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0505814C. KiangRiceNonequilibrium, Single-Molecule Studies of Protein Unfolding
0510138M. MeyersUC San DiegoExploring Unusual Biocomposites: The Toco Toucan's Beak
0503347C. Safinya UC Santa BarbaraRadial Compression & Buckling of Microtubules under Osmotic Stress: A New Mechanical Probe of Bio-nanotubes
0348884G. Schmidt Louisiana StateBio-Nanocomposites: An Approach Towards Tissue Engineering
0405156aJ. Tang BrownMeasuring Detachment Force of C. Cresentus by Micromanipulation
0405156bJ. Tang BrownCompensatory Roles of Electrostatics and Depletion Force on the Aggregation of Filamentous Viruses and Protein Filaments
0402891Y. Vohra Alabama-BirminghamNIRT: Nanostructured Functionally Graded Biomaterials
0720655M. WardNew YorkFunctional Organic Solid State Materials Derived from Designer Host Frameworks
0409769G. WongIllinois-UrbanaWet Electrostatics and Biomolecular Self-Assembly
0405632G. ZocchiUCLANana-Mechanical Protein Control