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Electronic Materials Highlights

0134721 C. Ahn Yale University Magnetoresistive switching in correlated oxide systems
0132918 P. Alpay University of Connecticut Ferroelectric Multilayers, Superlattices, and Compositionally Graded Films
0239721 P. Barbara Georgetown University Superconductor/carbon-nanotube junctions and interfaces
0304682 P. A. Bennett Arizona State University Thermal Migration of PtSi Droplets on Si
0238845 L. Bergman University of Idaho Ultraviolet Photoluminescence of MgZnO Nanoalloys
0412939 S. G. Bishop University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Ge-Sb-Te Phase Change Materials: Optical and Electronic Properties, Structural Transformations, and Fabrication of Nanostructures
0513968 L. J. Brillson Ohio State University Research Foundation Growth-dependent identification and control of defects and dopants in ZnO
0353831 R. P. H. Chang Northwestern University Twisted p-Electron “Super Chromophores” for Electro-Optics
0353831 R. P. H. Chang Northwestern University Observations of Nonlinear Optical Effects in ZnO Photonic Crystals
0353831 R. P. H. Chang Northwestern University Cold excitonic matter in Cu2O under two-photon excitation
0515858 J. Chaudhuri Texas Tech University Collaborative Research: Analysis of Defects and Their Causes in Bulk Aluminum Nitride Crystals
0505946 J. Cheng Pennsylvania State Univ University Park Microwave Growth and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Single Crystal Microtubes for Optoelectronic Applications
0511811 J. H. Craig Bradley University Self-Assembly of Silver Nanowires on Silicon Substrates
0239273 M. Deutsch University of Oregon-Eugene Metamaterial Optical Coatings for Broadband Asymmetric Mirrors
0405538 M. S. Dresselhaus Massachusetts Institute of Technology Resonance Raman Studies Of Length-Dependent Effects In Carbon Nanotubes
0408874 J. H. Edgar Kansas State University Collaborative Research: Analysis of Defects and Their Causes in Bulk Aluminum Nitride Crystals
0503748 R. M. Feenstra Carnegie-Mellon University InGaP/GaAs Band Offset by Tunneling Spectroscopy
0449422 D. S. Ginger University of Washington Time-Resolved Electrostatic Force Microscopy of Polymer Solar Cells
0408715 M. S. Goorsky University of California-Los Angeles Materials Integration of III-V Compounds for Electronic Device Applications
0512165 V. Gopalan Pennsylvania State Univ-University Park Strain Induced Multifunctionality in Complex Oxides
0348354 R. L. Headrick University of Vermont & State Agricultural College Structure of a Pentacene Monolayer Deposited on SiO2: Role of Trapped Interfacial Water
0134706 M. C. Hersam Northwestern University Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Characterization of Hybrid Hard and Soft Materials
0349108 V. P. LaBella State University of New York-Albany Towards an Atomic Scale Understanding of Spin Polarized Electron Transport
0502825 D. Lederman West Virginia University Research Corporation Inter-American Materials Collaboration (CIAM): West Virginia
0548061 W. Li Florida International University Synthesis and Electronic/Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Junctions
0547976 C. M. Liddell Cornell University 2D & 3D Phase Behavior of Non-Spherical Colloidal Building Blocks
0504601 J. Lin Kansas State University III-Nitride Deep Ultraviolet Photonic Materials and Structures
0507351 K. F. Ludwig Boston University Time-Resolved X-ray Studies of Low-Energy Ion Bombardment and Plasma Processing
0094047 G. G. Malliaras Cornell University Charge Injection in Organics
0505775 L. McCaughan University of Wisconsin-Madison Photonic crystal based integrated optic & THz devices based on patterned, epitaxial LiNbO3 thin films
0505773 L. E. McNeil University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Optical Properties of Organic Semiconductors for Device Applications
0512591 R. J. Nemanich North Carolina State University Thermal Stability of Self-Assembled Nanostructures
0547639 Thuc-Quyen Nguyen University of California-Santa Barbara Structure-Function-Property Relationships in Charged Conjugated Polymers (CCPs)
0406120 G. S. Oehrlein University of Maryland-College Park Interactions of Plasmas/Energetic Beams with Organic Masking Materials
0405145 R. M. Osgood Columbia University Materials Analysis of Ion-Exfoliated Metal Oxides
0400416 S. J. Pearton University of Florida Materials Processing for ZnO
0405477 R. M. Penner University of California-Irvine Electrodeposition of Luminescent Polycrystalline Cadmium Selenide Nanowires
0413523 T. S. Picraux Arizona State University 1D nanomaterials: Plasma-stimulated synthesis elucidates nanowire nucleation and growth mechanisms
0354939 L. M. Porter Carnegie-Mellon University Electrically-Active Interfaces for Chemical Sensors
0510000 R. Schlaf University of South Florida Investigation of Molecular Contacts and Interfaces
0348585 M. Shim University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Synthesis, surface functionalization and charge carrier injection in 1D nanostructures
0348939 V. Smolyaninova Towson University Plasmon Enhancement of Photoinduced Resistivity Changes in Bi1-xCaxMnO3 Thin Films
0237811 D. W. Stokes University of Houston Lateral Composition Modulation in InAs/GaSb Superlattices: Nanometer Sized Quantum Wires
0405036 P. M. Thibado University of Arkansas Performance Characteristics of a Spin-Polarized Field-Effect Transistor
0305221 C. Uher University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Thin Film Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors with Tetradymite Structure
0503172 Z. V. Vardeny University of Utah Study of Pi-Conjugated Organic Semiconductors with Tuned Spin-Orbit
0243640 Y. Vohra University of Alabama-Birmingham Middle-infrared electroluminescence of n-type Cr doped ZnSe crystals
0511523 B. Wessels Northwestern University Room Temperature sp-d exchange in InMnAs films
0506365 J. Z. Wu University of Kansas Nanotubes in Superconductor
0405851 E. T. Yu University of California-San Diego Nanoscale physics of nitride semiconductor heterostructures for electronic and optoelectronic devices
0547036 H. Zeng State University of New York-Buffalo Self-Assembled Nanoparticle Array for Spintronics and High Frequency Materials
0506069 M. E. Zvanut University of Alabama-Birmingham Detection of Structure and Electrical Level of Point Defects in Semi-Insulating SiC