareProteins Containing Non-natural Amino Acids as Building Blocks for Novel Materials
0442029P. KofinasMarylandBlock Copolymer Self-Assembled Nanoarchitectures for Flexible Capacitors
0307233E. KramerUC - Santa BarbaraOrder to Disorder in Cylindrical Block Copolymer Monolayers
0413755S. KumarRensselaerRole of Non-Equilibrium Pinned Layers on the Thermodynamics of Confined Polymer Blends
0209272T. KyuAkronSpatio-temporal emergence of mesomorphic patterns in mixtures of rigid rod and liquid crystalline polymers
0449462J. LahannMichiganSurface Engineering via Thin Polymer Films
0093758R. LevickyColumbiaDNA Films as Model Polyelectrolytes and As Platforms for Biomolecular Diagnostics
0352588M. LewinPolytechnicHigh Temperature and Flammability Behavior of Nanocomposites and Polymer Blends
0239415C. LiDrexelNano Hybrid Shish Kebab: Periodically Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
0406656T. LodgeMinnesotaWhat do Two Glass Transitions Tell Us About Miscibility in a Polymer Blend?
0348339Y. LooTexas - AustinCAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Program for Engineering Functional Block Copolymers
0134910J. MaranasPenn StateCombined Power of Molecular and Experiment
0314760J. MarkCincinnatiImproving the Barrier Properties of Encapsulation Coatings Using Montmorillonite Clay
0084304D. MartinMichiganStructural Distortions During a Thermally-Induced Solid-State Phase Transformation in TIPS-Pentacene Crystals
0307084G. McKennaTexas TechThe QCM: Mass uptake measurement issues
0346435aJ. MijovicPolytechnicDynamics of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Polymer Nanocomposites (NSF-EC)
0346435bJ. MijovicPolytechnicMolecular Dynamics of PAMAM Dendrimers
0346435cJ. MijovicPolytechnicPolyisoprene(PI)/silicate nanocomposites as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (DRS) and dynamic mechanical spectroscopy (DMS)
0094194C. OrtizMITMolecular Design and Nanomechanical Properties of Comb-Type Graft Copolymers
0238979D. PaulTexas - AustinPermeation of Penetrants in Nanocomposites
0134032Z. PengMissouri - Kansas CityElectrically Active Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
0203660D. PerahiaClemsonInterfacial Characteristics of Semi fluorinated Polymers
0102459V. PercecPennsylvaniaSingle Molecule Functional Nanostructures
0402766N. PintoPuerto Rico - HumacaoElectronic device fabrication based on conducting polymer nanofibers: Motivating undergraduate students towards research in materials science
0348147D. PochanDelawareReinforced Biopolymers for Nanocomposite Construction and Materials Science and Engineering Curriculum Development
0315461J. RaboltDelawareApplication of Dynamic Spectroscopic Methods to the Rheo-Optical Study of Polymers
0220236R. RegisterPrincetonControlled Crystallization in Novel Block Copolymers
0312046J. RiffleVirginia TechToward discrete superparamagnetic nanoparticle dispersions that can be reversibly aggregated with uniform magnetic fields
0073346P. RinaldiAkron3D NMR Studies of Hydrocarbon Based Polymers
0211056J. RuntPenn StateStructure and Dynamics of Polymer Blends Exhibiting Strong Intermolecular Interactions
0075810P. RussoLouisiana StateComplex Fluids with Extended, Rigid Components
0449736C. RyuRPIPolymer Adsorption in Nanopores - Block Copolymer Purification Made-Easy
0353119D. SchiraldiCase Western ReserveNSF Research Experience in Polymer Science
0309441J. SchlenoffFlorida StateSalt “Melts” Multilayers
0348884G. SchmidtLouisiana StateBio-Nanocomposites: An Approach Towards Tissue Engineering
0306787S. SheikoNorth CarolinaMolecular Visualization: Spreading Kinematics and Dynamics
0214146K. ShullNorthwesternModel Studies of Reversibly Interacting Surfaces
0304640S. SimonTexas TechDynamic Heterogeneity and the Behavior of Glass-Forming Materials at the Nanoscale
0308762S. SimonTexas TechA Fundamental Study of the Bulk Modulus in Polymers and its Dependence on Chemical Structure
9985160D. SmithClemsonAromatic Polymers for High Performance
0315388A. SokolovAkronGHz-THz Dynamics as the Key for Structural Relaxation
0502928G. SotzingConnecticutNSF-Europe Materials Collaboration: Rapid Generation of Inherently Conductive Polymer Micro and Nanostructures
0209439S. SukhishviliStevensResponsive Polymer Multilayers
0308133E. ThomasMITHypersonic phononic crystals
0308982V. TsukrukIowa StateAssembling dendritic and branched molecules at interfaces
0094290M. UtzConnecticutUnderstanding Plasticity In Polymer Glasses At The Molecular Level By Computer Simulation And Solid State NMR
0314110K. WagenerFloridaPrecise Polymer Structures via Metathesis Polycondensation Chemistry
0215342C. WederCase Western ReserveConjugated Polymer Networks
0137968J. WhiteNC StatePolyolefin Blend Miscibility: An Experimental Molecular View
0405195U. WiesnerCornellNIRT: Nanohybrids and Nanobiohybrids
0235106K. WineyPennsylvaniaControlling Ionomer Morphologies
0210247K. WooleyWashingtonComplex assembly of well-defined block copolymers
0301833K. WooleyWashingtonMolecular-based objects: Nanoscopic control of physical and mechanical properties
0509574J. WuNJITTerahertz Dynamics of Polymer Crystallization
0209651F. WudlUCLAThe Next Generation Organic Materials Oligoacenes, Heteroacenes and Cyclacenes
0312233B. WunderlichTennessee - KnoxvilleThe Concept of Decoupling of Parts of Macromolecules
0207560K. WynneVCUFunctional Polymer Surfaces
0442718K. WynneVCUSymposium and Workshop: "The Polymer Science of Everyday Things"
0139155aL. YuChicagoInversion of the Rectifying Effect in Diblock Molecular Diodes by Protonation
0139155bL. YuChicagoPolymer Cushions Functionalized with Lipid Molecules
0348724L. ZhuConnecticutSupramolecular Self-assembly of Discotic Liquid Crystal Containing Oligo Block Copolymers